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College Is Not An Option

  1. So say your kid isn't the best in school but is too bright to spend the rest of their lives working in an Amazon distribution center.
    What then?
    What are some good businesses that can be started for say less than 200K that have the potential to grow and thrive in our new economy with dedication and hard work?
    Of course it depends on the unique skills of the individual, but what are some ideas?
    Or is it impossible these days with litigation risks, regulations, and all the other BS?
  2. Plumbing. I kid you not. All the plumbers are getting old and there are no fresh professionals coming into the business. It is probably the same with being an electrician and such. We need more skilled workers instead of college students studying basket waving and urban development in the 70s.

    "Plumbers Job Outlook, 2016-26 16% (Much faster than average)"

    "Job Growth Holds Promise For Graduates. Trained electricians are in high demand as employment is projected to grow 14 percent around the country from 2014 to 2024, according to the BLS. ... With that in mind, it's expected that jobs for electricians will continue to increase in the future."
  3. Look closely at the franchises you can buy. They're less risky than a completely new stand-alone venture as they have a proven business model, they have a structure already that helps with marketing, HR, accounting etc. and they're a fine way to learn how to run a business which could be started later in life.
  4. Anecdotal evidence: A plumber was saying, 30% of his job was just unplugging toiletts and if he had to touch shit that is an extra $500.

    Also, when I needed to replace our broken sewage line, the fuckers wouldn't even call me back or if I was 10 miles away, "oh we don't go that far". Apparently they have enough business to be able to be this dismissing.

    Guess what? I fixed it by myself, although I looked ridiculous when I was transferring a 20 feet 6" pipe with our convertible, and the pipe was sticking out like 6 feet behind the car. :)
  5. Can one get in a decent franchise for under 200K?

    HVAC, plumbing, electrical are certainly all good trades. Need a little school and some hands on experience. Trump is big on trade schools now.

    But I started the thread to see if there were any new ideas, or at least not so mainstream.

    A directional boring business could be very lucrative I would think. Once bonded and insured, the operator could sub himself out to a myriad of other larger utility contractors. There's always a demand for this. There's actually a relatively high degree of skill required to run one of the rigs. They go for about $300K, but manufacturers like Vermeer and DitchWitch finance so with 25% down and all the other expenditures I think one could be up and running for under 200K. It would only work in fairly large cities, but being on call 24/7 to start should generate substantial cashflow out of the gate as these things bring in several thousand dollars per day.
  6. Couldn’t disagree more, unless you are in VERY EARLY before the franchise net take explodes.
    I have friends who have tried a number of franchises over the last 20 years and not a single one worked out (but the franchise was raking in money while they were making a pittance working their asses off). Coldstone Creamery was probably the worst of them all.

  7. You sure can in the UK so I'm sure you could in the US.

  8. So it can be done is what you're saying.

    As I suggested, franchise is a way into running a business. Most new businesses in all sectors fail within 3 years so what have you got to lose?
  9. Programming. Zero startup cost and everything is free
  10. Yes. Again it depends on the individual's forte's. I think several members here at ET are doing that.
  11. Of course it can be done. Just like someone can make it to the NBA. But the odds are drastically against you.

    But why would someone pay a franchise fee then a chunk of their gross profits to someone else in perpetuity while they are working their asses off to make scraps?

    Franchise business models are basically indentured servitude. You put up all the money and do all the work, while they take 8-10% of your gross every month for doing nothing! F that

  12. All possibly true of course. But some of the biggest companies we all think of as major corporations are actually franchises. If there was only a 1 in a thousand chance of making money out of taking a franchise they wouldn't be so popular amongst would-be entrepreneurs.

    They're doing great business, their franchisees are doing great, and when they want to push on and set up their own business they've had a salaried training course.
  13. I hear you and agree about the older franchises like MCD’s, Subway, Etc.
    But in the last 20 years I think the “Franchise game” has become nothing more than a cash grab.
    There’s a new hot gym/fitness franchise every month now and they’re all closed down within a few years.
    I just think the franchise route has become a get rich quick racket and most are no better than a lottery ticket now.
  14. I totally agree.
    Franchises are NOT for entrepreneurs.
    Entrepreneurs start franchises.
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  18. Why would you say that? It's not a dumb way to start a business. You pay 10% of your revenues to the parent co, but they provide you a supply chain, marketing, instant brand value, and training. Anyone who runs a proper business knows that there are a lot of components that make a successful business. It's not dumb to pay someone to improve your chances of success.

    I would rather own a Subway than start my own sandwhich shop. I probably would piss away more than 10% of my gross botching my weekly produce orders.
  19. franchiss are bull crap, it`s not business at all.it`s an expensive workplace instead.i always recommend young guys/gals to take on oratory.you learn to be outspoken and articulated....all the rest is just a matter of time.

  20. Good suggestion.

    However, "articulated"?
  21. articulate
    past tense: articulated; past participle: articulated
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  22. Sure articulated is a real word, but you used it as an adjective.
  23. Ah,ok.Thanks for correcting me.But you got the point i`m sure.
  24. I absolutely did.
    It just came across as very funny for all UK users I'm sure as we only use "articulated" for "articulated lorry", which is what you might call a semi.
  25. lol..but when you learn to articulate you`ll be much stronger than lorry.you`ll hire all the smart guys with all franchises in the world to sell their franchises even more expensive so they can create even more franchises for you, so at some point you find yourself a franchise guru, and so all the ususpected 200K clients seek an audience with you now but you have to decline as by that time your too big to mess with the small pocket change guys....
  26. Young guys/gals!Study on oratory and learn dufferent languages!!!But study it real good,that`s all you`d need to be ahead of the herd.Then use all the smart educated guys/gals at your disposal.
  27. Double like.
  28. Create an app, or hire someone or people to do it for you...but the chances of it becoming successful are rather slim.
    Creating a successful app can seem like a gold mine. Some last a really long time, while others are mined out quickly.

    We all need and want food. Create a good, semi-unique, semi-cheap restaurant. or food stand or coffee shop.
    If you survey around...you'll see the choices and options are rather limited. People like new, fresh concepts and options.
    If you are the real deal, you can franchise out your concept after a couple years or five...and that's where the true money comes in.

    200K is plenty to start any business, or a seed...just to get the ball rolling and flower potted,

    Don't buy anyone's franchise...you're paying a high premium for something you could otherwise basically replicate yourself on the cheap.

    Good luck, and Mazal tov and May the Farce be With you 2018 :confused:
    High-Fives` all-around, and alligator shoes for everyone.
  29. Restaurants go broke faster than traders do.
    Once again... this thread is for original ideas.
  30. You want original, and special order...here you go,

    Start a restaurant...that serves both dogs and their owners beautiful cuts of steak, and beef ribs and roasts :p
    Owners and their dogs could eat side-by-side,...I'll order mine medium-rare.

    There's an abundance of business ideas for both online and off one could start...that would make you Rich beyond the dreams of avarice,
    Make a move, make a mooooov~....Make a million dollah moooove
  31. How about some sort of business that caters to elderly who wish to stay in their homes instead of going to a nursing home. Demand for that should steadily increase as the population ages.
  32. Crypto trader?
  33. No barrier to entry or much capital outlay to get into landscape maintenance. Would require the willingness to begin by knocking on doors and distributing flyers. Once a book of business is built, work for references. I've know guys who have built up to multiple trucks and crews and making a very nice living. Or with a name like VanZandt, the kid could be a singer/songwriter....or alternately there is always plastics :D
  34. No familial purpose to the thread. The VZ's are all already set. :D
    Purely hypothetical and just getting Baron's "Entrepreneur" sub-forum going.

    So that being said... another good one would be tree cutting.
    Between utilities, homeowners, and hurricanes.... great friggin biz. Plus you stay in shape.
    Buy a used bucket truck, some chainsaws,a grinder and a bond.... more biz than one can handle.
    Trees never stop growing and keeping the grid up and running is a top priority.
  35. Best to think outside of the box and not get into a biz that goes up and down like the markets. The best parts of the construction business are the more specialized trades, HVAC is the best, least effort, Followed by Electric and plumbing. Everything else is a struggle. Suppliers in these businesses do well especially HVAC. They make 20 to 40% on parts.
  36. govt worker who gets a strong pension after 20 to 25 years like they do in CA. Although I would look for a little less of a payout in a more stable state with a lower cost of living.

    Very few private sector opportunities let you save enough money to generate six figures for the rest of your life by the time you are in your early 40s.
  37. I have 3 boys who played a baseball and other sports. I see a lot of blue collar types in their 40s. The govt workers are bar are the best off. The govt workers are better off than most lawyers. Cops who made it up the ladder and teachers scored big in California.

    Only doctors and a few business owners do better. Seems like the guys who owned gas stations in the path of progress did very well too.

    Some of the best off people I have met are married retired teachers. Close to 200 grand a year coming in for life until their city goes bankrupt.

    I have also seen a cop an teachers income. with over time 250 gs a year... and just about 5 years til retirement.

    If you really want a good run down in your area. Go talk to some successful mortgage brokers. they will tell you who makes what.

  38. Public sector pension deals in the UK used to be better than they are now. e.g. my local government pension is a final salary deal, and these have been closed now I think. Things are still better than most private sector occupational pensions or off the shelf pension investments but public service jobs are usually mind-killing crap and the pension rights will continue to be eroded every time there's an election.
  39. LoL, I laughed so hard reading it. True. What to tell my wife if I am to change my profession to be a plumber ? "Honey I will make so much Money touching shit. I will touch 10 shits/day which makes us 25k/week "
  40. the parent should not try to live the life of his kid - never works

    it should be the kid not the parent asking those questions... if the kid is not asking them then he/she is not there ... yet.

    the parent can discuss options with kid... but the distribution center seems like an a choice for now.. until something in him, not in parent, will say it is not for me and start actively looking for options... and at that moment parent can help with advise or money
  41. Good point. Again, I was just trying to help Baron get the ball rolling on the new sub-forum for entrepreneurship. I should re-phrase the question to read generically-- "what are some good small business ideas outside the traditional trades".

    I was talking to someone who's kid was training to shoe horses of all things. Apparently there's good money in being a farrier. Thats different.