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Asking a favor from Baron, Ignore whole Threads

  1. Hi Baron.
    The ignore feature for ET posters is great. I have found from experience once a poster is on my ignore list, I save myself much time and frustration reading post after post of non constructive banter.
    Maybe this has been asked before, but being able to ignore whole posts would be advantageous for ET. It would remove the temptation of flaming certain members who create controversial posts. We have a new member on board atm who is creating a lot of noise and negativity imo. Although this person is on my ignore list, I still see their posts and they are becoming increasingly numerous as this person attempts to draw responses which they say helps with their web site being noticed.
    If an unscrupulous sponsor decides to use ET to attract web site hits by means of baiting other ET members via provocation, is it possible that once a member is on ignore, that also means we can then ignore the whole posts which they create.
  2. Let me guess, the zb guy? Can’t we just rid our forum of this cancer?
  3. You'd have to refund the guy.

    I still think it's Baron pulling an elaborate Christmas prank
  4. Haha that would be interesting
  5. Hi,i`ll think about it...
  6. I think it is nice, this one time almost all ET guys (and girls) agree and pull in the same direction together. Maybe Baron really did this as a Christmas prank to bring us more together ? :)
  7. Hilarious.
  8. I'd like to be able to ignore someone completely too.Absolute wipe.
  9. Instead of worrying about which members to ignore, focus on contributing great content yourself. That's what will really improve the site.
  10. Can't argue with that.
  11. I have a slightly related problem. When somebody responds to an Ignored poster, I don't see any indication of that, so sometimes I just have to guess there is a quote there. Maybe there should be a note of "ignored post" or something, so this would be more obvious...
  12. practice the art of the focus. you see his name. glance for a flicker of the eye and move on.

  13. I agree with Gambit that nobody can argue with that principle ...

    But the reality is that having people/content all over the site in the manner of the recent development that's being discussed in this thread is a huge disincentive for others to contribute much, in terms of time, effort and "sharing": in practice, with or without "ignore facilities", it takes only a small handful of very noisy, intrusive, insulting people of this kind to disillusion and alienate a very large number of "normal, contributing members" (and perhaps even to dissuade others from joining, though of course there's less direct evidence available of that). One trading forum was nearly destroyed over basically this issue: over the course of a year or so, a high proportion of the contributing members gradually deserted, and the overall traffic to the site also declined very steadily, over the same period.

    That's just the way it is - and in a forum with something of a member-retention issue to start with, that's a pretty big problem, in my opinion.
  14. I think ignoring posts by certain members is a great idea as his posts are making ET a random spammy forum and that can cause other sponsors to pull out. Previously threads have been closed for very little and now this guy has been given a lot of leeway. So either allow everyone to post more freely or make sure Charles here follows the rules that are applied for everyone else.
  15. Or make ET member (non-soliciting) sponsored only, but most of the punters here won't cough up the dough.
  16. Well...can't argue with as well. It's a tricky balancing act for Baron but I think he'll make the right call in this case.
  17. :wtf:
    Ironic Department of Irony Department:
    every other time I click on this thread, it's sponsored by
    "Pretentious Turtleneck-sporting Ironic-look-seeking Snake-Oil-inna-Black-Box Guy, LLC"

    Cracks me up...
    (I hope it cracks you up, too!)
  18. Yeah, you're right. What about a member's only section behind a paywall?
  19. It does. This thread brings me holiday cheer.
  20. What made you the impression that ET was a democracy? There are clearly 3 groups:

    owner/moderators, sponsors, average posters

    I don't blame a sponsor for wanting special treatment for their money but they shouldn't blame us either when we don't buy into their shit without criticism.
  21. paywalls only work for sites whose members have a narrow and specific dedicated expertise and are looking to communicate on a regular basis. these distinct factors do not apply to members of ET.
  22. Or maybe he's the son of Trading Education Buyer!!
  23. I think a simple solution would be to ban any reference to a trading system or anything else for sale other than perhaps a simple link to a website in the signature of a post except for posts under Classified / Trading Systems for Sale sub-category. Make a separate forum category for people selling trading systems and that's the only place where they can talk about their system. No mention should be made to it in any other forum category.
  24. That's a pretty good idea. But I'm not sure how vendors would react. Vendors like bone are downright pleasant compared to some more aggressive system sellers.
  25. Yes and people like Bone and Bob Morse make useful and relevant comments.
  26. And they tolerate dissenting opinions gracefully.

  27. If you'll excuse a dissenting note, I think that's asking/expecting far too much from Baron!

    The forum needs its sponsors.

    The reality is that there are many sponsors who know how to behave in public and a few others who don't. (And some of the ones who do know how to behave in public also happen to have some experience of real value and hence content of real value to communicate here, and are greatly appreciated for that - a couple of them have already been mentioned above.)
  28. You're right Xela. This forum survives on vendors.
    Members of this forum have expressed concerns about exaggerated claims by vendors in the past but let's be frank...everybody exaggerates a bit at times. Little white lies are part and parcel of marketing.
    However, some vendors are taking things to another level and behaving atrociously in public.
  29. These things are connected to each other. It is clear that in a aggressive, hostile, nervous athmosphere the "positive productivity" will be much lower. People get distracted and switch from producing quality to the question: how to get ride of this idiot.

    So improvement should come from two sides:
    1. create the best conditions for a good working forum
    2. remove all disturbing elements from the forum
  30. You're right about the sponsorship and as other have pointed out, there are many good sponsors like Rob Morse who contribute useful information to this forum. Where I disagree is that it's also in the forum owner's best interest to promote only good sponsors. If they don't then the community will start despising the sponsors for promoting scams and ripping people off causing a severe loss of interest in sponsorship by the good vendors. If you're selling a reputable product you don't want to be associated with scammers. So the good vendors would leave which would lower demand for sponsorship. Lower demand means that the site has to accept less for sponsorship and therefore make less money while the community abandons the forum and goes someplace else.

    I always get a laugh from radio talk show hosts who are so desperate for money that they sell out to any advertiser while not realizing or thinking that their audience is too stupid to notice contradictions. For example, if product 1 actually worked, you would not need products 2 and 3.
  31. People, relax.
    You won't have problem if you don't take anyone's posting at ET too serious. You won't have problem if you don't need to get everyone else to agree with yours.
  32. Sounds like you're not having a very good experience here. If your system is so profitable and you are making so much money, why do you need to put up with this garbage? Just trade the system yourself or sell it to Goldman or hedge fund and spend your life doing more interesting things like salsa dancing. Btw, salsa dancing doesn't need to be capitalized.
  33. Are you naive or making a joke?

    Let me guess: he made a hell of sales, and every trader on ET is making millions every year.

  34. Neither. Just trying to provoke some thought. I'd be shocked if he made some sales. I've never seen a vendor get such a negative response on this site. A lot of people here are trying to give this guy a gentle nudge.

    With such a negative reception, why continue paying for sponsorship?
  35. The problem here is that while there may be differing classes of posters (admins, sponsors, general users) each class is supposed to be held to a higher standard of behavior. I have no issue whatsoever with sponsors debating/arguing with non-sponsor users - that's healthy and expected. I do have an issue with sponsors acting like total trolls and for the past history of this site that hasn't really been a significant issue until now.
  36. The "last word" of course. He of course completely forgets about the fact that any potential customers will do their due diligence and potentially factor that in their decisions to do business with him.
  37. I'm new here. If this is what's happening at ET, then I'm not surprised. :)
  38. What you are saying is, if someone is a pain, we should turn the other cheek and contribute our wisdom to them. This perhaps is my point, members who are irritating become a disincentive for productive discussion, rather it incourages flaming wars.
    Do you recall the 'surf report journal'? I don't believe there was a lot of valuable content posted by members on that journal (other than how not to trade), it became a big fiasco in terms of value for ET regarding being constructive, other than the gazzillion posts.
    Perhaps in our ET settings, there is an option tick box which allows a choice to block out a whole threads started by an ignored person.
    Or maybe, better still, have a 'disapprove' icon when someone posts unsociable content, it becomes a type of smack of the ego when one begins to cop a few of these.
  39. This is easily abused... :/
  40. Yes, that!

  41. Once again, I highly encourage members to seek out other vendors as a comparison. Shop around before placing your bets. Or just get a referral to a CTA through Bob Morse.

    Top vendor list IMHO
    1) Robert Carver/ Globalarbtrader.
    2) Bone
    3) Curve advisor

    For those who don't want to trade, I'd recommend Bob Morse for a selection of CTAs. There are CTAs to suit almost everyone's needs.

    Good luck to everyone in finding a way to prosper and grow their accounts.
  43. Do I need to spell out in every post that it's my opinion? If it wasn't obvious for you, that's my opinion and my suggestion.

    Charles here is a classic narcissist, they make ridiculous claims and when you criticize them, they explode. Textbook case. The fact that he has a vanity plate and ran a whorehouse (excuse me, escort business) is just the cherry on top.
  44. Wait...wut?! This thread just keeps on giving me Festivus/Christmas cheer! I'm pro legalization but still...this just makes me leery of trusting Charles.
  45. One of his domains is listed to be owned by Charlie's VIP Escorts and he made no secret of it. I have nothing against that industry but it takes away from his credibility, just like you said.
  46. Yes because it was stated as an objective truth. And if it is your opinion only, then you are obviously wrong. :)
  47. Objective truth? Oh man.
    The fact remains, there is no website with no users, just sponsors. You have to try to please all parties. Your hierarchical view of admins -> sponsors -> users is obviously wrong.
  48. That is just your opinion, right? :)

    Baron's opinion is probably that you are wrong.
  49. Charles, please don't be upset. We are just having an annual Festivus airing of grievances.
  51. Kind of like race car drivers and car salesmen. -- I can't imagine one or the other would crossover to the other side.
    For the most part, everyone and every piece of the society puzzle kind of naturally falls into place in their own.

    The key to this collective picture...is finding your ideal place, because that's where you can fruitfully flourish.

    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five`o_O
    Trading is like a drama movie, psychological thriller, chess game, college lecture, sex, etc etc
    Have initial directional convictions, but a malleable, dynamic mind still -- think like a dental floss and rubber band, filigree and a pillar, a Puma rubber shoe and a leather dress shoe

    Don't let the size of your trading account and performance (or lack thereof) be an extension of your penis and life confidence, ET extraterrestrial
  52. This gentleman has an outstanding pedigree and offers actionable information gratis. I'm noticing a trend here...
  53. So you have been selling a hugely profitable system since 1996 and over 20 years later you are still having trouble finding new customers? Humm...what else from the mid 90s does this remind me of?

    Have you considered late night infomercials?
  54. This is important to remember. A vendor should be a starting point. Even if the system is profitable today, it may not be in the future. Rob Carver/GAT for example, is offering a straight forward trend following system but I'm guessing there are at least a few details that he keeps close to his vest. And I don't fault him for it.
    There's some middle ground between skepticism and gullibility. I suppose through backtesting and prudence, each person finds their way.
  55. Ideally a trader could come up with a novel strategy and trade it into the ground. The rest of us are relegated to looking at academic papers, forums, books, blogs etc. Hard work is important but damn, talent helps a lot!
  56. This is exactly what I meant when I mentioned it reeks of a sort of reversed prop-firm idea, in some long-deleted thread.

    *heavy sigh*
  57. And when it comes down to it GAT isn't even selling something black-box. He's selling a book for people to learn techniques from, not an opaque money printing machine.
  58. Exactly. And he makes no guarantees about the future. Actually, he states flatly that returns cannot be predicted.
  59. It's a clever way to make money.
  60. Please run my MA-CROSS-784 system Gambit. If it makes money I will need you to pay me 5000$ per contract from your profits. If it doesn't, my apologies and happy holidays.
  61. Hahaha! Charles, you're getting roasted bro! j/k.

    This is all harmless banter for the most part. No offense intended.

  62. It's being resolved, now - and thanks indeed to whomever, however that happened.

    (The person concerned is no longer listed as a sponsor, and nearly all his threads have been removed.)
  63. It is not a surprising outcome considering that most posters are products of the lackluster feely- good American educational system. The lack of ability to write a coherent paragraph is fairly obvious. Research techniques are minimally taught in school. For these posters,the word search in the upper right hand corner might as well be in a foreign language.
  64. ZB... said that he showed his "girlfriend" the negative posts and she laughed at them.
    Is she still laughing?
  65. . At one point ZB.....asked you to partner with him. Your lack of gratitude is incredulous.:D
  66. Oh my god! Are you serious?! It's a christmas/festivus season to remember! Merry New Year everyone!
  68. He went out in a blaze of glory though. Anybody catch his last round of posts before they were deleted? Called each of us every profanity under the sun. He snapped. Deep end. Oh well. Guess we'll never know if we can get 300% annually with no losing trades. It was a "mathematical formula" so it couldn't fail.
    bye bye Chucky. :p:finger:
  69. I'll remember the name Charles Tanti until the day I die.
  70. [​IMG] His website mentioned "fuzzy logic" (among other new lingo)...the irony,

    He reminds me of Charles Ponzi, and other financial crooks throughout history.

    I just watched this money/finance history documentary last night for like the 8'th time.
  71. lawrence, your post is funny but...I think it's best if we took down his real picture. Just to not give Baron any headaches.
  72. Wonder it he's reading this as a Guest? If so, "It serves you right for calling ET members morons and idiots. And regarding all the girlfriends you bragged about, I hope you continue enjoying your life with Rosy Palm and her 5 daughters"!!
  73. Worse that just going to prison, can you imagine having ZB as your cellmate!!

    Anyway, thank God(and Baron) he's gone. Now ET can get back to normal!!
  74. LOL I go away for a few weeks and look what's happened. I don't even know what y'all are talking about.
  75. I understand where you're coming from with the request but the solution isn't more blocking abilities. The solution was to get rid of the person in question and that's exactly what I did. I removed all of his posts and refunded his money. Case closed. :cool:
  76. :fistbump:
  77. BTW: Did you guys happen to see this stuff at any point? Pay attention to the phone number.

    Dude was super sketchy.
  78. How does whether he's a pimp bear on whether his bond-trading system works?

  79. Not sure about this, but I'm wondering whether there might possibly be an inference that someone whose bond-trading system had been working for 24 years might not need to be a pimp? [​IMG]
  80. That and the fact that usually people with legit professional business endeavors aren't also advertising on escort sites. I personally wouldn't do business with anyone involved in that kind of thing because of the high probability they're not actually who they say they are.
  81. Thanks for the Christmas present.
  82. Today the first day I have logged on since several days, it had got to the stage I had a gutsful and couldn't be bothered anymore due to this ex vendor weirdo talking just utter garbage, wow, what a breath of fresh air to read this good news! :) Thx Baron :)
  83. Hey welcome back JackRab!
    In your absence you missed quite the show.
    Suffice it to say... you and ZB Trader would not have seen eye to eye. :D
    He will forever live in ET infamy.
  84. Damned... looks like you guys ended 2017 with a bang :D