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blueJ's EOD picks with pics

  1. Focus is on long opportunities in the timeframe of 3 to 10 days.

    Picks are based on some of the following criteria:

    trend line breakouts
    like to see volume
    higher highs higher lows
    trade with the trend

    Here is the first pick, AMR.
  2. INTC
    entry 21.76 - 21.86
    stop 21.49
    target 23
  3. SHZ
    entry 6.88
    stop 6.25
    target 9.20
  4. NVE
    entry 14.57
    stop 14.49
    target 16
  5. Exited NVE @ 14.55 for a loss of 2 cents.

    I had a look inside Friday's doji and I don't like the look of it. The rest of the positions I like and will sit tight until I am proved right or wrong.
  6. BYD looks good here for a short term play...

    entry 12.01
    stop 11.97
    target 12.20
  7. BYD chart attached.

    actually I think it can go to at least 12.25
  8. EAT also looks good for end of day run..

    Entry 23.86
    Stop is 23.78
    Target is 24.20
  9. EAT 3 min chart... looks better than BYD... but I have a tighter stop on BYD.
  10. Going to hold EAT and BYD till the AM.. I don't think EAT is done running and BYD popped a little but has settled back down.