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alternatives to IB

  1. Hi

    Which other broker has a similar offer, in terms of world markets access, portfolio margin and decent margin interest ? Which is also open to non US corporations ?

  2. Is there none ?
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  5. In terms of world markets I took the barrons annual broker review and checked one by one and found none with such offer.
    I am not with IB because 10K is too high at the moment but if you are looking to trade world markets it has no alternatives and even if there's some broker out there that offers that we should have heard of them if they were any good.

    Unless you go to a broker like internaxx that charge some 20€ and more per trade and don't offer any option trading
  6. From what I remember from a commercial, maybe etrade has access to world markets, though that's a big step down from IB.
  7. They do, but again we are talking about 20€ to trade Europe and even for US markets there are not cheap
  8. Actually I also have an etrade account and besides offering only a few international markets, this service is not open to overseas corporations.

    I'm quite happy with IB so far but would rather spread my funds between a couple of brokers - and Etrade nor Internaxx don't fit the bill.

    Ogarbirtrage, please post some more info about RTS once you get it. I had a quick look at their website and didn't find any info about commissions nor margin. Actually it's not even clear wether they are interested in retail traders.

  9. I'm not sure about the execution, but with any volume in stocks, IB comes to a similar price in Europe

  10. But than with an even larger volume and rebates, IB should become cheaper. Otherwise, from memory, at standard pricing, it's 0.1% commission or 29euros max per transaction in several european countries, and some countries without maximun commission .

    More info :

  11. IB is the cheapest game in town for active traders. With that, they can treat you how they want with their "lovely" customer service they're so known for.

    Conversely, if you're moving large volume through IB, you'll get treated better. The power of money...
  12. RTS charges $2800/mo fee + exchange fees for their platform.
  13. Thanks, do you know if they offer any kind of margin ?
  14. RTS is just a software vendor like TT isn't it?
    It connects you to the exchanges and you pay for the data from the exchange.
    You still then need to choose a clearing firm who support RTS to be able to do any trading, think Marex does from memory if you're just after futures and options but then their in house platform would be cheaper.
  15. How big of an account are you talking? If it's worthwhile, talk to Newedge, Penson, MFG - any of the big houses - and you'll get margin and global access.
  16. Thanks Ogarbitrage, I will look into those - actually had a first look at 2 of the websites and it seems they look for different kind of customers - first one quite big accounts but the other also small retail customers.
  17. If your volumes are there, there are some choices for you. There are professional introducing brokers that take institutional accounts. With these accounts you can trade what ever you want. If there is enough volume, the broker can set it up for you.