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Austin Visit...

  1. (Also in Hook up thread).
    Hi guys....since I've played guitar for 50 years, and have never been to the Austin music scene, I thought I would plan a trip. Maybe a weekend and a couple of trading days.

    While I'm there, I thought I would host a meet-up for traders. All traders would be invited, free food and drinks on me. Hopefully educational, traders from anywhere (retail, other firms, etc.) would be welcome. No "hard sell" of Bright or anything (those who came to Toronto and Chicago will attest).

    I'm hoping to do it pretty soon. I would like to get a feel for you Austin traders, see how much interest there might be.

    Do me a favor, send me an email to: donbright@brighttrading.net with AUSTIN in the subject line.

    Hope to see you there!!

  2. Don? Gerry? You decide?!?

    Sorry Don...I just had to do it. :D

    Uncanny actually...haha

  3. Sounds good - Count me in (I will send you an email). :)

    Good Idea - thanks!
  4. I actually have a closer look alike photo, I'll try to dig it up and post it tomorrow, LOL. Jerry Garcia, RIP.

  5. I had a call with a question. Yes, you guys can PM me here and keep your anonymity...not to worry, LOL. I just want to make sure we have a decent list (have a few already).

    We'll cover some cool programming while I'm there as well.


  6. You will absolutely love it there. It is an awesome town. Would love for you to post what you think after you visited.
  7. How about a Trader GTG - "Cool Programming" at COOL RIVER! :D

  8. You must feed him some Mexican Martini's
  9. I'm open to suggestions, beer/wine and appetizers...and a somewhat quiet location...maybe early evening after market close.

    Keep the PM's and emails coming....might be able to do this in April or early May. David Allan Coe is playing on the 25th, one of my fav's.

  10. sweet
  11. OK, thanks for the interest. I'm thinking 4PM on April 24th. I need about 10-15 more confirmations to assure a decent turnout... so keep the emails/PM's coming.

    I won't know the exact location for a bit, suggestions are welcome as I said.

    Don :)
  12. ahh sounds like a good time... Visit California some time hah
  13. im in
  14. For a wider choice of meeting places with user ratings, check Austin's Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/austin
    Browse By Category -> Restaurants or Food or Nightlife

    To find which performances will be on a particular date, check the entertainment website of the local newspaper: http://www.austin360.com/
    Click on the date in the small calendar in the middle column.

    I'm from Austin, too--it's a great city. Hope you enjoy your visit.
  15. I'm actually "due" for both SoCal and NoCal...it's been a while. Probably San Diego area/Orange County first. Short drive from Vegas.

    Keep the PM's and emails coming for Austin. Should be able to firm things up by Monday.

  16. Thanks for the info! I appreciate it. Yes, I'm looking forward to checking out Austin.

  17. (sorry)

    Just bumping up, I would like to get 6 more people to join us. PM me or donbright@brighttrading.net with "Austin" in the subject line....thanks!

  18. OK, we have the date and time frame set...should have the exact location known in a day or two.

    April 24th. Meet for drinks and appetizers at 4PM... informal "presentation" around 5:30 or so. Software demonstrations will follow. Q & A and basically "hanging out" for a while. My treat ....(take it easy on me, LOL).

    Invitations to our traders location on Friday as well.

    Anyone wishing for a private meeting with me, let me know. I'll be around Saturday as well.

    Hope to see you there.

    Email to: donbright@brighttrading.net or PM me here on ET.

  19. OK, we have the date, time and location set for Austin.

    (No comments about this web page, LOL I had a little help, but not much ).



    Hope to see you there...Please RSVP, as they say "space is limited" (for real).

  20. You will foot the bill for my trip Mr. Knight since you are a mega millionaire.
  21. 3 more today, thanks....last bump, I promise, LOL.

  22. Hi don,

    I am used to the " prop shop" model of business-If i am intrested in putting down 10 grand- what is the levearge u will give me? on a basis i am willing to loose a maximum of 4% per trade of the total value of the fund- i seldom trade 2 times a day- are u intrested in a trader like me?
  23. Hi, it's not a matter of "interest" or anything...but our traders put up $20K or so, and can use $millions for working strategies, doesn't sound like we would be of any benefit to you (at this time anyway).

    All the best,

  24. Hi guys...well we had a nice time last night, and had a few traders come to the office this morning to see some openings and automation. All good....but I was a little disappointed that about 10 or so ETers didn't make it last night...however the place was a bit hard to find as it turned out...so, we'll just schedule another meeting down the road a bit.

    All the best,

  25. Don,

    Was a good GTG imo and thanks for coming to town to explain what Bright has to offer - could not make it to Zoe Trading this a.m. as I was busy trading but thanks for the invite. :)
  26. How did you like Austin Don?
  27. It was great...only problem was that my Concert was "hailed out" - outdoor Country music, LOL. Will be going again this Summer.

    You going to be around June 5/6? Hoping to check in with you as well.

  28. I'll be around. Dinner on me this time.

    You think there is a large trading community in Austin?
  29. Bigger than I thought, I'll share what I know when we get together in Chicago.