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  1. What do you think?
  2. Is it possible to vote for all 5 answers at once?
  3. you left out a choice:

    damn entertaining
  4. and another......a good excuse to test the ignore button.
  5. I see yet another voting poll has been opened in my honor. :cool:

    Now I'm sure my mother, father, uncle and aunt will be posting about me shortly. Then someone will register names like "Aphie's Ex-girlfriend" or "Aphie's Neighbor" so that they can post their insightful comments.

    Meanwhile, some people who like entertainment will enjoy my contributions while the assholes of ET will continue to point their cannons at me.

    Fire away :cool:
  6. yes, he is the first person i put on my ignore list. the second was that jackass daniel_m. i love the ignore button. it weeds out the idiots!!!! good idea baron!!