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Automated farming for home

  1. My wife wants an elevated garden. Definitely will look into that. Thinking maybe I can roll my own. Pretty well setup for prototyping.
  2. I wonder whether they'll ever use such technology for large-scale farming.
  3. Absolutely.
  4. Does it pull weeds?
  5. I kind of get grossed out at the concept of growing, and eating, my own food or fruits and vegetables from my backyard :confused:
    Or anyone else's as well, for that matter.

    I prefer to buy/eat things from the supermarket. -- Where it's mass produced in real farmlands.

    Same thing with baked goods and meals from other people. -- I kind of have no appetite, or get grossed out, at the idea of eating someone else's food from their home, or cooked in their home by them.

    Growing your own food is not Kosher.
    Mazal tov,
  6. For Lent... you should try to give up starting all of your sentences with "I".
    Its kinda like....and I mean no disrespect.... but nobody gives a fuck about what you like and dislike.
    "I this" and "I that".
    Thats a f'n self-important narcissistic disorder bro.
    Not to mention annoying after several years.
    High five.
  7. yes, watch the video
  8. It is something very cool and fun!
  9. And practical, and useful. That's a rare combination for gadgets like this.
  10. You will change your mind when you visit a corporate farm, then you may not. Heard of meatrix?

    Next time you're at a restaurant visit the kitchen, it's disgusting what's going on back there.

    If your kitchen is anything like this, you should burn down your home.
  11. There's more ..
  12. Industrial farming, especially industrial animal farming, is not exactly a pleasant sight. On the other hand that's the best way to keep food prices low.
  13. There is an alternative, checkout this vid ...
  14. I am aware of these alternatives and I support the idea wholeheartedly. The question is how long it will take for the price to drop sufficiently.