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Best Solar

  1. Any of you guys doing anything with solar? ETF or perhaps just one company you really like?
  2. As long as oil stays at these levels solars are out of play. It's gonna be a while untill any alternative energy stocks pay off.
  3. Where have you been??? FSLR has gone from 86 to 149 today in a matter of weeks. That's a 73% move. If these things aren't for trading, nothing is. But I agree- they are now coming back down.
  4. Bull, so what plays are you looking at? I heard the Middle East is working on some sort of solar solution that they will EVENTUALLY sell to the rest of the world.
  5. I follow FSLR, but have been burned badly the way it gaps. I would be a buyer no more than in the 85-90 range. JASO is a wild ride too if you have the stomach.
  6. Jefferies initiates First Solar (FSLR 137.88) with a Buy and a $180 tgt saying they believe FSLR is positioned to outpace industry earnings growth through a variety of different macro scenarios due to its low cost production advantage. The firm sees group weakness as an opportunity to buy clear survivors and long-term solar winners for a recovery cycle.
  7. FSLR is down 50% from it's high around 300. I agree it's up nicely, but that's only in the past 30 days. Look at a long term chart and you'll see it's in a downtrend. It has just recently traded above it's 50dma. If it breaks below that level I would be carefull. I think the dumb money is coming into solars now because of the new administration.
    As for JASO, That is also trending lower over the long term. It will take a while before all this alternative energy talk is going to be fruitfull. Were in a bear market,trade the trend.
  8. Im short FSLR today @ 139.05
    seeking negative territory today
  9. forced to cover

    not looking good for shorts right now
  10. To the OP-
    TAN is an all solar ETF
  11. High of 163. today. Where do we go wrong?