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  1. Not a buy yet, but it will be within short order. BBRY will be reclaiming a lot of market share in coming months.
  2. May I ask you from to explain more clearly why do you believe that they are going to reclaim market share? Honestly, I doubt it.
  3. You have the new phone(s) using android coupled with the Blackberry security. Also, partnership with Samsung on new tablet. Blackberry will be back even if bought out by Samsung (likely)
  4. IMO ....... Both BBRY and AMD are in the same boat. They are fallen tech giants with no hope in the future - next stop bankruptcy.

  5. BBRY will be much much higher and likely sooner than later.
  6. Rounding bottom formation on hourly.
  7. Not looking at a buy opportunity on hourly. I am looking at longer term than that. Buy is not appropriate just yet unless it's as a straight out un-leveraged investment.
  8. $BBRY with several positive divergences on daily[​IMG] chart.
  9. No buy signal yet unless as I indicated this is an un-leveraged investment. Then , by all means it's a buy
  10. $BBRY pullback carried Px below 8EMA, however on half of ytd vol. watch for resolution of the consolidation channel
  11. AMD (NASDAQ) $6.76 +0.92 (+15.75%) Jul 25, 12:41 PM EDT
  12. Get ready looks about ready to break. knock out 7.43 and she could fly
  13. Looking good here for quite a bit more upside, but for now it's topped out. Wait for pullback and buy on oversold condition with fresh upside momentum.
  14. Blackberry will once again rule the cellphone market. It will take a while.
  15. Maybe eternity...
  16. $BBRY healthy pullback to its 20EMA. Golden cross on daily. The main trend is up, the bulls are in control
  17. Blackberry is now a massive long term buy here!
  18. What are you seeing that tells you that? They lost $2.21 per share last year. They make phones. Everybody makes phones.
    Cash flow -$0.75/share.
    Debt to equity is 49.
    Quarterly sales growth YOY -39%.

    What am I missing here? Don't tell me your chart this morning told you they are going to announce being bought out by Apple tomorrow. ;)
  19. JPM is positive on BBRY's debt reduction.
  20. Does that help them sell more phones? It may help their earnings I suppose, but before I would classify something as a "Massive long term buy".... I wanna see some "Massive long term growth".

    But thats just me.
  21. When I look at the weekly and monthly charts, I see a base with upside momentum.
  22. All of the other items you mentioned like cash flow and debt etc are too much information in my view and can be interpreted too many different ways. I prefer to look at price with indicators--Izzy
  23. What's Izzy mean?
  24. Ishmael
  25. Oh... lol... my bad. I thought it was some TA thing I'd never heard of.
  26. BlackBerry's buy rating reiterated at TD Securities. $9.00 PT.
  27. Think we'll likely head quite a bit higher than that
  28. Believe that the Blackberry Passport may be the finest cell phone ever made.
  29. I have heard that, but why? I know they used to issue them to Congress etc. Hillary had to use a hammer on a few lol.

    But seriously, why are they so good?
  30. Set up for easy reading of webpages and has security second to none. Also, merges BB 10 OS with a sandbox to run Android and not affect the phone. Blackberry 10 is a far superior OS, but greatly lacking apps, so the Android box is helpful. Plus you get Blackberry hub which allows you to navigate the phone very quickly and in an organized fashion. (Also--battery lasts a full 2 days even on heavy use).
  31. Are they still making them or did they announce they were putting them to rest? I always wanted on. With the old fashioned push-buttons.
  32. They are still for sale on the Blackberry website. I am not trying to get anyone to buy one.
  33. lol... this sounds like a dumb question... but they'll still work for a long time right? Or will some new technology in cell phone infrastructure make them obsolete? I mean what if the Company goes tits up? Is that a concern?
  34. Probably--but I am not an expert on future technology.
  35. $BBRY And here comes the 50dma moving above the 200dma
  36. I don't see what you all see, last three years the highs keep getting lower on reduced volume.
    If I was good with the future, I'd buy lottery tickets.
  37. Hold long here
  38. Not sure that you will be able to make lots of money with this stock.
  39. $BBRY indecisive market has really slowed the bounce off the 20 & 50 weekly MA here. actually went to the 200dma
  40. Certainly remains a long term buy here at 6.73
  41. As far as short term trading---it's a buy here at 6.73 with a stop at 6.40
  42. Two questions.
    1)Fundamentals: How many people do you know that use one? (new ones that is)
    2)T/A: What can you possibly see in that chart?

    I said it was a short at $8 and change... and its still a short.
    This thing is on life support.
  43. I know several folks and it's very popular in Europe. --And I use one exclusively. Second, if you will notice, it has had several great trading opportunites and I believe will again. Third, it will either be bought out or will continue it's partnership with Samsung.
  44. I have not kept up with them but just doing some quick research here, I like their new initiative BBM Enterprise SDK introduced last month.

    This latest round of Wiki-leaks has the potential to REALLY help them... if the CEO is smart. They have always been a leader in secure communications. If they can demonstrate they are at the tip of the spear once again... sales will boom. It seems this BBM Enterprise SDK is a great step in that direction.


  45. Yes--they recently outsourced the phone-making part of the business and are focused more on the security. They have always been the most secure phones.
  46. They were well built too. I hope they maintain the quality. I almost bought a "Classic" (with the new OS) when they announced they were discontinuing it. I like the manual buttons... :D
  47. That's one of the reasons I use it BBRY.
  48. Once, they were the best, look at them now...
  49. At this point...its a PURE play on the CEO. He'll either be a hero, or they disappear.
    Its definitely worth more DD. It could be a beast. Software is the gift that keeps on giving.
    Thnx b1s2 for resurrecting this thing,... and you should be thanking Julian.

    Maybe they should name their new model "The Assange".
    I like it!
    Copyright that for me would ya Baron.
  50. Once the stock was awesome. But that time has already passed. Now it's good just for small gains.
  51. Not sure what stock you're looking at but the swings have been roughly 5 to 20 percent so gains have been a little better than small.
  52. Last price today was 6.83. 10 cents if filled at those levels is 1.48 percent. --Doesn't have to move much to gather up the money.
    Bounce may continue Mon/Tues
  53. Look at it even from the beginning of the year, I can not call it good in money making.
  54. albertk don't know where UR getting figures- JC said he would listen when they were talking $100/share
  55. BBRY last trade was at 7.01 so that's .28 up equating to 4.16% . I don't know ho people are saying that there are only small gains to be had--
  56. should land on 7,50$

    In time for the ER remember that BlackBerry should project next fiscal year earnings
  57. Last trade was 7.14 . That means a gain of .41 since my call and represents 6.09 percent to the good. But, remember BBRY only offers small gains.----
  58. Last trade 7.19
  59. Decent weekly close
  60. That is, Merah Putih has exclusive rights to Indonesia. But TCL & OI are brothers in arms. Both can sell in India AND worldwide.
  61. Up 12% today. Software biz is paying off.
    Good call.
  62. It's unbelievable for me. I thought BBRY wouldn't be able to show such a strong increase like today.
  63. Thank you
  64. got to love all these Bullish Articles and Upgrades
  65. Is $7.50 a new floor? We'll see. I think BBRY goes much higher regardless.
  66. I must admit that BBRY looks much better now. And while I expect that the stock will reach $10 in the nearest time.
  67. Look at it go!
    Jamie J... not only do you write like a psychic... you're starting to pick stocks like one. Sheesh.
  68. :DIncrease by 16%. Guys, honestly, it's more than just a good result.
  69. Don't you mean 36.55 percent from my call?
  70. Got to love all the upgrades. With more to come
  71. The way bbry is trading seems different. In a much more positive way
  72. While many stocks decrease, BBRY keeps a good level. It's unusual to see this.
  73. The BIG picture. Trend reversal is taking place!! If you are short, you are on the wrong side of the trend.
  74. And $10 will come so soon. :) A little patience, gentlemen.
  75. BBRY should be praying for a nuclear holocaust because it's the only chance it has of surpassing the competition.
  76. Huawei seems to be doing well w/o surpassing anything.
  77. I'm no expert on this sector but Huawei has a lot stronger brand than Blackberry today and has a lot bigger presence in Asia. I perceive Huawei as having significant upside as a stock and a possible major competitor to the top brands in the future.

    Blackberry has had too many bites of the cherry without delivering to expectations, resulting in diminishing brand value and consumer confidence in its products.

  78. However, I do see your point, neither surpassing the competition nor strengthening brand value is really required for a stock to be performing better.
    I'm just not a big fan of the company and lack confidence in its ability to deliver in a highly competitive sector.
  79. Yeah BBRY is now having to deliver its own flavour of Android and OS development was certainty not its forte when it was a major player.

    No competitive advantage with a physical keyboard, no security advantage, no business focus advantage, no brand advantage, no consumer confidence... How is this company going to compete? It would've wanted to hire well so maybe that's an area I would be looking at as an investor. What will be it's niche?
  80. Pricing is currently 9.46
  81. If shorty thinks BB is not involved in US security plans , why would they set up in DC.
  82. I realize this is more longer term, but any price target on this? or waiting for that samsung rumor?
  83. Not real certain. I would say there would be resistance in the 12 dollar area and if break there, then 17 dollar area. If we get through those 2 places, the sky's the limit.
  84. BBRY is increasing, but it's soooo slooow to get at least $10.
  85. Though perhaps not appearing to be the most exciting, this stock continues to confirm each and every move.
  86. Have you seen it? I can't believe my eyes. BBRY is over $10.:D
  87. Probably due to the rocket testing in North Korea. Nuclear war must be imminent. There's no way BBRY's got there on its own merits.
  88. I must admit, that currently, BBRY looks strong among others.
  89. this stock is extremely mispriced. With violent volume in past few days I think this will start moving up bigly in coming weeks.
  90. Looking good here at 11.27
  91. The most amazing moment for these days, guys, +9%.
  92. my stop triggered after hours on the 18th.
  93. The most surprising thing is that BBRY still manages to keep the range above 11.
  94. Day trade Long 10.55 Initial stop 10.30
  95. Nice trade. $11.68!
  96. Wish I could take credit for holding overnight, but it was a day trade and was basically a scratch. That's one of the issues with day trading----Moves might take more than the day to pan out.
  97. However, the long from 6.73 with the 33 cent stop is a bit of a different story.
  98. There are some thoughts that we'll see BBRY at $12 soon.
  99. Lots of the guys i trade with called this thing at 11 today, didnt want to chase it, lol, big whiff.

    Good job too everyone who crushed it today!

    Thats a big move on a stock you could have taken as many shares as you wanted.
  100. BlackBerry offers software for running computer systems on cars
    BlackBerry Ltd. said on Wednesday it has developed new software for running complex computer systems on vehicles, giving the once dominant smartphone maker a leg up in a burgeoning segment of the technology market. The company declined to name any automakers who plan to use the technology, but senior BlackBerry executive John Wall said "multiple" car companies have started incorporating it into onboard computer systems of vehicles that are currently in development. (Automotive News)
  101. Hmm, sounds like it's time to expect some good increase in the nearest time. :)
  102. Purchased the Blackberry KeyOne today on Amazon. I suspect it is better than Galaxy or I Phone. Will advise.
  103. Certainly more secure.
  104. And it is great! ---- It's basically a computer that makes calls. This is a nice move forward from Passport and PRIV. - - Passport still greatest phone ever made but it runs on BB10 which is a great OS but no one writing apps for it.
  105. ----Typed from my BlackBerry KeyOne---
  106. So is every smart phone. But price should claim back to 11...
  107. Blackberry is back. NICE keyboard
  108. No physical keyboard on I phone or Samsung
  109. You were talking about its computing power. Anyhow, I sold some cash covered puts on it...
  110. Nougat 7.1
  111. Blackberry beat. Up'd guidance a bit.
    Announced their first licensing deal with some Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The phone will be labeled "Blackberry Secure" because it uses their operating system.
    Up 7% pre-market. $9.90
    I dunno about this one.... If it gets near $11 its probably a good short till next quarter to see if the turn around has legs.
  112. Long term uptrend still intact on this one. Price looks to go much higher. Also--asking mod to change title of thread to BB
  113. Short term top in, but long term much higher.
  114. I'll reevaluate on a close below 8.50 but I see staying long here as the correct play. Current pricing @10.76 (Typed from my BlackBerry KeyOne)
  115. Looking good here at 11.03. An analysis of long term charts leads me to believe that we are just beginning the upmove.
  116. 11.77 now.
  117. Blackberry--- The once and future king.
  118. A little pullback the last 3 days from last week's high of 12.17. We're printing 11.38 right now. ---Longer term chart analysis shows that we will eclipse the 12.17 and go higher. --Holding Long
  119. 52 week high this A.M.
  120. Yes. I see no obvious reason to sell yet.
  121. Yeah ya know I looked at it to take short.... just for a little bit... but I read the news... They are in bed with Baidu for autonomous cars software. I don't see it pulling back even from here.
    Its a good long term hold.
  122. Last trade today 13.36. Still looks Long to me.
  123. High today of 14.04 --Current pricing 13.98. Staying long.
  124. That was quite a run and was a bit fast reaching a high of 14.55 a couple of days ago. Price had to pull back a bit and regroup. Staying long here with last print @ 13.61.
  125. Pullback/regrouping still in this long term uptrend. Last print 13.31. The business has changed largely into secure software solutions, which was a good move and the smartphone business continues but using android on really sharp devices. BB has just release the new BlackBerry KeyOne with 64 GB flash.