Benzionger Chuck Gross still creating losers daily

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  1. OSUR ran for 15 min


    guess when Benizinger Chalrlie Gross, punk and lowlife, touted it

    you guessed it
  2. Instantly dropped 40 cents as his handlers and pupeteers sold to his Ameritrade victims

  3. funny, the con man has hardly talked about stocks for a week. guess the 'boy's at benzinger were too busy hiding under their bagels
  4. see the high print, thats where the moron pimped it
  5. trdes


    If you actually know he is this bad factually, wouldn't it make sense for you to just simply trade the opposite of what he calls?
  6. who says i dont ?

    good thinking, most here are too dumb to even come up with that
  7. Ameritrade said, look , give us your dumbest guy, and we'll let him tout stale calls to 800 traders a day. you can bank well off that dumb money
  8. lol, he just rempimped it

    never metioned the pull back
  9. the garbage worked out for him eod, but the whole point is , his entries are notoriously late and bad

    over time, your pooper will be reamed
  10. Having to listen to the deeply moronic gross

    worse then the ChineseVirus
    #10     Mar 17, 2020