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Ameritrade lying?

  1. The idiot that runs the Benzinga room on ameritrade is dumber than a rock.

    They claim to have 450 listeners.

    The audio was busted for over an hour today, and not one of the supposed members said a thing for that whole time.

    Impossible unless the 450 is bogus.
  2. I can't move an icon on this website 2 pixels to the left without it creating a shitstorm in the feedback forum, so something definitely sounds fishy to me in what you described.
  3. I don't mean to side-track your original post here but since you are talking about TD Ameritrade and audio, does Ben Lichentsein still do a broadcast where he squawks on trades from the S&P Pit here and there?I heard it a few years ago. I think it was called Futures Cast. Just curious if it is still around, thanks.
  4. Maybe it's a Benzinga issue and not TD Ameritrade?
  5. Last time I looked he wasnt there Not 100 sure if they canned it or not.
  6. The audio issue was def Benzinga. I'm just saying that if there were really 450 in the room, it would not take over an hour to report no audio.

    Could be Benzinga padding the count with shill log ins. I can't prove it , but there is very little in the way of convo , maybe 10 or 15 nicks , so that means there are 430 silent types.
  7. Thanks for the response Soes. Wow, I wonder if it is really gone or not? They had like 2 audio chat rooms. Ben Lichtensien's and ShadowTrader. Can anyone else confirm this? Maybe I will just call to check. It was inside of the ThinkorSwim Platform and they kept it going after TD Ameritrade bought out TOS.
  8. PS
    The supposedly realtime Benzinga room is on an
    UNDISCLOSED 30 second delay (proved)
    Wonder why?
    No reason for a delay at all. No less 30 seconds , which means you are the 10,000th trader to hear it

    Theory, Benzinga sells the room cheap to Ameritrade, and can claim to their paying customers (getting the realtime feed) they have a built in set of suckers they can front run .

    I call it a theory, but I'm being kind.
  9. I've never been a Benzinga fan. Occasionally, one of their biz dev people will email me wanting to "hop on a call", but it always goes nowhere. They seem a little confused as to exactly what they want to focus on.
  10. I had to log back in after reading this one before I bolted outta here....
    If what you say is true...That kinda BS is ripe for the picking.
    Thanks for the tip. :sneaky:
  11. What's amazing is, when Charlie, who is bad enough, is on the bowl, they have some complete bumbler sub for him. Sounds like he's 13 years old, and has for years.

    They NEVER break news. They are ALWAYS behind the move, and you're chasing.
  12. You'd think so, but the room is basically monitored by a few pikers and maybe some traders who never post there. I'm not sure how much they actually trade in the market vs total volume, quite small I'd think.

    Warning is mostly for defensive purposes.
  13. proof of idiot, see that arrow, thats where charlie mentions the shares

  14. Tell me this guy isn't a jackass.

    TGT RIPPED from 57.80 to 58.60 on a rampage eod today. 15 minutes straight buying. And it was going up a total of 1.50 + since 1pm

    That idiot at benzinga mentioned it , guess where. Thats right, at the top on the move. Not a peep before

    Only a deliberate con would do that. And he had nothing else on the plate. Silent until then

    I give him some credit, he did nail the top, except thats not what he was trying to do
  15. Cant make shit like this up

    futures bounced 10 large off the missile low , and the idiot finally says 's&p futures are popping'

    some folks just born stupid
  16. And look who is still listening to him after a month and a half. Oops, did I say that out loud?
  17. Tell you what. There's a few reasons I listen, but I let you figure it out. I bank very nicely.

    Today, the miscreant reports the CVS AET headline a full 3 minutes after the fact.

    They pay them for this

  18. PS for a punk with 22 posts, you have a big mouth
  19. The imbecile dissapears for an hour and a half then returns at 3:59
  20. Crims at benzinga just pimped a penny stock up 40%, 10 minutes after the move started.

    Funny how that almost NEVER get the moves early. 19c , lets see where it goes
  21. Wierd, as soon as they mention these they stop moving up. hmmmmm. like someone selling into the pimp. hmmmmm , wonder who
  22. More documented idiocy from the moron

  23. that moron just abandons the room whenever the market is moving

    ameritrade needs to fire those idiots
  24. Hmmmm. So what is it we should call stupid people?

    Or are you a liberal snowflake that thinks there is no such thing?
  25. SoesWasBetter:

    Did you lose money today? Is that why you are so angry?

    Me a "snowflake"... RoFL

    You have no idea who I am.

    BTW, Paul Krugman is a total Progressive "name caller." So you and Paul share that "name calling" characteristic. (read the article)

    IMO people who need to call others "idiots" or "morons" just demonstrate their own low self-esteem.

    I have put you on "Ignore."
  26. Ditto on the ignore.

    "You have no idea who I am." , lol better yet, who cares?
  27. Mentioned the news earlier. Then waits until a HUGE pop to call it again. WFT is that

    how much would you pay a squawk idiot like that ?

  28. That one ZN actually kept going, but thats not the point , 99% of them dont
  29. He did it again, guess where he touts it today . no mention on the way up. yep, 4.38 . Ameritrade PAYS for this.

  30. Guess where the useless reported the bad news BIIB



  31. Yep, the moron pimps it right where the chart ends. This they call a squawk service?
    And of course stops moving right there
    How much would you pay for a service that gets you in at these chart levels ?

  32. right back to under $5. You'd think maybe they were trying to help some other set of traders, huh. Nah, probably just suck .