Big Lou here; tell me why I am not the greatest service out there, eh?

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  1. Hedvig,

    It's bullsh1t. Both of these vendors are selling a scam, IMHO. Stay away, it's not worth it.

    One's just a seller of spreads, which is not really a "strategy". The other one I am not sure how to describe.

    Just stay away.
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    I dealt with them a coupla years ago and they're a toothless POS. A bit corrupt too.

    20/20 aired a segment last year that publicized that the BBB awarded better ratings to those who paid membership dues for which the BBB president apologized. One chapter sold "A" ratings to fake businesses.
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    Based on his website the "tent" trading is selling iron condors and it looks like he is doing them on the weeklies. No magic there you don't need a service to trade that. As for returns, leverage your account and you can get fantastic returns too. You can search this site to see all of the pitfalls of iron condors and there are a lot cheaper resources to learn about the greeks and how to adjust your trades. Just to save you some time, there is no one trade you can do all the time and expect these type of returns.
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  5. Um, maybe it is too obvious, but can he provide an actual account with actual trades for the past few years at least? Or is that asking too much? If it is I guess there is your answer.
    Really, how long have you been pumping your scam? Do you actually make enough money doing it every so often on a few different trading sites to make a living?
    I remember talking to a vendor on the phone on an expiration friday, and he claimed he had a few thousand(yes few thousand) Nasdaq furtures options he sold that day for a few cents and was going to make a fortune when they expired worthless. His head exploded when I called b.s.. He lived in Colorado and as it so happened I was out there not too far from him at the time. What a surprise he didn't want to get together and show me his millions. Life can be simple fun calling these ass clowns out.
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    Arguing the merits of a product such as Big Lou's is like arguing the merits of buying Viagra soft chews from a Russian Internet pharmacy. My point was to try to cut back a bit on the spam, hard as that may be. I am well aware that Better Business Bureaus exist to serve their members, not the public. And getting a determined spammer to stop is pretty difficult. But I thought I would give it a shot.
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  7. From :
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    for a few years on and off and have made some money with him. My problem is not having sufficient capital for proper allocation to positions. Using their credit spread program right now and it's very profitable but I have only a small amount of capital so my dollar profits are small.
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  9. Hola all,

    27+ year trader here (intraday/swing trade)
    I suck at options! Not looking for advice. Though I want to work 10 minutes per week and make 5% per week (avg.) on 'Weekly Options.' The newest 'grail' for newbies.

    Thought I would bump this thread.

    Big Lou and his 'big' 2 month track record. Not sure why I am still on his email list.

    Check out his faggotry! 1st the track record then his promotional email. He reminds me of a low-rung Jersey (his locale) corner Capo.

    He tries to create a sense of 'urgency' in his promotions; like I am some 60 year-old guy (nothing wrong with that) with an enlarged prostate.
    Date Position Profit / Loss for 10 contracts
    = $1,000.00 approx less Broker Comm
    1/24/2012 Long SPY January 21, 2012: 132 PUT
    1/24/2012 Short SPY January 21, 2012: 131 PUT $375.00
    1/24/2012 Long SPY January 27, 2012: 132 Call
    1/24/2012 Short SPY January 27, 2012: 131 Call -$245.00
    1/30/2012 Long SPY February 03, 2012: 129 Put
    1/30/2012 Short SPY February 03, 2012: 130 Put $225.00
    2/3/2012 Long SPY February 10, 2012: 132 Put
    2/3/2012 Short SPY February 10, 2012: 133 Put $165.00
    2/6/2012 Long SPY February 10, 2012: 137 Call
    2/6/2012 Short SPY February 10, 2012: 136 Call $115.00
    2/7/2012 Long TZA February 10, 2012: 17 Put
    2/7/2012 Short TZA February 10, 2012: 18 Put $105.00
    2/7/2012 Long VXX February 10, 2012: 22 Put
    2/7/2012 Short VXX February 10, 2012: 23 Put $105.00
    2/15/2012 Long SPY February 18, 2012: 133 PUT
    2/15/2012 Short SPY February 18, 2012: 134 PUT $75.00
    2/16/2012 Long SPY February 18, 2012: 134 Put
    2/16/2012 Short SPY February 18, 2012: 135 Put $50.00
    2/17/2012 Long SPY February 24, 2012; 135 Put
    2/17/2012 Short SPY February 24, 2012; 136 Put $255.00
    2/21/2012 Long SPY February 24, 2012; 135 Put
    2/21/2012 Short SPY February 24, 2012; 136 Put $185.00
    2/23/2012 Long VXX February 24, 2012: 27 Call
    2/23/2012 Short VXX February 24, 2012; 26 Call $50.00
    2/27/2012 Long SPY March 02, 2012; 135 Put
    2/27/2012 Short SPY March 02, 2012; 136 Put $175.00
    2/28/2012 Long VXX March 02, 2012; 27 Call
    2/28/2012 Short VXX March 02, 2012; 26 Call $185.00
    3/7/2012 Long SPY March 09, 2012; 133 Put
    3/7/2012 Short SPY March 09, 2012; 134 Put $105.00
    3/13/2012 Long VXX March 17, 2012; 24 Call
    3/13/2012 Short VXX March 17, 2012; 23 Call $65.00
    3/15/2012 Long SPY March 17, 2012: 134 Put
    3/15/2012 Short SPY March 17, 2012; 135 Put $85.00
    3/15/2012 Long VXX March 17, 2012; 24 Call
    3/15/2012 Short VXX March 17, 2012; 23 Call $55.00
    3/21/2012 Long SPY March 23, 2012: 138 Put
    3/21/2012 Short SPY March 23, 2012; 139 Put $65.00
    3/22/2012 Long SPY March 30, 2012: 138 PUT
    3/23/2012 Short SPY March 30, 2012; 139 Put $0.00
    3/23/2012 Long SPY March 30, 2012: 138 Put
    3/23/2012 Short SPY March 30, 2012; 139 Put $240.00
    3/23/2012 Long VXX March 30, 2012: 19 CALL
    3/23/2012 Short VXX March 30, 2012: 18 CALL $185.00
    3/28/2012 Long TZA March 30, 2012: 16 PUT
    3/28/2012 Short TZA March 30, 2012: 17 PUT $115.00
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