Anton Kreil options course

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  1. Check your IQ
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  2. Really? I'd say the R/R on selling something is way better than selling options.
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  3. d08


    If he was as smart and experienced as he claims, he'd clean up every year. Instead he is selling dreams to some Joe off the street.
    #13     Jan 13, 2019
  4. What about retired athletes that go into coaching? The idea that Kobe is going to play professional level ball for the rest of his life is stupid. At some point, you get sick of it.
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  5. qlai


    Yeah, except they have track record. I remember he had some sort of reality trading competition show that I watched on YouTube. All they did was eat ... it was hilarious to watch. Probably not the best source of education.
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  6. i bought ir from Hybrid trading system . they give access to a lot of paid courses
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  7. ironchef


    Any fund manager worth his/her salt would go into managing "family money", if they get tired of it rather than collecting $2999 per student teaching them how to trade options. I don't see Soros, Druckenmiller, Paulson, Cohen advertising trading courses online.
    #17     Aug 15, 2019
  8. Maybe these guys (Kreil and friends) are salesmen and people like Soros et al do it for the love. Or maybe the only guys who have ever made any money from the market are those you named.
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  9. vincentnyc


    this is from user review:

    "I signed up for his course many years ago when I was already a professional trader. Within 4 days of signing up, I found enormous amount of erroneous contents on his class. Besides, the class was extremely low level. I ended up getting a full refund.

    In my personal opinion, he is just a dinosaur who used to be okay in flow trading when technology wasnt this prevalent in the industry. Now he knows that he's outdated, so he's just trying to rip off some naive retail customers.

    His course may seem appealing to those inexperienced or those who never had a basic quantitative education because of the way it is presented. He is probably a way better salesman than a trader. But don't waste your time and money, just walk away. If you're dumb enough to think that his course is good, then it only proves that you're just another donkey in the stock market: in this case, stop all trading and just save your money in a bank."
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