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Any prop Trading firms in Lebanon?

  1. Does anybody know of any prop firms operating in Lebanon?
  2. Hi,
    Not sure what your looking for. But there is a firm in the US that will back traders, with no deposit.Have to do simulated trading, then go live.
    Let me know if this is of any use.I started with them a couple of months ago. Doesn't matter where you live. They do remote.
  3. Sounds good... What firm is it?
    I would of preferred to trade on a floor. Trading remote gets to me I find. There must be some prop shops in Lebanon: might be moving there in a little bit. Heard the industry was booming there.. or maybe its just forex trading?
  4. @pmoubay I know it's been a while since you posted the question regarding prop trading in Beirut but have you finally found what you were looking for?