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  1. i have two newbies within my team and i want to feed them with best information about the markets to enable a steep productivity curve. one is c++ pro, the other is mathematician with c++ know how as well. both already programmed some trading systems.

    it's been a while since i bought trading books and i am definitely not up-to-date. this is why i would like to ask if you could tell me your favourite books which you think should be on the book shelf of a systematic trading operation.

    i place this here within trading, since i hope for some reaction before it is moved somewhere else, where there is less noise. :)

  2. tahnx banjo

    so you are going for:

    Trading Systems That Work: Building & Evaluating Effective Trading Systems, Irwin Trader's Edge Ser.
    Author: Stridsman, Thomas

    did you read it? are you trading systematic?
  3. George Pruitt, editor of Futures Truth magazine, has a list of recommended books on trading systems at Amazon.com. He's probably one of the best qualified people to make suggestions in this area.

    George Pruitt's book list

  4. i see he reccomends one of my all time faves:

    "winner take all" by gallacher

    EVERY new trader should read this one.

  5. Surf,
    Interested as to why you mention that book. Isn't he the guy who rubbishes TA?

  6. yes he does, to a point. have you read it ?

    i utilize TA extensively to provide a framework on market chaos but am well aware of its limitations. gallacher's book is an eye opener--i highly reccomend it to TA believers and non believers.

  7. I looked at the reviews on amazon and decided against buying it. But since you found it useful I'll take another look.
  8. Wonderful list!
    Besides the list, I recommand:

    1. Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Un-correlated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits.
    Author: James Altucher

    2. Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems
    by Robert Pardo

  9. thanx. i am not sure what we are talking here when we say TA, but it is in any case interestng to see profound criticism.

  10. funny you meniton the prado peace. i had the feeling that someone fills a book with tables and save the effort writing anything. by tables i mean all kinds of things, including data as such (if i remember correctly). i found it a waste but you are the second person on ET who recommends it.
  11. sorry to mister prado. i mixed him up with clifford sherry.
  12. Get them some geometry books, there lies the truth . If you want to know the future .
  13. walter

    we are building quant strategies. i am not sure that this matches well with geometry. which books would you recommend?

  14. Modern Investment Management: An Equilibrium Approach
    by Bob Litterman (Author), Quantitative Resources Group (Author)
    Bob Litterman and Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Quantitative Resources Group have authored this book. Over 22 well-respected and renowned Goldman Sachs Asset Management investment professionals contributed chapters. Bob Litterman is head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Quantitative Resources Group.

  15. in europe what he is refering to is called "structural analysis"

    something old made new again.....


  16. You are saying it like old is not good ..
    Pythagoras, Newton, Fermi, Bohr & co. = still good and valid probably for ever .
    I go a few steps past " structural analysis "

  17. no. you misunderstand me. old is not bad.

  18. Hi, mind

    -What markets you want to trade, Futures or/and Stocks?
    -What subject are of interest to you? TA, Trading Systems, etc.
    Than, I will give you a short list of useful books. I understend you are no using TradeStation.

  19. we are currently trading sp500 stocks on a market neutral basis using price only. we are doing some research on intraday futures - 18 markets minute data. plus some research on daily futures data. we have some indication that our equity tradng should work on nikkei 225 stocks as well - currently checking brokerage.

    we are using very simple methods as well as more sophisticated analysis. but none of us is a real "trader" in the sense of sitting in front of the screen all day - which i see as the biggest handicap within the team at the moment.

  20. walter, surf

    i will ask my statistician and my mathematician what they know and what we could bring to testing soon. i am usually reluctant to use complexity, since i found it to be very often waste of time. do not know why. it might be that the development just takes more time and while you test hundreds of simple things you can only implement very few more complex concepts. so i learned to use resources for complex things only when i already got indication towwards a specific topic.

    peace to you
  21. Dude, you and Fermi or Bohr? Yet another fake claiming to be an expert on everything... I don't think you would even be able to derive Bohr's model of the hydrogen atom. And as far as Fermi is concerned he had nothing to do with geometry. Period.
  22. And as far as your comprehension of written text is concerned. you are on pre K grade level .
  23. electron

    please choose another thread for this way of talking.