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Any prop firms in Brazil?

  1. Anyone know if there are any prop firms in Brazil? I've heard swiftrade got an office in Curitiba but that's all...
  2. theres a swift in sao paulo, thats all i know
  3. Don't you need a CPF number to open a brokerage account in brazil?
  4. Im sure that if you trade through the big banks like citi or hsbc they wont ask for it since they do business with foreigners regulary
  5. Curitiba branch is active since march2007.
  6. I'm moving to Curitiba in August. Anyone here trade from this branch?
  7. What do you want to trade US or Brazilian instruments? We do both. Pm me if interested.

    I used to work at the Swift branch in São Paulo but it is now closed. Curitiba isn't doing so well perhaps it is closed too.
  8. Brazillian - Thanks for the info. I currently trade futures but would prefer getting back into US stocks. I think the commute to Sao Paulo from Curitiba is probably too much unless I hire a helicopter. :)

    How many traders do you have on your floor?
  9. Kinda curious why you would be moving down there. You do realize that if you don't know portuguese in Brazil you are SOL. No one knows English down there. Even a very touristy city like Rio, the english is not too common
  10. My wife and I are going to teach at a Christian ministry school in the evenings. We are learning Portugese. Are you from Brazil?