Big Lou here; tell me why I am not the greatest service out there, eh?

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  1. Hola guys,

    I have been trading for several decades, admittedly options are my achilles heel. My lizard brain can really only do straight calls and puts.

    Tell me why this guy is full of it, k? {below the dashed line}.

    There’s a Guarantee of Profits. Please read entirely.

    A follow up from a previous email and my Best Profit Program that I’m using to make my subscribers 100% winners.

    I’m also using this strategy in my Wife’s IRA.

    I’m recommending spreads performing at 100% profit on option premium. In other words, the position is allowing our Members to keep 100% of the option premium credited into their accounts for a cost of $0.00. We research ETF’s and stock options using the Greek analysis and our proprietary trend analysis to recommend over-priced option credits using predominately the weekly expirations as well as monthly expirations. About 2k is needed to execute 10 contracts which has gotten an average of $100.00-250.00 per week (commissions included) calculated to 100% profit from the premium collected and 5% – 10% per week on capital invested. That’s $100.00 to $250.00 per week income from every $2,000.00 invested into your own brokerage account. It’s Your Money.

    A note about compounding:
    FYI: 5% per week compounded yields $100,000.00 from a $2,000.00 investment in 81 weeks. Today’s $100,000.00 Target Date on 2k is June 03, 2013.

    This is a Premium Service which comes with a Guarantee of profits. Underlying stock or ETF must stay flat, go up, or drop less than 10% during the time of execution to the expiration date to make 100% of the premium collected. Prorated cost will be credited to your account during that time if the position does not yield a profit. Cost is $2,495.00 for 3 months with 9 months free. There's a $25.00 registration fee. Cost + registration fee is non-cancelable and not refundable. Major credit cards accepted as well as personal checks and money orders.
    This is $1,500.00 off regular pricing of $3,995.00. This is a limited time offer.

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    Lou Russo
    Taking Profits
    Before trading or investing consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Before trading or investing consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation. Trading stocks forex, futures, or options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Equity Research Services LLC, DBA, Taking Profits©, are not Investment Advisors. Taking Profits produces and distributes impersonal newsletters for stock traders, option traders, and stock investors, via email and/or Internet. All information and services are for informational purposes only. Individual trading advice is not given at any time. Disclaimer reoval instructions reply with remove in subject line.
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    Because he's selling it. If it actually did what he claims, he wouldn't be selling the service, he would be using it.
  3. Since we're on the topic there used to be a guy here that would pop on every once in a while with some killer option ideas. Free of course. Guy was smart as hell. Completely the opposite of what you just posted. Sounds like a scam
  4. Basically I thought that a 4 or 5 or 6 sigma move, whatever the underlying was (if it popped say, 25-35%) he could actually lose 60% of the account size.

    Again, I am an options neophyte; yes I am on his mailing list for 5+ years and I always email a friend that 'Big Lou' has his "lock of the week!!!"


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    And just think of it.......

    in just 10 years you'll have $198,735,848,314,191.00 wonderful is tax liability for the year would pay off the national debt.
  7. There's your give-away right there. No need to read any further.

  8. ..... of course you will immediately be identified as the leader of the 1% ers and there will be massive protests against you taking the money away - mostly from the other 1% ers!

  9. Another Snake Oil Salesman :D
  10. Hola again option-trading pimps!

    Thank you for the responses thus far.

    Can anyone (or is anyone willing to explain in technical terms) identify why this strategy doesn't work either

    a) intermediate term, 1 bad month wipes out 3-6 months of gains?
    b) long term, is this just a shitty reward to risk?
    c) ????

    Again, thanks so far for your appropriate scathing and hateful comments (I am a bitter man myself) towards 'big lou' and his strategy; I sometimes wish I was a big-swinging-dick option spread trader who can trade all the greeks and bask in the glory of time decay...alas--it eludes me.

    Anyone who is into beta/delta/theta/gamma stuff; would you care to comment on this cocky little vendor as well? I realize it is an incredibly long sales letter and he focuses ALOT on the big drop in Aug '11.

    He does show 'consistency' beginning in '11 though. Is he also full of shit?

    As I wrote before; I pretty much can follow sector rotation and then on pullbacks I would buy strength with calls and vice versa on the put side.


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