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  1. What is the deal with CHNR? Up 500% in two weeks. Any takers?
  2. Watch CTDC and CHDX. Two more low float "China" plays that really started moving towards the close today.

    When the selling finally starts in CHNR, it's going to get ugly....fast.
  3. Longhorns,

    Thanks for the heads up. Volume on CHDX is a little thin for my intra-day style -- don't wanna get caught w/my pants down.

    The run up on SNP is impressive for a potential long term play.
  4. :)
  5. chnr just aquired 100% of a mining company.(few weeks back.)
  6. If you're still in any of these, you're being a pig
  7. oink oink

    tight trailing stops - only in the ones with good liquidity.

    pump and dump....
  8. Good luck...hope they go to the moon. I'm flat everything China. :)

  9. thanks, i wont be toooo gready but i need to get some wins after being flat everything from detroit(my home town).......

    damn kerkorian, then damn gm.
  10. wow, is there a way to look up more stocks of companies based in China?

    CESV, AVGN, and JADE went today
  11. Gotta love it when a specific sector or story gets hot.

    Alternative energy, nanotechnology, internet, India, and China...when the frenzy starts, just find anything to do with the sector and jump on for the ride.

    I went big on CDC Corp (symbol--CHINA) when the market opened today. Worked out great.

    Good trading. :)
  12. I made it a point to check out CTDC this morning pre-opening.

    Was waiting to for it to make a small pull back to around 5.50 and I was ready to do a major 'mon back having the chinese stock explosion from a couple years ago still fresh in my mind. The SOB never let up and quickly ran to 7 then 8 and I said foget about it..I missed the boat. Oh well.
  13. Hopefully, no one here was long CTDC....
  14. What a bunch of horseshit for nasdaq to halt trading for the purpose of finding out why it went up so much and the high volume. Can't they do that while the stock is still trading? I had no position but it still pisses me off a bit.
  15. I did have a position. I think it was pretty clear it was a pump-and-dump.