AXIA Futures balance sheet summary

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  2. How can be so ....? Operating margins not enough to cover costs after training and traders profits %?
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    Destroppyio already tried this smoking gun in my thread on the Institutional course. He promised then to "keep digging on these scammers"

    So he comes up empty handed and just regurgitates the same thing here.

    As a partner of Axia and someone that will be visiting their new building just round the corner from Victoria station in the summer, I can clarify.

    The entity above is not the prop firm. So the assets being traded by the prop firm are not in it. It is simply the company that holds the education arm.

    The trading goes on under the name of a different company - or group of companies as (obviously), a business like that is going to be structured based on both compliance/regulatory requirements as well as tax efficiency. Regulation comes into it because part of the group is an FCM (Full Clearing Merchant). I have spoken to the Chairman on the phone - his name is Roger and I'm told he's a well known former BSD (but I'd not come across him before). The group is called FCT. No idea what it stands for - but I am sure Dedrie will look it up.

    The education arm is small - but I have ZERO doubt that if it had $100M on the books Destropio would complain about that too.

    Bottom line is that now their new building is done - you can actually go visit them and maybe even get to sit in one of their 'go-faster trader racing chairs'.

    So for those wanting to do more digging - I would propose looking up the FCM registration and the FCT group - or just pay them a visit. To be honest, I thought he was in Abba....
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