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big lcd

  1. sony
    you can't really tell how big it is, until you compare it to reg lcd
  2. how big diagonal?
  3. 70" jesus christ... ;)

    how much?
  4. if you have to ask...:D
  5. the key question is... what's the resolution?

    the ans... only 1920x1080

    it makes a good HDTV, but so-so for detail charts.
  6. you use that to show only 1 chart in the office... for everyone else in the room to see.

    Your average 20inch wide screen LCD's are 1680x1050

    This is a 70inch with 1920x1080....

  7. Sweet.

    Can an LCD really offer "178-degree viewing angle" or is that just marketing speak? I can't even imagine a piece of paper with a 178&#176 v.a.
  8. "
    you use that to show only 1 chart in the office... for everyone else in the room to see."

    i can see this as a legitimate use - its all about the video card and the video resolution.
  9. What do u mean? The max resolution is determined by that monitor/TV-set, NOT by the graphcard.

  10. well are you driving this with a computer or with a HD television tuner?

    it depends on what you are doing with it.
  11. Yes, it depends on what you're driving it with UP TO THE LIMIT ON THE screen. So, if you were driving that 1920 x 1080 LCD with a videocard that can only display up to 1280 x 720, then the limitation would be the videocard; however, even a videocard capable of driving 3840 x 2160 wouldn't up the resolution because the screen can't physically display more pixels than 1920*1024. What does this mean? It's useful for showing one or two charts to everyone in the office with good detail, but not for trading with, unless you like trading on a couch 10 feet away from a screen with a wireless keyboard/mouse.