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Biggest monitor to fit into a 46 x 34"-wide space?

  1. All right, hardware gurus! I am setting up a spot to work from home. My standing desk is a box that is 42" tall and 34" wide and I would like to fit the largest monitor possible into that space. What are my options?
  2. How bout this?

    Or maybe you could get this and mount it vertically?

  3. The idea of taking a big one and mounting it vertically is pretty interesting, actually. The curved one is actually what I use at work which makes it convenient to use remote desktop, too.
  4. Get a new home.
  5. Large computer monitors and TV's are kind of ridiculous...you only need so much size.
    I mean you're only less than two feet away from your screen.

    I have a cliche theory...the larger (and/or more) the screen size is for the trader and his desk setup are...the smaller his penis and account size and skill and confidence and profitability are.

    I trade using just one 14" laptop. -- and I would challenge any other trader...to compare profitability statements. Specially one's with desks that have 5+ computer monitors mounted on them all over the place like some kind of growing organism.

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  6. There's a reason serious traders have multiple monitors. Take it from me...Having just one small monitor just doesn't cut it. I WISH I had the physical real-estate to have a few more monitors, or one very very large one. It would help me tremendously.
  7. I fell for the whole extra-wide curved monitor myself and got one for myself at work. Not worth it.

    When I work from home I mostly write code or something else research-oriented, so I do need the extra real estate.

    It's not an issue of space, actually. I have a little domestic monster (well, I have several, but the cat is the culprit in this case) who tends to jump on the tables and throw things off. It's her idea of fun. To combat that particular feline habit, I bought a desk that looks (and functions) like a closet.
  8. I could suggest solution for that ... but in the Xmas spirit I will refrain lol.

    Well other than to say I treat what I do seriously. Nothing and I mean nothing is allowed to get in the way. No body, no animals no nothing.
  9. Matters of great concern should be treated lightly... Matters of small concern should be treated seriously.
    -- Hagakure :)
  11. Doesn’t that mean that if I want to use a single application on the full screen (like Excel) it will behave as if I have 4 discrete monitors? What are the advantages of this setup?

    PS. Actually, since it’s separate inputs I can use Linux and Windows on the same monitor without X-windows, which is nice
  12. I think you can blow one up to full screen and then go back to four.
  13. Interesting. I would have to rotate it 90 degrees though to fit into my space
  14. One of many reasons why I got two 38" LG's instead of one 43". But obviously not saying we are the same in our requirements - size of our screen(s) or surroundings.
  15. I have considered doing that - mount them one on top of another. Probably would be cheaper as a package too
  16. Not necessarily.

    Getting two is not like getting a dozen.

    I got a good price at the time (6 months or so ago) equivalent to best I see currently so I jumped on two. Paired them up with 22" and 30" I had so I am set till I splurge for one of these lol: https://s7.postimg.org/wwwzamd1n/1-2017-12-01_10.02.58_-_Copy.jpg
  17. I meant to say that for the same amount of real estate it would be cheaper than buying a single large monitor.
  18. I suddenly crave Dunkin' Donuts.
  19. I agree. Makes me wonder why he even have a 14" laptop in the first place. In another post he writes how about how proud he was to find a TV that cost $500 or so new but brought for $7 at a pawn shop. Surely with all the big profits he is making he could afford a pay $500 brand new. Maybe I could be wrong, but something doesn't add up.
  20. Seriously, this comment doesn't make sense. I have a cat too. If you are trying to decide on the size of a screen based on your box desk and a cat. That's kind of ridiculous. Get rid of the desk and find a new one. Likely your cat is not going to knock over your TV??

    My recommendation is get a 43" 4K TV that is compatible with being used as a PC monitor. They cost around $500 currently.

    Here's a link to help you get started:
  21. I don’t have a TV :) would she knock it over? She will try, but a with heavy monitor its not as likely. However she also does scratch everything in sight. Anyways, we adjusted our behavior to match hers.
    I rarely work from home and if I do it’s usually either writing code/emails or monitoring executions. That doesn’t require huge amount of screen real estate so I don’t think I need anything extra large
  22. Get many smaller monitors. Similar surface area but you can snap windows into place quickly which I find usef
  23. I understand. I have my TV positioned right at the edge of my TV stand. That way my cat can't jump in front of it and try to scratch the screen.
  24. I am considering 2 36” one on top of other.

    PS. My wife is already storing some stuff inside the desk, unreal
  25. Anyone familiar with chroma 4 4 4 TV as monitor? Is it worth the hassle to save a few bucks with TV vs spending more for 4k monitor. I'm planning on buying 2 - 4 monitors.
  26. Different people have different needs. What works for you may not work for others. Just like anything else. Believe it or not some on here are writers, musicians, animators, coders and traders (with multiple accounts). Could be all one person.
    Just like some people have multiple cars, motorcycles, trucks and homes. Maybe not for you but they all serve a purpose to the owner. Who are we to say what is right for us, is right for someone else. Don't you have multiple pairs of shoes?
  27. Yes, agree and in your case multiple personalities.
  28. TV is fine. dont let those asshole prima donnas cost you an extra 1000