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  1. Do you click on google ads placed on web pages? Or do you click on ads at all on web pages?
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  3. I don't see many ads, therefore I don't click em!

    You can block ALL ads. Google, doubleclick, whatever, by using a custom "hosts" file. Here's a link to the current standard...

    NOTE: depending on your surfing habits, you may need to edit the file from time to time to allow access to certain sites.
  4. Once or twice a year. I have clicked on the sponsors ad when doing a google search maybe half dozen times. Not impressed, don't anymore.
    As far have having made an impression by seeing the ads (contextual ads) once I posted a dirty joke and saw an ad for domestic violence lawyers when I re read my post. Can't even remember the joke now. Can't even remember the title of this thread :D I'll be leaving now for the contagious dementia thread.
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    adblocker for mozilla is a great addon.
  6. i only click on ads of the companies, i hate, so they pay more,

    otherwise i don't click
  7. I wanted to get a sampling of how many of us click on ads. I sure don't. I even have like trained my eye not to even glance at them anymore.

    Sometimes I think google got so rich so soon that they don't care how much they spend for something( Billions for double-click etc). If that is true, it can only hurt them in the long run IMO.
  8. the only reason Goog is huge is that they made you believe they are huge and doing even more

    memba.. People (like u an me) - is what drives the Market Up and Down, Not an "great ideas" or "unusual circumstances"

    get in to their mind and u won!


    (hi , am newbie)