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Can I get in trouble for this

  1. I hope no oe is offended that is has nothing to do w/ trading, but I figure i'll post it anyway.

    Can I Get in Trouble Playing an Online Poker Site That is Banned in the US


    There is this online poker site X. Due to legislation that was passed X is no longer allowing US customers. If you try to sign up & your IP address is from the US they will not allow this.

    What I'm thinking of doing is setting up a server in canada. I will log into my computer in canada from the US and play on this site

    Would this be illegal & could I face any criminal time? or if I got caught would they just close my account?

  2. The FBI will be arriving at your house within 5 minutes. Run.
  3. See you in Guantanamo...

  4. I do appreciate the commentary :) but in all seriousness can I get in trouble.

    Also I hope this gets answered soon as the forum police will probably move to this to chit chat where no one looks
  5. It is against US Laws so yes you can get in trouble. Don't know if they will enforce it though, where it sits on the priority list.
  6. Correct me if i'm wrong.

    Offshore internet-based gambling is illegal because the Government can't tax it?
  7. A little jail time never hurt anyone.
    Just think of it as a character building experience.

    When you go in though I wouldn't tell your fellow inmates you're in for internet gambling though.
    Probably better to tell them you're that chainsaw massacre guy instead.
    It's a respect thing.
  8. I think (didn't do much research, but I know guys that play online with real money), it is illegal for an internet gambling site to accept money from US residents. The burden is on them, and not on the player. Once you get your money in, and there are ways, just make sure you pay your taxes when you get money out (if you win any:D ), and you should be fine.
  9. I could be wrong but from what I understand...it's NOT illegal to gamble at those non-US based "offshore" sites. It's only illegal IN THE US to process/accept payments for *US BASED RESIDENTS*.

    I don't believe that law explicitly bars us residents from gambling.

    If anyone has info to the contrary, please post.

    Now, if you were setting up a server in Canada to accept payments from US based gamblers, well, that't be a different story and you'd be caught/shut down in a short time.

    I also see a chicken shit society in the US afraid of EVERYTHING! Fuck, for a country that claims to have "freedom", everybody acts like the gestapo/KGB is going to fry their ass should they do something half questionable. Talk about a paranoid society where government has so far succeeded in making many act like a bunch of robots!
  10. Get ready for a knock soon.
  11. Your issue will be funding as the merchant account processors disallow most credit cards to be used and your bank will report any wire transfer to or from your account under the Banking Secrecy / FINCEN / Patriot Act.

    Your electronic paper trail is too easy to follow. Even the prepaid anonymous visa/mastercards will not work. Most of the offshore gambling sites ask for an e-check or debit card to fund.

    Getting money out is where you will get exposed. The feds use the patriot act to force cooperation and disclosure from foreign companies, banks etc.. Read up on all of the swiss banks that have opened up their books and records to the US Government.

    Now if you open a bank and a credit card in a foreign jurisdiction where this activity is legal and you report and pay taxes per their laws and they have a double taxation treaty with the US... Your in a much better position to pay and play... as far as legality... hire an attorney.

    I too miss the days of the online casino... just recreational fun and online cigarettes even more.
  12. It is not illegal for US residents to do offshore business. But, the IRS does not like it as offshore businesses do not have reporting requirements to the IRS and therefore it is possible for the individual to cheat on the taxes. The IRS therefore discourages offshore business participation for the individual. They also try to harass the offshore business for their records. Therefore many offshore businesses don't even want to deal with US residents. Too much trouble and there are plenty of other potential customers in the world.
  13. Yes, US-based "comrades" have lost tons of freedom in the last 20 years and are essentially kept on close watch by IRS/FBI/ and the rest of the gestapo government.

    In the meantime, the former "communists" keep making their societies more "free".

    I see a convergence pretty soon.

  14. hey.. heres one for you

    if your planning on doing something illegal

    dont post it on an internet forum :confused:
  15. Why "set up a server" in Canada? Go look up some free proxies.
  16. :D

    I was thinking about robbing a bank later,
    anyone up for it?
  17. Yes...when they catch you they will chop your balls off and flush them down the toilet.

    But go for it...
  18. I'm down son, let's get em. I bring the mask you bring the guns?
  19. And I'll bring the know-how :D

  20. Just buy a pack of cards, find a few local stray cats or dogs and organise a poker school with them. You are obviously of above average inteligence so you should win more hands than you lose thereby making a profit and gaining the trust and friendship of feline and canine "hotties" should you wish to wish to bed (or basket I suppose) any of them in the future. Should the FEDs smash your back doors in (ouch) I doubt they will be too bothered about your gambling addiction and you can always explain that you and Fido were playing hunt the bonio.

    Hope this helps.