**avoid Element Trading & Charlie Vaccaro**

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Jerry B, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Jerry B

    Jerry B

    As they are currently in theft of traders funds!! I and other traders have been trying to get our money returned for 9 weeks now. They DO NOT answer the phone, they DO NOT reply to emails or texts. I closed my account and have not heard from them since. The firm and people who work there are frauds. Don't take my word for it, go ahead and Google Vaccaro, followed by the word, scam.....and see for yourself.
    This a warning to my fellow traders and anyone else who comes across this deceitful person/company. To make matters worse, Vaccaro lives in a $2 million home in Port Washington, NY.
    Hopefully justice will be served very soon....if you too have been scammed by this horrible company, please contact the Fraud Division of the District Atty. 212-335-8900....ask for Michelle. Or if you'd rather, contact the SEC, ask for Michael Horowitz @ 202-551-4790. You can also contact FINRA at 240-386-5536, ask for Brian. Contact with the FBI NY office has also been made, ask for special fraud investigations, # 212-384-1000. The FBI also has a terrific website to submit a white-collar crime report. Here is the link, https://tips.fbi.gov/
  3. Jerry B

    Jerry B

    Well I'm hoping, along with about 40-50 other traders, that we do indeed get our trading funds returned. How someone like Vaccaro can expect to get away with this is beyond me. He is a thief, plain & simple.
  4. 1) How much would that be in "Chicago dollars"? :confused:
    2) Would you be willing to administer "frontier justice"? :eek:
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    The SEC didn't seem too interested in punishing Vaccaro or his old partner Oliver Velez. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

  6. Jerry B

    Jerry B

    Thanks for your reply. Actually this time around, Vaccaro has gotten on the radar of the NY District Attorney's office. FINRA, SEC, as well as the FBI have also taken an interest.
    Vaccaro & Element have hurt a lot of people, over 50 traders have come forward with claims of money being owed to them by Vaccaro.
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    ¿Quién es más de un ladrón?

    Seriously, only the most naive would have given these guys $.

    Then again, plenty of 'wise guys' got sodomized at MF
  8. You cannot come on a public website and accuse others of stealing money. You must produce evidence.

    Tell us how they steal your money.

    Also, not answering the phone is not stealing money. I called my apartment manager's office many time, the black/hispanic woman never answered. I left voicemail, they never returned. Can I accuse them of stealing?

    But they did steal money from my deposit by claiming carpet cleaning, tub re-surfacing and other shit stuff, even though I left the apartment cleaner than when I moved in. They are just desperately greedy people!!!
  9. ok, which is which?

    the black= ?
    the hispanic= ?
  10. Jerry B

    Jerry B

    I have plenty of evidence, as do the other 40-50 traders that are owed money by Vaccaro. And that evidence is now on the desk of the District Attorney's office. So don't go telling me what I can and can't do!! The last thing in the world I want is to go through this crap and have to deal with people like you.
    I'm simply attempting to warn others as to this deceitful person & company. Not to make the same mistake I and others have. If you don't like it, well that's tough.
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