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any bulls still out there?

  1. bird flu?



    my lack of expereince is showing - i don't buy any of the above as reasons for this selling. the only stretch is new bir flu information, but i don't know, it doesn't feel like it's enough to cause this pump-and-dump stuff that's going on.
  2. Check the exchanges all bounce right now!!!!


    Just a thought.....They are really oversold with the bad press...
  3. NDAQ bought 5 mins ago
  4. NYX bought 6 mins ago
  5. ISE Bought 7 mins ago
  6. Cramers says it's time to dump stocks to live again, i.e.,

  7. CME bought 8 min ago
  8. GLD Been buying in last few minutes
  9. i just looked at some vix vs. spx 16 month charts...

    maybe 10 more sessions of this garbage, then the bulls will be start coming back. if there is a pandemic of bird flu, all bets are off.
  10. Cramer would be perfect candidate to cover shorts and buy !!
  11. Any takers of these exchange trades!!!!

    They are all moving up


    Calling bottoms daily....Thats an arrogant statement!!!!
  12. ISE a few minutes later
  13. CME a few minutes later
  14. Well....I hope the trade worked as well for everyone as it did for me.....

    Mostly Posting @ Forums--Journal---Trading for a living---want to share
  15. ========
    Yes SPY is still below 200day Ma,;
    DIA & XLE above.I think Iran probably helps oil -gas stocks.

    Bird flu news story seems rather unlikey to casue more selling;
    mainly caused by improper sanitation, chickens crammed together like sardines.

    Below 200 dma seems much more thereat to SPY/ES than ;
    a small possibility of an epidemic caused by improper chicken sanitation/overcrowding

  16. my bias is still bullish, as the past 12 months have been.

    this have definately been a more expensive lesson then it should have been. I'm going to wait a few weeks until the consolidation is over...
  17. We need a nice fake Bin Laden rumor right about now...
  18. What’s the consolidation? I see the market just moving down. I hope you don’t learn an expensive lesson Karl. If I remember right you got smoked on your Apple position too. You need to have outs and not hold until your right. I am not saying the market won’t go back up because nobody really knows but the fact that it’s down so much so quick daily should tell you a story on its own. If the S&P breaks 1250 what’s stopping it from going to 1200. I still think we need to test lower lows. My reason is they need to make guys cry and sell out of long positions and there are a lot of small investors and hedge funds trapped like dogs right now I bet.
  19. yeah, i did back in january. i've only been at this for a little over a year and am still learning a great deal. I didn't get smoked on aapl so much as I didn't take the profits off the table when I should have..(edit: i had a 12 bagger and just let it deflate.......)

    from my limited TA knowledge, the trend is bullish and we were due for a correction - i've never been involved in a parabolic move before and didn't know what to expect - and my cash was in TIE - flat out in options and the stock. (edit: in other posts i've been calling for a reversal in the next 5-10 sessions, and my confidence on that call has gone up throughout the day the more reading i've done...)

    What I did learn is that i need to listen to the VIX and get more backside protection in those types of moves..
  20. Not that this is new info to most of you, but look at the negative correlation between the VIX and the S&P 500....As you can see during every significant decline in the market you get a spike in the VIX.....Hence the point I'm trying to make is that If you are trying to buy protection for your portfolio a few days after the sell off began and the VIX is in full spike, then you might be over paying for your protective puts.....This is why before I ever buy put options on IWM and SPY to protect my portfolio I always check to see the VIX at a low before I purchase.....This will usually occur around the same time the market is in a nice steady climb, the perfect time to use some profits and buy insurance....


  21. I short and the stock goes up. I buy and it goes down! :D :( Just been making some bad mistakes on timing though. For a newbie, maybe this is a good time to just sit back and watch and learn :eek:
  22. In general there is an inverse relationship between volatility and price movements. Have you ever tried just buying ATM/ITM vix calls as a hedge? A couple others are trying it out right now.
  23. I might agree with the others, disagree with GLD.
    GLD is a sell, gold has quite a bit of downside left in it imo.
  24. Well my first market calls that were made under this trading form...

    Yesterday's bottoms of CME, ISE, NDAQ, NYX, GLD, ICE (ICE and GLD are the underperformers...They are only up 2%...and ICE hit a lower low today, but it don't matter to me cause that was the one I sold near the open)

    So here are some charts....Most are up over 5% since I pointed out the bottom yesterday....

    This was posted under Forums--Journal--Trading for a living--Want to share

    05-24-06 01:36 PM

    Bought NYX@55.46

    Looking for oversold bounce in these exchanges

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    05-24-06 01:37 PM

    Bought CME@420.00

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    05-24-06 01:39 PM

    Bought ICE@53.40

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    05-24-06 01:38 PM

    Bought ISE@35.08

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    05-24-06 01:33 PM

    Bought NDAQ@27.48

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  25. NDAQ 2 Day chart
  26. ISE
  27. NYX
  28. Sigh....
  29. ICE
  30. GLD
  31. Well the exchange trades worked quite well.....Most of the positions have been sold off....Still holding some NDAQ, ISE and CME....ALL the GLD position still hoding...

  32. You should try to learn before you start trading. When you absolutely know that you're ready... wait longer. It may be a bit late for you so...

    Try to sell tops when market direction first changes from up to down, and buy bottoms when the market has fallen but begins to reverse upward. If you're trading intra-day, wait for a higher high than the last lower high before buying in a downtrend. Be patient and don't try to get in too soon, but don't wait too long. Nobody is right all the time. Set stops tighter than your expected profit. Don't risk too much in one trade. STOP buying tops and selling bottoms. STOP buying when everyone else is selling. STOP selling when everyone else is buying. It really is much more simple than most people try to make it. Easier said than done? I never bought into that, why should you?
  33. me thinks you sold to soon, but nice call

  34. Abandon ship, last time Frank was bullish was at 1325.
  35. oy vey, volente. I covered some of my stock shorts that day. And guess what? I would almost guarentee I still made more $ that day than u did.. I was bearish (and made $), I got a little positive ( and made more $).. I make more in 2 hours than you make in a a 1/2 year.. GO AWAY.. Thank god we don't have pests like you where I live