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Are you a white male?

  1. Well I don't want you investing my money cuz you suck!! :D

    Study: Women, Minorities Make The Best Hedge Fund Managers

    Feb 22 2011 | 11:23am ET

    Women and minorities make up a tiny fraction of hedge fund managers, but they are among the best at what they do, according to a new report.

    Hedge Fund Research said that hedge funds run primarily by women and minorities have bested by a wide margin industry averages, and did particularly well in 2008, when the average hedge fund was battered by the financial crisis. In that year, the HFRX Diversity Index, which includes hedge funds that are majority-owned by women or minorities, lost just 5.41%; the average hedge fund lost more than 20%.

    But it isn't just during the bad times that the minorities are better than the majority: The Diversity Index has enjoyed an annualized return of 7.6% over the last three years and 9.1% over the last five, compared to a 2.04% annualized loss over three years and a 0.46% annualized gain over five for the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index.

    The HFRX Diversity Index is split roughly evenly between women- and minority-owned firms.

    "Women make fewer mistakes because they tend not to trade things that they don't understand," Galtere founder Renee Haugerud told Financial News. "They have less of the very large catastrophic downside losses."

  2. Yeah?

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  3. No wonder they keep saying Indians are the best traders
  4. 1) They aren't the "best", they're the "least worst". :p
    2) How do they compare to the S&P-500? :confused:
    3) They make fewer "mistakes" probably because they are mimicking the S&P-500 or overweighted in fixed income. :eek:
    4) They may perform "well" merely because they are too risk averse in bear markets. More data needs to be compiled which will show they tend towards the performance of men as their assets under management increase. :(
  5. Very interesting point...
    And it makes sense too.

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. "Behind every successful woman hedge fund manager there is a genius man"
  7. Women make fewer mistakes because they tend not to trade things that they don't understand,"

    The comprtoller of Alabama said the same thing. "Why would I invest in something I can't spell." When asked to purchase derivatives.
  8. zing! :p
  9. "This is a man's world
    but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing
    not one little thing
    without a woman or a girl"
  10. I did not find any mention of what percent of hedge funds are managed by women or minorities, not did i find how minorities are defined for the purposes of the article. (Are Jewish men a minority? EMRGlobal says he is a "Masonic Jew"! I'm pretty sure that's a valid minority. :D ) This article is going into my circular file along with the book of Revelations.

  11. So being risk averse in a bear market is a bad thing?
  12. Oh sure I would really pick someone to manage my money with this splendid criteria, research, and track record on display. What an illuminating piece of work. I tell you our country's financial well being can be rest assured now. What a remarkable and brilliant number of insights being generated. NOT...:D
  13. 1) Probably by accident, or gender propensity. It seems to carryover into bull markets also. :eek:
    2) Their performance numbers aren't any better than the generally accepted, long-term, rate of return of the stock market of 8% to 10% per year. :(
  14. Study: Women, Minorities Make The Best Hedge Fund Managers


    Question. Why now? Why this study? Anyone read something similiar in the past?

    Does anyone care?

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    The new fin regs contain hiring quota's for women and minorities.

    Ding ding ding.

    "Recent studies have shown..."
  15. Obama
  16. If this is true, then within a few years all traders should be minority women. The market is color blind - hell, for the first time in history, you can make millions trading and never even speak to another human.

    The current makeup of successful private traders compared to the general population should show what groups, if any, have the greatest aptitude for trading. The makeup of hedge fund managers, otoh, simply shows who has an aptitude for salesmanship to suckers.
  17. Top 5 Hedge fund managers of 2009.

    #5 Steve Cohen (made $1.4 billion)
    #4 John Paulson (made $2.4 billion)
    #3 James Simons (made $2.5 billion)
    #2 George Soros (made $3.3 billion)
    #1 David Tepper (made $4 billion)

    Heres the website with their pictures...You will notice that ALL of them are white. Heck...not even one of them has a tan!

  18. Being risk averse all the time is bad and an especially dumb move when hedge fund investing. One would just be better off owning a diversified index with the appropriate asset allocation to fixed income and perhaps commodities.
  19. Well, at these amounts of money it's all about market manipulation (except for Simons, maybe). And you better be white and well connected for that.

    You need to look at average size funds ($100M to $1b) to draw proper conclusions.

  20. Many managers can get "hedge fund" compensation in exchange for "index fund" performance. :(
  21. Folks, Indians and Asians are not minorities. Dumb liberals still have not figured it out yet. Go to Asia. YOU (Whitey) are a minority.

    The notion non-whites are a "minority" is simply a mind game/ideology that liberal and corporate interests play in their effort to displace White people from the nations their people created.