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Atheism is Not a Religion, Ideology, Belief System, Philosophy

  1. Many Christians seem to believe that atheism is a religion, but no one with an accurate understanding of both concepts would make such a mistake. Atheism lacks every one of the characteristics of religion. At most, atheism doesn’t explicitly exclude most of them, but the same can be said for almost anything. Thus, it’s not possible to call atheism a religion. It can be part of a religion, but it can’t be a religion by itself. They are completely different categories: atheism is the absence of one particular belief while religion is a complex web of traditions and beliefs.

    Read on, as the article pokes holes through nine different myths perpetrated by theists about atheism :

  2. An atheist states there is no God.

    Agnostics have no faith, they are reserving judgment on whether there is a Creator.

    It takes faith to say there is no God.

    Note, lately some atheists are trying to redefine atheism to be agnosticism.

    Which then mucks this all up. Because why would we need an definition for agnostics.
  3. (from our previous argument)

    You're an idiot...

    By the definitions of ideology, atheism fits in quite well into the category of ideology.

    It's not a political ideology like fascism or communism although, all communists were atheists by definition.

    Trying to deny that atheism has an ideological root is just wrong although, I do get why atheists would want to do that. Have to distance themselves from socialism...

    By definition I'm also an atheist but I hold no socialist ideology and I see nothing wrong with people practicing their religion...!!! Yet the commie atheists do see something wrong with people practicing Christianity yet they remain silent about Islam...! :confused:
  4. And there it is. Religious ideologues trying to bring everyone else down to their level, because it is the only level they understand.
  5. Yeah, sure you are.

    If you were an atheist you would know that atheism is the absence of ideology. What you are is a theist and a liar. And here at ET, the two go hand in hand.
  6. Anti-religion as is practiced by some azzholes qualifies as religion for all intents and purposes.
  7. Makes you wonder how far up their heads are up their a$$es to give a pass to islam eh?
  8. I swear, you Atheists spin in circles trying to convince the world of what you're not. Anyone trying that hard is covering some shit. Saying that atheism is the absence of a particular belief still doesn't answer the question of what is an atheist, or a group of atheists? You have an idealogy, so what's the big deal? You guys are so hung up on not believeing anything you can't even believe in yourselves, or your own ideas.
  9. + 666
  10. Read the link, and have your questions magically answered:


    The fact is that it is the theists who are working overtime trying to paint atheists in the only manner they know how: with an ideological brush. It is the only tool in their toolbox, and it's not all that sharp.

    Click on the link yet? I didn't think so.
  11. So now you are our second et resident atheist who argues with definitions from the dictionary?

    definition of ATHEISM

    archaic : ungodliness, wickedness
    a : a disbelief in the existence of deity
    b : the doctrine that there is no deity


    definition of doctrine

    archaic : teaching, instruction
    a : something that is taught
    b : a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief : dogma
    c : a principle of law established through past decisions
    d : a statement of fundamental government policy especially in international relations
    e : a military principle or set of strategies
    See doctrine defined for English-language learners »
  12. You should know by now that atheists live to make stuff up to support their beliefs. :)
  13. I read the article and it did a very good job of telling me everything atheism isn't. Other than that it told me nothing at all.
  14. The common mistake of both is to automatically associate religion with God. :D

    However, they both have their beliefs.

    One believes in a God.
    The other believes there is no God.

    But one has......BINGO Night!!! :D
  15. No belief is a belief......nah that doesn't work either.
  16. True, but one side just refuses to believe it.
  17. Great! You and your crew keep telling us what your not, what atheism isn't, so what is it? This is starting to read like one of those to good to be true classified ads. They go to great lengths telling you everything you won't have to do, but never really tell you what you will be doing. Usually ends up to be some type of sales job, which is what you're doing here. Selling! The harder you try to spin the tale, the more you show what hardcore believers you are in your idealogy.
  18. WTF the biggest troll on ET is now playing games about his own work.

    Do you say you have no belief or
    Do you say there is no God.
  19. Any thread with the word religion or God in it, the athesits feel the need to post.maybe they feel left out, lonely,no purpose in life.

    At any rate, one thing I know for sure, atheists don't tithe every week. bunch of cheap mofo's.
  20. We Have A Responsibility…as unbelievers, we have a responsibility to the future of our species to do whatever we can to disseminate the science and eliminate the myth.
  21. Substitute the word believers for unbelievers, and you sound just like the crazy bastard knocking on doors, out to save the unwashed masses. You have a theory, nothing more, nothing less.
  22. Jeeprs, I was just getting ready to write the same thing.

    C'mon what the difference, if a Jehoover Witness comes knocking on my door.
  23. The fallout from this is you feel overly responsible for the way other people feel and you feel other peoples emotional/beliefs states are your responsibility.

    Where this leaves you is that you don't know what your own real feelings are having repressed many of your raw emotions and what is your responsibility and what isn't, what is you and what is not you.

    You take too much responsibility for the atmosphere and vibe of the situation that you should be correcting things if they aren't right and harmonious with you.

    Just sayin...:D
  24. Does God interfere with our freedom or free will?

    Suppose your "responsibilty" to rescue someone can interfere with the path they are on, maybe their path is to learn to manage their emotions/beliefs and by jumping in, you are preventing their growth.
  25. Another steaming pile of shit.
  26. :D

    You said better than I could..:cool:
  27. Really? I thought it was the theists who had a theory. One that cannot be tested and, therefore, counts for nothing. Atheists simply choose not to accept untestable theories pulled out of the ass of Bronze Age tribesmen. So it's not so much what atheists are, but rather what they are not. They are not gullible, and they do not rely on the supernatural to form their world view. They choose reason over fantasy and scientific observation and testing over wishful thinking.
  28. YES, really.
  29. While I agree that too many atheists behave similarly to religious fanatics, which is a merely a reflection of their intellectual capacities, that does not negate the rationality of exploring the universe with an open mind.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3zi699WzAL0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  30. +1

    I cannot in good rigor be an atheist. Nor can I be a believer. I will always ask the tough questions. But really, we just don't know. And, truth be told, we will never know while we are far from death.

    I have stories that I can tell that no one would believe, which is why I am not an atheist. But, as I grew up in church, I have to control for my own innate biases. I have seen some strange shit. At the same time, I have seen many many unanswered prayers.
  31. +1
  32. +1
  33. You all are a bunch of ideologues.

    You don't believe in Santa Claus or the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    See how ridiculous that argument is?
  34. Most of your arguments are ridiculous.
  35. LOL

    But avoid answering them.
  36. Sure it does High Priest Stu!! :D

    The belief in a God (or Gods) came 1st.

    Then came the belief there is no God (or Gods).

    So the belief there is no God is a derivative of the belief in God.

  37. No - High Priest Stu is not Selling. He is Preaching.

    All Hail High Priest Stu!

  38. Santa Claus and the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster may exist in an alternate universe.

    Perhaps all of what we consider imagination are impressions of alternate existences in the infinity of countless multi-verses......

    You know - like the way they theorize that gravity might actually be as strong as electromagnetism, but part of it's strength is leaking out of our 4-dimensional universe....

    Maybe the concept of Batman and Santa Claus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster leaked in from theirs to ours....


    Don't forget BINGO Night!!!!! :D :D :D

  39. I'm starting weekly meetings dedicated to the ideology that little green aliens don't control our thoughts. I expect the meetings to be packed.
  40. As I said, Atheism is a derivative of Theism.

    You can't have non-belief until you have a belief first.

    So Atheism is a belief that is counter to the original belief that there is a God.

    BINGO Night? :D
  41. Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis ?
  42. They usually are polite, whereas this azzhole...?
  43. and the merry go round starts, where it stops? well that depends on who gets tired or wise first.
  44. No No.....

    BING + O = BINGO!!! :D

    I looked at that Feynman thing last year.

    Smart guy, but do you see the problem in his thinking on the subject?

    It should be obvious, because he states the error himself - and then does it.

  45. Another major problem here is that atheists like Brass are under the impression that nihilism is the same as atheism ...



    So atheism by itself is just "anti-god"... Or better yet... There are no gods. We've been at this since ancient times... I don't think that atheism will win the argument. Religion is just too much fun to give up!



    The belief in nothing... OR better yet, rejecting all beliefs...

    I'm an atheist because I do not believe that there is a super sentient being called God that created the world. So I don't believe that there is such a thing as God or Gods...
  46. Or Judaism for that matter which is a lot more weird than Christianity... or Hinduism etc... AND a bunch of other weird religions...! Nope... Just Christianity is their target. Most atheists are just degenerate socialists that have lost their fire for socialism. Not me though...

    The way I looked at it... God favors the Hebrews...! I'm not a Hebrew...! Even if there was a God I'd still be screwed...! End of belief in Christianity for me... :D