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Best island or place to trade from?

  1. Where in the world would you want to trade from. You could list the pros and cons.
  2. Hong Kong - Asia's Word City

    1) Zero tax for personal investments,
    2) Great infrastructure & access to international news & markets,
    3) Very central to most of East Asia making a lot of fantastic getaways just a few hours (air)bus ride away

    Of course there are lots of good alternatives in the region also & many have decent internet on / near the beach these days.
  3. Somewhere in the Carribean.. Saint Marrten / Saint Lucia ... a villa on the island and a nice luxury yacht.. not too big tho one i could operate myself ..... and spanish women around me .

    somethin like this..

  4. It would depend upon if you have a family or not and if your idea of a good time is spending it by yourself. An island is just that...an island with limited people and resources.

    If you go to any 3rd world country like Jamaica then you expose yourself to the usual scam artists and drudgery of the third world. I would not pick anywhere in the Caribbean because once you get past the "all inclusive" resorts then you have to deal with the real world Caribbean which is not pleasant. Ever walked through downtown Montego Bay? You will find out what I mean once you have done so. Montego Bay is nice if you stay inside the resort, but take one foot out and the realities of the third world become apparent. I was happy to leave that place.

    In the United States, San Francisco, New York City, and Washington DC are the ideal places because they are big cities with a lot of things to do, people to meet and you can have an actual life at the end of the day. I guess we could argue other locations as well like Austin. Austin has no state taxes, a booming economy and is a college town. It has an awesome nightlife and you will not get bored at night, but by day is a different story. Los Angeles isnt a bad place, but there is no way to get around without a car. You can get around without a car in SF, NYC and DC easily as long as you know the trains and right buses to take. Los Angeles also seems less people oriented. Florida is cool, but it doesnt seem to be either culturally or career oriented. Its like a cool place but without a purpose or reason. I hated Seattle because it rained all the time and didnt seem to have a nightlife. Portland was nice if you like to relax and it wasnt hard finding the ladies.

    Pattaya City in Thailand is a beach-community with lots of things to do. If you are a single guy, there is no issue in hooking up in Thailand or having fun. Lots of places to rent on the cheap. Cancun is a lot of fun, but again, once you get past the resorts then all you have left is Mexico.

    I think you will find that once you get beyond the vacation-oriented activities of the various islands and other such spots that there is nothing more to do. You should just stick with the large well known cities in America like New York and San Francisco.

    Hong Kong was mentioned earlier in this thread. I like Hong Kong, but there is a great amount of pollution all over China. It looks like the worst days in Los Angeles when the smog was really out of control. Its a nice city and you should go there at least once in your life.
  5. First...you need to succeed as a trader....until then all a pipe dream...:mad:


  6. I tend to think the same as you above, but the drawback with places like NYC, San Fran, et al is that you are probably going to need to clear 500k per year to have a reasonable life. Obviously that is a pretty big nut to cover as an independent trader.

    I am interested in places that would have a lower structural cost -- lower RE prices, lower tax rate, etc, while still affording a really good quality of life. Unfortunately, i don't have much of a list yet...but, there have got to be options. Obviously, being location independent should afford some opportunities to live in places that are very desirable, but maybe not very expensive due to lack of great employment opportunities.

    Just need to figure out what they are!
  7. I like Switzerland.

  8. Florida keys might not be a bad idea

    at least for half the year
  9. I like Switzerland also, except for the weather, I like to see the sun once in awhile.:cool:
  10. An important prospective is taxes... In no particular order these countries are quite popular:

    1) The UK. People coming from abroad pay no tax on the part of their income from abroad they don't bring to the country. After 7 years they can opt to pay year £30,000 "bailout" fee to keep it this way. The capital London is very csmopolitan city. Nearly half of Londoners were born abroad and there are restaurants with cuisine from every part of the world. The place of choice for the super-rich from Lakshmi Mittal to Roman Abramovich

    2) Switzerland. Foreign nationals can negotiate a fixed tax based on the price of their residence. This counts against all foreign icome. Zurich has vibrant night life and (mostly) German cuisine. Income tax varies depending on the canton and can be as low is 21%. Switzerland is a country of choice for many professional sportspeople frrom Fernando Alonso to Sedale Threatt

    3) Belgium. The attraction is zero capital gains tax. One may appreciate the variety of unique Belgian beer and seafood. Brussels is a home to Europen Commision and European parliament. The city is very friendly to families with Children. Belgium has some of the strictest laws protecting privacy.

    4) Monaco. No taxes on foreign nationals as long as they don't engage in busines in Monaco. The capital Monte-Carlo is popular among gamblers and wealthy retirees. One may appreciate warm climate and a massive yacht fleet.
  11. Ive been all over switzerland, beautiful country, lots of biking trails, great skiing, just a few hours drive to other places like Italy, Holland, Germany, etc. The swiss live a high quality life.
  12. Best island to trade from? No brainer. Manhattan.
  13. Smart answer! This doesn't explain though why so many headge funds move slightly to the North to Greenwich.
  14. Taxes I would guess. Plus, most hedge funds are swing traders, not active traders. They could probably do that with dialup.
  15. Someone wrote that FLORIDA is a station without a good sense of education, culture or purpose. As someone who lived in Florida for 15-years (Miami, Coral Gables & South Beach) I mostly agree.

    HOWEVER, for trading...

    it's a terrific place.

    Allow me to explain. Obviously, there's no state income tax, so you save a few percentage points right there. It's also a "SHALL ISSUE" state so you can carry yo' .40, which means something to me.

    Additionally, because of the housing bust, you can get a short-sale/foreclosure 2/2 condo for about $200k either ON THE BEACH or in DOWNTOWN Miami.

    There's a great nightlife, plenty of babes, great international airport, OUSTANDING WEATHER.

    The downside is there are a lot of peasants from the third world driving down US-1 like maniacs, because their first car was a Donkey.


    EDIT: The Island I would suggest would be Miami Beach.
  16. I hope they wipe themselves out before they get to Lake Worth after being stopped in Palm Beach....:D

  17. not many places can beat your mom's basement... [​IMG]
  18. Think about what you just said. Does everyone in Manhattan clear over 500k? Is everyone who does not make over 500k miserable in Manhattan?

    The truth is there are many people in Manhattan living below 100th St in reasonable neighborhoods paying less then 2 grand a month and having a great time. A buddy of mine had a high rise doorman apartment that seemed very nice for just $2500 a month.

    Do you really need to be boozing or eating at the restaurants in NYC? Once you get above 35 and realize how much weight you can put on quickly, these restaurants will not be the place you want to be.

    If you are savvy enough and have common sense, then you dont need to spend a lot of money to get what you want. For example, you can have luxury apartment furnishings at a cheap price just by going on Craigslist in Manhattan. Everyday someone is moving out and needs to sell their furniture quick. Sometimes you can get high quality stuff 10 cents on the dollar.

    Once you get to know people and have a quality network, you wont need to pay your way into the clubs or even pay for the drinks. Things will just come.

    You do not need a car in a place like San Francisco or New York City which saves you a boatload of money. If you do bring a car to those places then sooner or later it will end up in the towyard.

    The ideal place would be Austin, Texas. The nightlife in downtown is simply incredible and you can get drunk on just $10 (only place in the nation with $1 16-oz beers). Its a college town with one of the largest universities in America and there are plenty of young ladies. If you cant get laid in Austin, then you cant get laid.

    There is no state income tax in Texas. All of the various houses and apartments are new and sizable.

    Since there is no state income tax and Texas is very business friendly, the prices at the stores are considerably less then what you would find in other states.

    Unemployment in Austin is under 7% right now where as the rest of the nation is still at 9+%. Not many beggars or homeless like other cities because of a great economy.

    There are plenty of cheap hotels and a hostel in Austin. Go down there for a few days and see it for yourself. Why go to Austin versus Florida? Lots of crime, drugs and unemployed in Florida. A lot of great things about Florida, but it can get depressing if you meet the wrong crowd. Lets say trading doesnt work out and you need to move down a different path. Would you rather be in a place with 9+% unemployment rates or a place where the unemployment is way below the national average? If disaster strikes, then you need a backup plan. Miami will probably not offer you that plan.

    The most ideal place that has those tropical qualities you speak of is Pattaya City, Thailand. You can get a fairly nice apartment on the cheap and finding a college-aged Thai woman to hang around is not an issue even if you are over 40. There are issues in Thailand, but those issues are easy to navigate around once you know the area and the people.
  19. If you're a kid, you just want to party and meet lots of chicks Manhattan is good, if you're middle aged you want some safe suburb with great schools for the kids and clean air: CT maybe?, if you're old you want somewhere quiet, with great health care, and clean air, good weather not that cold, like FL?.
    Add taxes to the equation and it gets even more complicated.
    There is no "best place" for everyone.

  20. What would you say the "issues" are? Thanks.

  21. Again, appreciate your insights...Florida has been at the top of my list but i've recently started having some misgivings after doing some research. As much as I hate texas, I may have to seriously consider austin. Very nearly moved there 15 years ago and know its a great city.

    With regard to Manhattan, i just finished living there for 10+ years. You are right -- you can absolutely live in Manhattan and have a decent lifestyle while making 100k+ or so. BUT, not if you have a family. That changes everything...bottom line. Trust me, i tried to figure out how to make that work and there is just no reasonable way. Only option is to move somewhere outside the city, where the cost/benefit rapidly deteriorates.

    I would head to Pattaya but I'm not sure how my wife would feel about it...however, i will keep that card in my back pocket ;)
  22. Many foreigners live there without problem or incident. Parts of Pattaya are truly nice and scenic. However, it is a 3rd world country and there are various scams that happen all the time. These incidents are widely publicized on the Thai news as they wish to set an example.

    You have to watch yourself. If you offend anyone in government or make trouble, then the Royal police will find a way to come down on you. Some people are good at not pissing anyone off, while others seem to piss people off all the time. In the United States, you are given a pass when you piss the wrong people off, but in Thailand there are no such passes. There are plenty of Americans and Australians who are in the jungle prisons of Thailand for doing something.

    One common thing is drugs. You do not want to be caught with drugs in Thailand or the penalties will be severe. Oftentimes, the police will throw down a weapon and state it was yours to increase the punishment coming to you

    You do have gangs and organized crime...you do have drugs. There are political events that sometimes lead to government crackdowns where people get killed or you see a violent show of force. If you are an American, then you need to get to know a Thai lawyer as soon as you touch down. They will help you out.

    So, while parts of Thailand are very nice and scenic, you have to still have that street sense about you. You can live nicely there so long as you know how to avoid trouble and do not cause trouble for anyone. If you can do that, then Thailand is a great place to be. It is not a first world country though and so trouble will probably come to you faster then it will back in your hometown in Australia or the states.
  23. If you have family, then Austin is the place. Miami is filled with drugs and trouble-makers...not a good place to raise kids. Austin can be a little boring at times, but it is economically superior right not then any other place in the United States. Its boring nature would keep your kids out of trouble.

  24. Check out Lake Conroe in Montgomery Texas. Small town feel but only a short drive to Houston if you feel the need for it.

    Some of the top ranked public schools in Texas.

    You can get a decent house on the lake for under 500k.


  25. Traffic sucks balls in Austin, try checking out Hutto, TX. It's a small suburb 22 miles northeast of Austin and one of the fastest growing areas in TX. There is a toll road that has been built that let's you bypass all the BS on I35.
  26. As a native Houstonian, I advise against Houston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Galveston, or anything else near Houston. Maybe Im just jaded, but I feel as if that whole metro area is just lacking any sort of character and life. Everything is the same, there is nothing interesting anywhere.

    I have lived all over the country, New Orleans, San Antonio, Minneapolis, Miami, Providence, Nashville, of all the places Ive called home Portland, OR has been my fav. I moved out of Houston when I was 19 and Ive liked every place more, save for New Orleans, that place is a shithole.
  27. Pittsburgh.
  28. Oh it's been a while you were there. West Palm is full of them now and Boca also.
  29. What if i am old and want meet lots of chicks ?
  30. Tailand is good. From my experience (only as a tourist) there are lots of expat retirees dataing (and living with) younger (often much younger) local women (and men). From what I heard accommodation is cheaper and food is massively cheaper if you like local food. Also great massage.

    Best place to spend a few weeks or months is beach areas rather than Bangcock.

    Others point out there are "issues".

    I understand you have been interested in the subject. Do you have a few stories of how one can "offend anyone in government or make trouble"? I guess such event should involve more than saying a few rude words when drunk or having a loud argument when short-changed. Does this involve running a business in Thailand? Or getting into a fight?
  31. Dublin. I hear the rents are getting cheaper by the minute and easy access to pints of the black stuff. Also great low tax rates.

    Eire it is!!

  32. The main issues can be spelt out in this link:


    Here is all of the trouble I can think of in Thailand:

    -Traffic&Motorbikes - People drive on the opposite side of the road and traffic laws are oftentimes not obeyed. Its easy to get hit by a car and riding around on a motorbike is risky. You could get killed if not careful.

    -Drugs - Drugs seem commonplace around America especially marijuana. However, Thailand has strict laws against drugs. There are over 100,000 drug arrests each year and the jungle prisons are FILLED with Americans and Australians.

    -The Ladies - The ladies are nice and good looking, but they are all hard up for cash for the most part. They could get you in trouble in more ways then one.

    - Pissing the wrong person off - You never know who knows who or who is related to who or who is friends with who or who is paying someone off. I would not get into any fights in Thailand with any of the locals. Lets say a shop keeper rips you off. Some guys will opt to get into a fight with the shopkeeper, but that might be a mistake. Lets say the shopkeeper's son is a local cop. Bad move.

    - Dis-respecting the king - You can't speak against the king and you have to obey local laws/customs in regards to the king. You have to stand up in the movie theatre just before the movie plays as a sign of respect.

    - Traveling to an area that is not intended for tourists or ex-pats - Not all areas of Thailand were meant to be traveled to. Just like there are bad parts of NYC and Chicago, there are bad parts of Thailand. The locals will sometimes warn you before entering into an area that you should not be.

    - Guns - Some guys just like their guns and will buy one off of the locals. Bad move as there are laws about them too.

    - Scams - There are scams and scam artists. If you have a fat wad of money, then do not advertise that you do. Be low key about what you have.

    - Political matters - If there are protesters out in force or military guys with weapons in the street, then you should probably get back inside and out of the way.

    - Doing something that offends the government- There was an American porn producer, the guy who ran the Cream Pie Thai site, was arrested. There is no law against what he was doing, however, he was pissing the government off with the site. It offended them. The cops raided his apartment, threw down a gun and some drugs then arrested him.

    So, Thailand can be a safe place, but I would first read the link above and think about things carefully. If you are the type of person that does illegal things (like drugs), gets in trouble easily or seems to piss people off then I would re-think Thailand. However, if you are street smart and easily avoid trouble then you can have a good time there. I would stick with the areas where the Australians and Americans seem most prominent.

  33. I've spent a lot of time in Thailand and I think a lot of what you are talking about can be avoided if your smart and respectful of the local culture.

    The Thais are generally very polite people and most will not go out of there way to cause you any trouble. The rules are pretty simple. Don't flash a lot of cash around. Don't steal stuff. Don't be insulting or derogatory. Say thankyou in the local language. Don't get involved with drugs. And if you hook up with a local. Treat them with respect. It's not hard.
  34. If you are high enough in the mountains, you always have sun:p
  36. Taxes are such an important issue in profitability & flexibility so other places to consider would include Brunei, UAE, Qatar, Vanuatu, & anywhere else that has the basic good manners to keep their hands out of my pockets.

    ? Why kowtow to thieves? - there is a choice! :cool:

    btw There are many, way more pleasant places in Thailand than Pattaya
  37. You are either 12 years old or have no idea what it is like for a foreigner in those countries.
    Only a fool would move to an Arab country. One wrong step and you'll have to leave by scuba to an offshore rendezvous. If you think things can get complex in Thailand for a foreigner, do a search on the Internet to understand what I am referring to.

  38. Not mentioned before: France

    -St Tropez in the summer: great beaches, good food, nightlife, shops, etc..
    Doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg if you look around a bit.

    -Paris in autumn and spring: lots of stuff to do, musea, restaurants, etc.
    -Les Trois Vallées in the winter: great skiing, friendly people, etc.
  39. What are the visa requierements for a long term stay of 4-8 months ?For US subjects.
  40. Good thinking except for the Spanish women, they yell too much, opinionated, hairy armpits, tempers that would fry an egg at 20 paces, oh no
  41. Good topic.

    I'm considering a move to the Asian region. What are good family-friendly, tax-friendly places? Any experiences with Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai?

    In Europe I can recommend Belgium (quiet and family-friendly, low taxes), Netherlands (no.1 in UN happy kids index, not sure about taxes) and the beautiful Switzerland.

    BTW, if you have a wife, or even family, I recommend forgetting about crazy places like Thailand.
  42. The best place to trade from is the one whose social & political culture, and range of available activities and facilities, best matches your values and interests.
  43. new york city. new york city has fiber optics and tons of traders.
  44. ***** is the perfect destination, whether you're after romance, rejuvenation or adventure. A genuine, natural landscape of gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, miles of unspoiled rainforest and the majestic ***** Mountains, are sure to indulge every taste. Natural waterfalls, breath-taking views, friendly locals and authentic culture impress the most travelled individuals for a holiday with lasting memories.

    The perfection of this escape should be shared. Tropical weather, welcoming accommodations, and unexpected adventures await all who travel to this paradise island. Romance can be found at upmarket resorts and intimate inns. Bask together under the Caribbean sun, sail into a champagne sunset, and cuddle beneath the vast starry sky. Discover new romance and re-spark old love over a candlelight dinner on a secluded beach.

    For those planning a family getaway, you too can visit *****. Enjoy on-site water parks, kids' menus and evening entertainment for everyone. Adventure seekers can surf and sail in the pristine waters. ATV adventures and rainforest zip-lining are family favourites. Relaxation isn't far off either with many resorts offering kids' activities so parents can enjoy a cocktail, a quiet hour together, or a couple's massage. Grab the kids, your partner and your sunscreen; this is a family holiday that everyone will enjoy.

    Sorry guys I had to block out the name of this getaway paradise or you all would be there by the next plane. I do so hate to step over people to get to the water's edge

  45. Here is a pic
  46. LOL at your last sentence!

    What misgivings did your research turn up about Florida? And what did you hate about Texas?
  47. Adventure vs safety is a classic tradeoff. Most interesting places have a bit of risk.

    Is there any good countryside around Austin where you can get away from things and do some interesting outdoor stuff?
  48. Colocate at a US based brokerage... live on a yacht traveling the world.
    Seychelles, Maldives, Fiji doesn't matter.. enjoy a new view everyday.

    If taxes are an issue setup a trading trust company in Seychelles...
  49. Cmon RDT, you can be straight with us. How much did you have to bribe them to drop the charges? :D
  50. Effectively you are being bribed to be a slave or a hermit in many of those places. Also, don't forget that taxes actually pay for things, like relatively uncorrupt police, judges, jury trials, and a military that can actually protect the country - not all of it goes on welfare. It's like the people who move to Saudi to make 6 figures tax-free in the oil industry. You're basically accepting being a well-paid serf in exchange for the loss of your dignity and liberties. Fuck that shit - keep on rocking in the free world.
  51. F'in A'.

  52. have u ever been to Thailand?
    why speak about an entire country?
    are there not places in the UK or US that u wouldn't want to live?
    low taxes in Belgium? yes for some sectors.
    quiet? with a large moslem population it is not exactly quiet. with the flemish and french at each other necks at any moment it is also not.

    bottom line your judgment is not be trusted.
  53. I understand Belgium has zero capital gains tax. For people who appear to the taxman as an investor, zero rate can't be matched.

    "Quiet"... Brussels certainly feels like a smaller, "provincial" city compared to London, New-York or Paris despite being the "capital of Europe". Maybe part of the perception of "quiet" is because Belgians use public transport: not so many cars in the streets. Bars seem to allow children. I read Belgian schools are good. As a tourist I would have no idea about possible unrest.

    Edit: An interesting flavour of the national character is in the basement of National Basilica of the Sacred Heart (which is a working Roman Catholic church) beer is served and in the evenings runs a cabaret.
  54. Sorry, meant to say Pattaya. Very much enjoyed my time in Thailand. Beautiful country, lots of friendly people.

    About Belgium: why speak about an entire country? :) Plenty of quiet places to live to be found, despite political issues.
  55. your assessment is correct. I was familiar with zero tax rate with added the caveat. that is why I said low tax rate for some sectors.
  56. exactly. I should have mentioned that ,
  57. haha dublin. pick up a newspaper buddy. low taxes will be history any day now.
  58. As a St Tropez area resident in the summer, I wonder where you have been. The cheapest beer is around 8 EUR, restaurant around 30 and hotel 150, not to mention the 26 EUR Coke at the "Caves du Roy". I am getting tired of this place, even with all the ( incredibly beautiful ) girls.

    Go to Biarritz/Hossegor instead. At least you can surf in the day and not just hang around with some Pakistani millionaire' son who haven't ever worked in his life and find it cool to spend 5k on bottles per night...
  59. How about Bulgaria? It's a small country in Southeast Europe, a stable democracy now part of the EU, with nice beaches and mountains, and low costs of living. If I understand correctly, it has one of the lowest income taxes in EU - only 10% and this would apply to capital gains as well. Nice climate as well, it's on the same latitude as South France, but on the Black Sea :cool:
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    I understand.
  61. http://bangkok.usembassy.gov/service/thai-visas-for-americans.html

    The above link is the "official" information, but I know that if when you get to Thailand and get a good Thai lawyer then anything is possible. The Thai lawyers know the ins and outs of the system and have connections. So if you want to stay for an extended period of time without Visa issues then you might be able to...

    My advice would be to hang around a bar/hotel, like the Secrets, and talk with the owner there. I believe he is available on the message boards. An American who owns a business and lives there can give you the skinny on avoiding visa issues and may refer you to a good Thai lawyer.
  62. I split my time between Texas and the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. In Belize they are on the same time zone as Denver and they do not tax the money you make in the States. Cost of living is higher on the islands than if you bought a place on the mainland but it is still lower than any major city in the U.S. Residency is easy to obtain as long as you live there at least 6 months out of the year.

    Texas is great to but then again I am biased because I am a born and bread Texan. Give it a chance you might just like it yourself.
  63. I meant to say I am a born and bred Texan, not a bread Texan. I saw that and almost died laughing.
  64. LOL, Texas toast came to my mind when i read it
  65. eh? Large Muslim population? I wouldn't call 3,5% large.
    I live in Belgium at the moment. It is quiet. The only walloons and flemish that are at each other's neck are politicians.
  66. I have been eating the 3 course menus for 25 euros in the many many cosy restaurants in the small streets. Staying in very reasonably priced rented appartments. Drinking the excellent Chateau Le Minuty for 40E a bottle at Café De Paris. Having Loup De Mer for lunch at Golf D'Azur Beach, which is admittely 30 euros but the tastiest dish ever and even would be a steal at 50 euros. I think you can get value for money if you try. I have spend 2 weeks in the summer there for the seventeenth time this year, and I still love it, and even discover new things from time to time. I had lunch here: http://www.lessalins.com/restaurant.html for the first time. Look at that view. Super.

  67. Well, i really want to move to florida, but if you research a bit on the web about people considering moving there, you will see that a lot of folks in south florida are getting the hell out. I guess the main reason is crime and a terrible economy.

    It might still be ok, but seeing so many people having reservations and a fairly significant exodus out of there at the very least has to give one pause.

    That, and I am a little concerned about how miserably hot it is there during the summer. Maybe if i could swing living there only part of the year it would be a better option.

    As far as texas goes, i've lived in both San Antonio and Houston. Houston is one of the most god-awful places on the planet. Terrible weather year round, horrific humidity, sprawl to a point you would believe it, you feel like you are living in one giant strip mall due to the lack of zoning. I spent a long, long two years there and wouldn't ever want to go back.

    san antonio was OK, but pretty damn boring. Still, better than houston.

    Austin, on the other hand, was pretty awesome..i've also heard good things about dallas but havent spent much time there...
  68. South Florida , mainly Miami is overrun by haitians and Latinos. Only 10% of population is white. School quality reflects demografics.
    It just depends where you are now in your life. if you want quiet safe coastal town, there is plenty of those noth of Palm beach.
  69. Freeways on top of freeways, crossing over freeways. Thick soupy air all year round mixed with the white noise of freeways. A downtown core with zero pedestrians. The glorious town of Houston.
  70. "Belgium

    Antwerp- 6.7% (>30,000 of >450,000) (EUMAP)
    Brussels (region) - 17%-20% (160,000-220,000) [some say 33% (City of Brussels?)] (NEWS, NEWS)"

  71. jeez stop being so racist. and do u really want to live in a place with no kebabs?
  72. "It is correct to say that the muslim population in Belgium is very concentrated in certain districts of Brussels and Antwerp."

    the remark in itself is far from being racist. perhaps your joking response is racist as it seems to imply that no other group is capable of preparing kebabs.
  73. i apologize. my biting sarcasm has flown clean over your head.
  74. Don't pat yourself on the back or adopt a superior attitude. your original remark does not come close to biting sarcasm.
    It qualifies as sarcasm only by the lowest standards.
    actually your apology is an example of sarcasm.
  75. I beg to differ , his apology was an insulting metaphor but not sarcastic . If he suggested you had a good understanding of the english language , then he would be being sarcastic.
  76. done deal. good trading.
  77. Yes. It is called "networking". Wherever you go, you want to be friendly and get to know the people around you. If you think that money will be the only thing to get you through situations, then you are sadly mistaken. Make friends, be sociable and network. That is the formula for survival and living.

  78. money is fiat. carry grams of gold.
    it is true. even under extreme conditions in the concentration camps children who had social skills, were well liked, were more likely to survive because of protection by adults
  79. Muslims aren't a race.
  80. Dallas is everything you mentioned you hated about Houston, but with more assholes.
  81. Here is something to consider and that is unemployment. If something goes wrong with trading OR you want to enter into a business opportunity OR you want to invest in real estate OR you want a good area to raise your kids OR you want an area where you can meet other professionals then you have to consider the unemployment rate of each area.

    The Fed has a database called FRED with all the unemployment numbers.

    Austin has an unemployment rate in the 6s.

    Miami has an unemployment rate of nearly 13-14%.

  82. The key is not the place, its the 'how' of your money. If you have or make serious money, you do not want your home tax authorities sticking their great big shovel into it. To avoid this outcome you must legally arrange your affairs through a tax haven, using corporate or trust vehicles with your money going into solid banks which are not headquartered in your country of origin or not there at all.

    Once you can work all that out, where you want to be, can become a question of choice, exotic locales and/or big cities. You are then only watching that you don't exceed the number of days per year you are in your home country to avoid being classed as resident there.
  83. Plano, Texas, hands down. A sushi restaurant at every main intersection. Ten dollar champagne in the grocery stores. Thirteen cents per kilowatt hour electricity. No state tax. Cheap Messican labor for all your domestic needs. If you can't find the kind of woman here you like, well, you don't really like women. Your concealed handgun license in under a month, application to plastic. You can pack heat in your car without a CHL. Serious price competition for gourmet food. Middle class subdivisions so convoluted that no burglar in his right mind would consider getting mousetrapped there. And 'castle" laws that make criminals a sporting activity for aggrieved homeowners. God I do love it so! I plan to die here. But very slowly.
  84. good one:D
  85. Do they still offer a hadgun as a promotion with groceries?
  86. Do most posters here actually trade or do most just fantasize about what island they would trade from if they actually could trade successfully?
  87. I expect most posters do trade. The definition of "successfully" varies.
  88. Yep I am 12 yrs old (several times over)

    no am naive , have lived in many countries around the world & in my experience if you mind your own business & do not offend people & try to fit in with the locals you will be fine wherever you go.

    however being an expat is not for the faint hearted so if you have a nervous disposition best stay put imho.

    & of course if you insist in doing politics / drugs / someones sister ..... you will likely reap what you sow in spades

    & yes taxes do matter lots

    but if you choose to pay for wars & waste - thats your prerogative
  89. Regarding taxes, if you are a US Citizen, regardless of which country you trade from, don't you still have to file and pay US income taxes?
  90. You forgot about it being the heroin capital of TX.

  91. Typo? Surely you mean heroine. Where I live if we see them shoot up we shoot them up.
  92. I think hong kong is the best. I'm studying here right now and this place has so much to offer. No capital gains tax, very modern city with great infrastructure, best inner city transit system in the world, more friendly people than other big cities (IMO), girls are crazy about white guys, excellent nightlife (check out LKK on youtube), average food is cheap but you can still have the option of going out to tons of great/higher end places. Its a huge finance center and if you in finance here your basically the equivalent of being an MD in the US, status wise. There's also more of a businesses oriented mindset here as in there's not so much political debate. Also for vacations, lots of amazing countries to visit are right at your fingertips and very affordable.
    To be fair I will mention the downsides to. Real estate is very expensive, but I expect the bubble to pop hear when US raises interest rates. The culture is very different from US, so you might get more homesick here than you would comparatively going abroad somewhere else. Also, everyone speaks english but locals prefer to use their native cantonese, so when you hanging out with locals you really need to be aggressive in staying involved in the conversation, or they will just switch back to cantonese and you'll be excluded. Lastly, I've been here four about 4 months and I don't think I've gone a single day without hearing Lady Gaga playing at some restaurant, shop, or mall, and its starting to get really really old.
  93. Hong Kong is too crowded and too many aggressive mainland Chinese for my taste.

    What does anyone think of sunny San Diego in South Cal by the Mexican boarder?
  94. It depends. Are we talking Chula Vista or La Jolla? North County was nice. Used visit Encinitas and yes Cardiff is quite nice.
  95. Home sweet home
    from one's own favourite armchair

    None of that foreign crap to eat, biting insects, rodents and poisonous everything.
  96. what about malta or cyprus. both in good timezone
  97. Southlake is catching up with Plano on this one.
  98. They be richer than us'ns. We be just jumped-up trailer trash.
  99. Tell me about it. I am in Lewisville.
  100. Malta:

    Very conservative (not saying that's good or bad).

    Nice weather April-October, but cold (& humid) the rest of the year.

    Feels really small.

    Diving is ok, but can't compare to tropical reefs.

    Cyprus: no idea :D - I guess you mean the "Greek" side, anyway.
  101. Sorry to embarrass you. Which trailer park you live in?
  102. LOL, it sucks seeing Lewisville go that way. That is part of the reason I live in Belize 6 months out of the year. At least I am not getting much change going from one to the other.
  103. Few seem to talk about the most important part which is taxes. I'm very interested in Cyprus and Malta myself but their tax structure seems to be slightly complicated. PROS: excellent weather all year, beaches, reasonable real estate prices, taxes?, English an official language in Malta. CONS: Small islands both of them, small population means the country can be politically volatile.
    Bulgaria is becoming attractive with it's 10% rate but can't go far with only English there and the local mob is very strong and will probably slap you with an "unofficial tax".
    Hong Kong is nice but the real estate is out of control, same goes for Singapore.
  104. Chill out Chuck. You need a reality check. Your data isn't updated anymore. Things have changed in Belgium in the last 10 years. We had a 10% population increase only by regulating illegal immigrants.

    I would say, beers at Thursday in the Vuurmolen ?
  105. beers on thursday is ok
  106. I know first hand there are a number of wealthy people living on their yacht getting busted by tax authorities around the world every year.

    If you anchor in a certain jurisdiction for a little too long that jurisdiction may not accept whatever corporate shell structure you have setup for your trading and find you liable for personal taxes in their local jurisdiction and simply put a lien on your boat until you pay up.

    I agree it sounds great to travel around the world on your boat and pay zero taxes but I advise anyone pondering the idea to get first class tax advice before trying this.
  107. No one seems bother about time zones.

    What about Cape Town in South Africa? You can trade europe and us during the day/afternoon. It's cheap and very nice in the area south of the city along the atlantic ocean. Feels more like europe than africa.

    I'm considering Cape Town on a 3 month trail basis.
  108. Right, Hong Kong.
  109. Interesting discussion. I'm starting to work this out for myself.

    For an 'island', Hawaii would be good, if you can handle the time zone change. 'Island Fever' will probably get to you after a while, so hit the mainland before it does.

    If you've got real money to live on, up/down the West Coast can be nice; Seattle/Portland when it ain't raining and during warmer months. Bay Area anytime :) L.A./San Diego when the temps feel good. Less time zone issue than Hawaii, but still there if you trade NYC stuff.

    Very familiar w/Texas, and won't be headed there. Hotter'n hell; even Austin. BIG drought issues last couple of years. Things may be 'Bigger in Texas', but that can also mean bigger a--holes, too. There is a definite 'attitude' in Texas, so check it out before committing. Some nice people and some really loud mouth types. Some love it, some don't. I don't.

    For Continental U.S., I think Denver/Boulder could be great. High quality of life, and the stock market is open 7:30am-2:00pm, which is a pretty good compromise. Snow-wise, it ain't as bad as TV mentions, but there are those days...

    Haven't considered out of the country much, other than London, as I don't want to be up at 3:00am, either -starting- or -finishing- my trading day.

    As far as taxes go, setup a Roth IRA and convert enough money to stuff it up a bit. Yes, you'll pay taxes on the conversion, but that's a one time deal. Not a bad tradeoff to never pay Fed -or- State taxes again.
  110. Hate to join the discussion late, but how do you like Belize? Good food?

    How about hurricanes? Also, heard that belize has the largest cat outside of lions and tigers ...... some kind of leopard. True?
  111. I love being in and trading from Belize. The big cats you asked about are on the mainland. I don't go there often. I am on the islands (Ambergris Caye). You don't want to be in Belize City. It is mainly ghetto. I still trade when I am out there but I would not day trade because internet and electricity can go out at times.

    I was on the islands last year when the 2 hurricanes came through. We got some rains from them but the locals say Ambergris Caye never gets hit directly from the hurricanes. I have only had my house for 2 years on the island and I love it.
  112. I, too, would appreciate a couple 'starter points' on Belize. When looking at a globe, heading south jumps out, but due to unrest in Mexico, I'd kinda written off that part of the world.

    Could you list a few areas that'd be worth a first look? Also, what's the airport situation like down there? I'd guess from the U.S. you're looking at DFW, MIA and LAX as the major gateways...
  113. The islands of Belize are great. When I am away I really miss being there. While I am there I miss family but not much else.

    The only direct flights are to Belize City Airport from Houston Continental or D/FW. When you arrive you will want to take the island flight to Amberis Caye. Don't take the water taxi it will take you 1 1/2 hours by water taxi versus 15 minutes on the plane. There is a small airport on Ambergris Caye and sometimes I fly my own plane.

    There are a lot more islands out there but if you need to have constant contact with the states then this is the island for you. Caye Caulker is just a 15 minute boat ride and it is beautiful. That is where the U.S. citizens that want to get away from everything buy their house. About the only thing on the island is the golf course. Great to visit but I just can't go without some kind of communication.

    On Ambergris Caye there is some building going on right now. You can google "southbeach, ambergris caye" and read all about it. It is going to be more Americanized. The guy that built my house is the big player in building this new community and I am considering trading my current place with a new one there. Pre-build specials are very affordable. I would highly suggest visiting a couple of times before buying. Let me know if you want or need more info. I don't have any financial interest other than I own my second home there and will eventually move there.
  114. This is a very interesting thread that I will have to re-read, since I plan on possibly relocating for a short period this fall.

    Thailand would probably be the most cost-efficient alternative by far, but the time zone is not optimal for the US session.

    I have not been much around in the US, but I visited San Francisco last summer and I LOVED the city. A little windy, but I guess I can live with that.

    By skimming this thread, I did not see any mention of Hawaii save one entry perhaps?

    Any opinions on Hawaii? Cost of living? Culture? Stuff to do? Nature? Friendly locals? Girls? ;)

    The time zone may be a problem if I am to continue trading the US session though.
  115. Hawaii was mentioned upthread. I thought about Hawaii a lot. To "retire" to and trade from. But the thought of getting up at 3:00 am 5 days a week is a bit scary. I am a nightowl. Starting the trading day at 9:30 pm in Thailand into 4 pm is fine by me. Getting up at 3:00 am is a totally different story... :)

    But Hawaii being USA... you need to be dinged by IRS/local state. There goes ~half of your profit... it ain't Hong Kong.
  116. Thanks; just the starter info I needed. Dunno when, but have Belize on the list now :)

  117. Not an expert on all of the Hawaiian Islands, but I've been there many times and love it. For a trader, Honolulu would probably be the best choice, with maybe Maui #2. Not well known is that Hawaii is a junction point for the web between Asia and North America, so connections there can be better than what you might think.

    The problem w/Hawaii is all about time zones. U.S. stock market opens at 4:30am during the winter months and 3:30am during the summer months. Hawaii doesn't participate in Daylight Savings Time changes; therefore, the 3:30am thing. 4:30 I -might- be able to swing, but 3:30 is just too early for me. Sure would be great wrapping up the trading day at 10am/11am, though, wouldn't it?

    Cost of living is high, culture is multi-everything, stuff to do centers around the islands, nature - sure, LOTS of that. Babes? Yupper, but locals may or may not want anything to do with tourista types. Local guys can get really pissed if you're moving in on their territory. If you're really serious, pick up a book called 'So you want to live in Hawaii'. You'll get the good -and- bad about it all. Here's an amazon.com selection list of that and others:


    Mostly tho, as most places I've visited, I've found that the locals reflect your attitude, so if you're decent and easy going, and don't do stupid stuff, you'll be all right.

    Aside from the beauty and all of that, one thing that sets Hawaii apart from all of the other tropical beach locales is that it's part of U.S., so you can receive the benefit of U.S. lingo and infrastructure while also getting a cultural mix that's not to be had anywhere else in the U.S.

    Very nice.

    Dunno how much I'd trade there, but when the $$$ stash is a bit higher, I'm going to at least spend some long stretches of time there. For me, winter is the time to go, so I'd probably try trading part-time, just to make a few $$$ while there.
  118. No problem, glad to help.

    I also know a couple of guys that tend to move around quite a bit. They have lived in Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and now they are in Uruguay. They are currently buying a home there and said in terms of living, healthcare, crime and stability it is the best place they have lived. I might have to go check it out sometime. I know my son would not want to leave the U.S. but I am hoping to retire early about the time he graduates and then me and my wife might decide to move out of the U.S. Right now it will be Belize.

    P.S. I love Hawaii but cost of living is too high. I'll be there on vacation in about 3 weeks though.
  119. Thank you Bolimomo and AMA for your detailed input on Hawaii :)

    The time zone issue is big enough that I won`t be contemplating Hawaii this time around, since I`m a discretionary trader trading the US session.

    San Francisco is still tempting. I would need to figure out what a realistic monthly budget would be. Any US residents who can tell me where to look for rental appartments and avoid getting ripped off?

    The cost of living is high here in Norway as well, so I believe I should be able to make a fairly smooth transition, depending much on the rent I guess.
  120. and i trade from the place where the local "IRS" doesn`t even realize what a trading is.

    :D :D :D
  121. Love it!
  122. How about these?

    Las Vegas or Reno,


    Lots of falling housing in Phoenix. Still lots of foreclosures and vast amounts of empty houses in Las Vegas.

    Well I guess if one is like the desert type like Snoopy's brother.