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Bitcoin futures

  1. Anyone have any idea what is going to happen with the price of BTC when futures go live?

    Someone pointed out that short selling could slow it down a lot. There are plenty of people who think the bubble is ready to pop. Then again, there are also plenty of eager young people with money; and more eager retirees.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I don't know what I'm going to do for breakfast tomorrow let alone what bitcoin price is going to do.
  3. Now that I've thought about it I can tell you exactly what it is going to do and why.
    Its going to plummet. Non stop until its nearly worthless.
    Because I bought some.
    After I sell, it will go back up.
    Would anyone like to purchase an alert for when I sell?
  4. Feel the Bern!
  5. I feel ya man, how much you selling the alert for? I might buy.
  6. I think every hedge fund in the world who cannot buy it in the cash market will buy it. Though the CME had no plans for bitcoin futures in September, maybe the Federal Reserve told them to list it so they can sell 4000 futures at market like they do in gold futures. Could make the cash/futures arb very profitable.
  7. That's strange ....
    If someone wants to buy bitcoin from the exchange,
    someone must want to sell it.

    If no seller, then no buyer. Then no market.
  8. Strange indeed. Must be a one way market only.
  9. no wonder someone predicted bitcoin will be $100 000 soon
  10. In a commodity market, supply comes out of storage when price rises or more is produced. In Bitcoin supply is limited.
  11. Except you are buying into a cash settled index, you are not actually buying any bitcoins.
  12. since IB doesn't allow shorting of bitcoin futures, we need to come up with solution.
    we cannot continue to buy first then sell later.
    at times, we want to sell first then buy later.

    How about other brokerage?
  13. LONG ONLY!

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  14. I think Peterffy tickled Soes's fizzy bits with that one.
  15. Check with your FCM. I believe the "cannot short" rule is specific to the FCM. I'm not aware of any exchange rule that states traders may not short BTC futures.
  16. well. hope CME, CBOE, Nasdaq offer bitcoin options on futures by early next year.
    hope the options is ready soon because we want to profit from bitcoin bubble burst.

    The demand for bitcoin options will surely be very strong.
    Who knows, it might be even stronger than kopsi option.

    This way, we can profit when bitcoin is going up, going down, or sideway.
  17. It's a buyer's market. Whats your offer?
  18. @Overnight what do you think here? 3 of @franT 's cookies? Sound reasonable?
  19. nice trade so far!!!! To the moon!
  20. Yeah, man, that demand for KOSPI (kopsi?) option...

    I'd love to see a person make a market in Bitcoin vol. I'd also love to see a risk manager that would approve any sizable position in it.
  22. how nice if we could enter a BTC sell stop order at 19000.

    and how nice if there is BTC VIX volatility index futures for trading.
  23. Anybody remember the IBM warrants that couldn't be borrowed and sold short. Probably about two decades ago. Would have been a fabulous buy/write, but they couldn't be sold short. I think they were issued to sweeten a bond.
    It didn't end well and it happened in a few hours.
  24. Sure. A phantasmal payment for a phantasmal product is quite equitable.
  25. 33-50% retrace, consolidation, then up and away. Not betting the farm, though.
  26. If it can't be shorted (and no BTC is available on regulated markets like IB), then how can anybody sell them?
  27. Because other brokers will allow shorting.

    P.S. IB isn't a regulated market. It is a broker that allows it's clients to trade on regulated markets like the CME, NYMEX etc.
  28. So who is going to provide the sell side? The miners? IB is going to ask for a BTC deposit before you can sell a future? Doesn't make sense, futures are contracts, not stocks...
  29. So from the institutional side, apart from Goldman sachs, who is actually setup to clear on the CBOE open today?
  30. ABN, as mentioned on another thread.
  31. What are the prices? Everything is down on my end
  32. Zerohedge- “CBOE website crashes as Bitcoin futures begin trading.”
  33. username IDS has just said his employer interactive brokers are open for business.
  34. Opened 14,400ish went to 15,600’s back down to 14200’s then to 15400’s all in ~15 minutes lol

  35. TWTR-
    “CBOE bitcoin futures pretty quiet so far. Just tiny lots traded. Only $401,600 trading in the first 20 minutes.”
  36. GXBT just broke through 17,000.