Can anyone tell me about GHCO

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  1. I am looking into trading prop at GHCO.. does anyone know anything about this place? Desk fees, commissions, splits, connections, anything else useful? Also, I've heard thru word that GHCO may possibly be going bankrupt. Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. If anyone does know anything and posts here it will be removed in a matter of minutes probably, such has been the efficiency of the censorship with regard GHCO.....
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    But I saved on my car insurance! :D
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    Goldenberg Hehmeyer is in fine financial standing. GHCO is and will continue to be a member of numerous global financial exchanges. There are no issues of this nature at GHCO and it is important to not listen to every rumor that you hear.
    It is also important to not give rumors legitimacy in a public forum as they can be considered slanderous.
  5. Not sure about the deal there in terms of % etc but I can tell you the systems there are good with good connections. They seem to invest well in IT type stuff.
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    starting out you get a 30K salary (chicago) or 35k salary (nyc) and that lasts for your first year. You may qualify for a bonus after the first year depending on your profitability......i would say that you must net over 75K to get any type of bonus in the first year. In consecutive years after that you get a salary but your bonus is dependent upon your P&L. After fees it is safe to say the you get a minimum of 33% of your net P&L at the end of the year.
  7. 33% is chump money people, I am on a 80% split with no personal liability at my firm with very cheap desk-fees of 2000 euro a month and cheap comms. Of course certain firms cannot be named or they run to their lawyers like kids crying to their teacher. I would just like these supposed top prop shops to have the testicles to openly state what they offer on their website with no excuses, but that won't happen EVER and why do you think that that is?

    There are much better deals elsewhere if you know where to look, I am in London and 70% is considered normal with NO contractual restraints period. 60% is the bare minimum that you should accept (I personally know some people on 90% even), so all this 30-40% is bull, even 50% for a prop deal sucks and if they are aren't even offering salaries to compensate then you may as well do yourself a favour and go somewhere.
  8. From your comments it seems pretty clear that you are either GHCO management or part of an affiliated GHCO legal hit-squad.

    Why make insidious threats to people who have heard a rumour and are asking for more information to confirm or deny it. You could have given him a straight answer instead you offer hidden threats and the standard politician talk of claiming success without going into details.

    If you are in GHCO management then why not come out here like Don Bright does all the time and defending your case, say how and why you are good and tell people what the deal is you offer right here. Why all the secrecy and lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on anyone looking for genuine responses to legitimate questions, the guy is new and all you do is issue the standard company response of we continue to succeed and are a respected firm. Well why not take Bright's lead and prove the claims that you make about being a cutting edge firm.

  9. Here's something I never understood:

    Why does an individual trader working prop, get a higher percentage split from managing OPM than do experienced hedge funds with long proven track records?

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    33% is terrible, don't go near the place on those terms. Just shocking, should be at least 50% and as someone mentioned most places now are 70% + after first year if you are any good.
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