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Be Scare When the VIX is so low

  1. The market is trending up again today but I don't dare to get into the market and LONG any positions.

    With the VIX in this low level, it is better sit tight and be ready to short the market when the time come to .. :D

    What you think ?
  2. if you're an ES trader, I think trading this week is stupid.

    Low volatility, low volume garbage. Wait til next year.
  3. Never Disagreed :D
  4. I think that if the price is going up, then buy the dips
  5. I don't think I want to LONG when the VIX is around 16.5. :D
  6. Btw, , you still can trade with those HFT robots as they don't take break :D
  7. Try trading the price instead of the VIX.
    If there are large Traders pushing price up, then up it goes.
  8. Did it ever occur to you that the recent big plunge in the VIX (which occurred late last week) was the result of the market place simply finally recognizing and adjusting to just now UN-VOLATILE the next two Holidays weeks will be???
  9. Large traders ? you mean the Fed ?:D
  10. Ah, I see that you are a thinking man.

    When the price goes up, it just goes up and you can figure out the "why" as you bank the profits.

    This game is only about profits ... try not to confuse it with other things
  11. intraday momentum and volatility is less than afterhours.

    the fact that it gapped from yesterday close. on light volume..volume is so low event the HFT machines can move this market.

  12. The risk/reward to the downside is amazing right now. I'm buying some January put vertical spreads. Just too cheap to pass up.

    If the market continues to go up....meh....I will not have risked very much.

    However, if the market goes down by a reasonable amount in January......:D :D
  13. I am waiting for any sign of reverse and SHORT
  14. If the market "retraces", won't you be still afraid to do anything for fear that the market will retrace against you beyond your protective loss-limit? :confused: :(
  15. Part of the cost to do business.. Take small loss :D
  16. VIX "low level" is a loose definition. Low relative to what? One would argue differently if you compare IV with actual realized volatility in the current environment.
  17. Lol, it's thread like these that will sink the VIX even lower!
  18. Agreed it may go down further but the chance it will go higher is much higher than it will go lower.

    I will stay tight and get ready to SHORT the market (or long volatility) as soon as it move up again.. :D
  19. Have you looked at a vix chart from 2005-2006? We were in the 12-14 range for the better part of two years. How long are you willing to sit on the sidelines?
  20. Good time to take the break :D
  21. Everyday is always an opportunity to day trade regardless of low volume, low vix, holiday seasons, HFT, etc etc etc