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buy this dip

  1. max downside for dow 40 more points

    upside=100's of points

    Slowing growth tends to be good because it means no rate hike. 10 year keeps falling.

    Housing slowdown is also positive.
  2. You sure are entertaining.
  3. And you're a twit

    nice dow rebounding

    this is the bottom
  4. The good thing is it's not you who decides where the bottom is, but the market can sort it out by itself and will not pay attention to what you think.
  5. Obviously it can't be taken as an absolute truth. It's an opinion.
  6. Still long stock trader?
  7. Werd

    My AAPL and BIDU carying me through

    But this market is more fucked up than Michael Jackson's face. If you're sitting on your thumbs wondering what to do my worseless advice is to just go long some something. DDM, DIA, contracts, etc Buy some calls. And have some pepcid AC ready.
  8. I will buy this dip today, just before the close.
    However will check futures tomorrow, if they suggest a lower open, will place an order to sell before the market opens. Will place tighter stops too.
    If it profits will sell tomorrow, just before the close.
  9. SELL!! :D
  10. I believe you posted this about 100 points ago . . .

    You obviously are not a technician.
    We just wiped-out the last previous low in the SPX at 1486.

    Ultimately, we should head back to the lows of March, the previous Wave 4 degree.

    See you there, with a few "hard" bounces along the way.
  11. Nice call champ. Why don't you just focus on what the market is actually doing rather than look inot your obviously broken crystal ball?
  12. This statement. This one, right here. This speaks more about you than anyone could ever invent, twist or slander towards you. Thank you for making my day. This should be in your signature as a public warning.
  13. You're a "jeanious" :p . Wow. Just go long something, anything... :eek:
  14. I've seen a lot of stupidity on ET

    but stock turder really takes the cake

    I mean think about it, it is 2007 and guy is advocating buy and hold strategy

    sure he can get lucky but that is not trading

    this web site is not about people placing bets at casino
  15. This website has become a joke.

    I wonder if potential advertisers ACTUALLY LOOK at what is being posted here, before they pay for ads that they place on ET.

    What an embarrassment.
    There's nothing elite about ET.
  16. when I saw the title of this thread there was no question who started it. Stock you are unbelievable. The market is a freefall and there you go calling a bottom. You harass people who call tops, christ you are a turd. For the 100th time, please give us you're credentials. How long have you been a "investor" Have you worked in the financial services industry? Nothing to personal, but I for one am very interested in what, if any, background you have.

  17. RFLMAO

    WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!
  18. It's Do or Die for the S&P
    Jeffrey Cooper Jul 26, 2007 8:40 am

    It will be interesting to see the response of the tape to Apple and Baidu.com's earnings on Thursday given the Do or Die position of the S&P.

    Run, run my last race
    Take my place
    Have this number
    of mine...
    -Ride My See-Saw (Moody Blues)

    Profits are a great indicator, but they are a look backward, not necessarily a look forward.

    One can not predict the market by following fundamentals or the economy because Mr. Market typically leads the data points.

    To wit, the run up of Apple (AAPL) and Baidu.com (BIDU) this month going into their earnings reports after the close on Wednesday. Hence the adage "Buy the rumor, sell the fact".

    The thing is that stocks many times outlive their logic: crowd behavior finds justification in self-fulfilling momentum. Growth that has been priced into the cake is extrapolated into the future, giving an extension on top of an extension. Kinda like a party girl popping out of a cake at a stag party, it's close to climactic.

    Stocks (and markets) can do bizarre things for bizarre reasons and many times they do so near turning points. Such was the hysteria as the S&P exploded two hundred points in one month in March 2000.

    Such may be the case (or the tail end of the case) with the post-close reaction to the earnings on Wednesday in both AAPL and BIDU.

    AAPL initially tanked off seven points to 130 before exploding to 150. BIDU ramped 44 points on earnings before easing back to settle up 34 points in the after market glow.

    I promise I won't do this again but let me ask you to reread this: profits are a great indicator, but they are a look backward and not necessarily a look forward.

    If AAPL holds 144-145 it projects to 169. And, no, that does not mean on Thursday. But, I understand why you would ask.

    If BIDU holds 215 it projects (according to the Square of Nine Chart) to 245.

    Interestingly, both 169 on Apple and 245 on Baidu represent moves of 1080 degrees (or three price cycles of 360 degrees) up from their last significant swing lows. If reached, these targets could signify buying climaxes. So heads up, momentum players.

    The important thing to remember is to trade strongly trending stocks according to their own position rather than juxtaposing the action of the broad market onto the stock.

    Poor market tone may affect a locomotive of a stock but that does not necessarily translate into derailment, especially if the indices, although jagged and with meager internals, have not registered a confirmed sell signal.

    Note that the recent drop in BIDU was the first pullback. First pullbacks in strongly trending names are almost always buying opportunities.

    It will be interesting to see the response of the tape to AAPL and BIDU's earnings on Thursday given the Do or Die position of the S&P.

    Why Do or Die? After two real distribution days---last Friday and then again on Tuesday--- the S&P is at an inflection point. It needs to convert its overhead 50 day moving average at 1521 or trace out a bearish third lower high. Recently I mentioned the third lower high in Goldman Sachs (GS) and you can see how the stock waterfalled.

    Click here to enlarge.

    Moreover, 50% of the range of the past two months (1556 to 1484) is 1520. Folks, you can't make this stuff up. As an hourly chart shows, the S&P has traced out three swings to a test of its closing weekly low for the last two months--- 1503, which was the closing low for the week ending June 29th. This is a potentially bullish set up. However, the index must recapture 1521 or all bets are off. Anything short of impulsive price action from here is bearish from where I sit.

    Click here to enlarge.

    A move above 1521 could see a quick spurt to 1530ish which coincides with an overhead downtrend line and the level where the weekly swing chart last turned down.

    Drifting price action from here would be bearish and carve out a possible third lower high which sets up downside acceleration and a probe of the June lows.

    What is you're response to this stock?
  19. I bought the dip and have friggin bled all day! What now - hold on?
  20. Ya gotta just love market predictions by idiots.
  21. Yes, hold on....just re-name your "trade" a "long-term hold". ;)
  22. 40 more points huh? try 400 more points.
  23. Stock is only 10% of the man he claims, hence the "prediction", LOL!

    Markets way oversold

    Here is a yahoo finance summary of todays market activity


    From what I gather the selloff is overdone.

    LBO's will still continue

    And $78 oil also isn't a big deal

    Meanwhile, the upward trend that began in 2006 is still intact.

    Best of luck to everyone
  25. Important support was penetrated, but by all means, please buy this dip.
  26. When you step back, this drop is rather puny, my gosh the dow has gone up 3000 points in less than a year.
  27. I smell a rate cut! Yee haw!

    Look at the 10 year plumet
  28. It is reasuring that there is atleast one poster with a few functioning braincells who is able to put things in perspective.
  29. There is very strong support (trend line) for the S&P in the 1480 area. We will probably flap around there for a good bit before moving lower. I'd be shocked if the "correction" (using the word loosely) is over here, in spite of rooting and cheering from Wall Street and Talking Heads, because there is much worse economic news to come...

    Wasn't this a nice day! Let's take it to the Bank!
  30. It was a great day until I lost my datafeed for my charting program at 1:10 cdt. It has not returned yet. Damn you Equis. I've lost it for a minute or two before, but never hours.
  31. (market down 120 points at the time of this quote)
  32. Whew...at least the hurting stopped the last hour of trading. I lost a spleen or something - just about maxed lev with ER2. When is that turd gonna turn around? Maybe I'll make it back tomorrow and them some. Looking for a bounce!:D
  33. lol
  34. 17 point SP rally from the low to the close, over 1% was impressive. In the last few years rallies like that from the low have indicated a bottom.
  35. :D :D :D :D
  36. Double down!
  37. There is actually a technician here. 1480 is very critical. Doesn't really matter if SPX fluctuates below on a 5 min chart. Looking for confirmation of a break down through that support. It will likely take a couple days for that to happen, but a selloff into the close tomorrow would be a pretty good indication.
  38. I don't like to make calls, but if RUT doesn't hold 780, since it blew past 800, this is more than just a correction to around 760. 700 is highly possible if 780 fails. Free fall every 20 points. Happening since 840.

    Even with the 06 correction, RUT hasn't moved this hard since down since 9/11 days.
  39. Stock, sorry it took me a while to respond to you're asinine comment about a rate cut, but here goes. There are 3 guarantees in life: 1) death, 2) taxes and 3) there will be no rate cut for the foreseeable future. When equities tank there is a little thing called "flight to quality". Not that treasuries have all that much quality anymore, with the dollar getting crushed day after day, but that is what happened. The fed cannot cut rates, if they do, you can kiss our dollar goodbye, which in turn will bring on MUCH HIGHER rates. Sorry to burst you're bubble, but eventually you may understand how the markets work.
  40. Its time to get back into the traditional safehaven stocks like CROX, AMZN, F, AAPL, BRLC, CFC and BIDU. These seem like the only stocks that will weather out this market correction.

    Time to dump the super speculative stocks like Goldman Sucks, Caterpillar and Exxon.
  41. Do you know a book or site that gives a decent explantion of the relationship between bonds, equities, rates and the dollar?
  42. Care to illustrate why 1480 is "key" for you?
  43. Actually, I would think they'd be encouraged. If you were looking to sell an overpriced product of dubious utility to an unassuming market, could you ask for a better audience?
  44. Great point!
  45. There is nothing critical at all about the 1480 SPX level.
    Try 1452.88 which is the 40 WEEK MA.
  46. Who bought at DDM at 3:59?

    If you are still bullish for a bounce Monday in DOW...good deal.... I pussied out.
  47. Boy, that's a no-shitter! ET is Suckerville for that can't miss system!