Abortion is a Human Right!

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    tell that to the fetus (aka 'baby')
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    I've tried -- nothing in response. It's like talkin' to a brick wall. Very frustrating.

  5. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Geeta said: Abortion brings a very negative karma. The child in the womb is a soul, a living being destined for a human body. This is true from the moment of conception.

    Under the supervision of the Supreme Lord and according to the result of his work, the living entity, the soul, is made to enter into the womb of a woman through the particle of male semen to assume a particular type of body.

    If one has sex, then one must take responsibility for raising any child that is produced - or at least see to it that the child is raised by someone. One cannot escape suffering by committing sins. All suffering (such as rape, incest, conceiving an unwanted child, and so forth) is caused by reactions to sins performs either in this life or previous lives. If we commit the sin of murdering a child to avoid our reactions, we will *still* get our original reaction (perhaps in a different form, at a different time, or both) plus the reaction to the current sin. So, we compound our problem.

    Legalizing abortion has not at all decreased the number of unwanted children in the world, or the number of mistreated children. In fact, easily available birth control and abortion has gone along with an increase in illegitimate and battered children.

    Women who have abortions are often damaged psychologically and/or physically. Pregnancy is not just the result of sex. It is also the result of divine will.
  6. bollocks, with all due respect to lord khrishna...

    whats his experience of pregnancy btw??


    take it from lord 2cents, when you don't know sh*t about sthg, ask people who know, khrishna or not...

    i know its lost on many backward cultures and religions out there but women are at least as human as men... the choice is theirs, whether it pleases the bigots or not

    namaste pal ;-)
  7. Abortion was practised by the Egyptians, Chinese & Indians some 1000s of years ago, so prolly Krishna new about it.

    Even if God says or not abortion is a sin, a murder, how could u say "the choice is theirs" ? what kinda person u are ?

    Just coz the foetus can't cry "Please don't kill me" u are eligible to kill it ?
  8. i care not what yr male thought masters may have brainwashed you with dude...

    a women's body is her property and whatever happens within, her sole responsibility

    only the criminal and self-centered mind of a bigoted man could attempt to justify coercing a woman encumbered by pregnancy to carry an unwanted egg to term

    what are you to say they shouldn't be allowed to choose?
  9. We are not removing or restricting any woman's choice's. She is still in control all her reproduction.

    Pro-chioce people seem to forget that abortion is the second choice, the first choice is taking risks of getting pregnant.

    A womans choice should not be harmful to any other, unfortunately the second choice does harm the rights of another entity and the father who should have some rights in this.

    This is not an issue about soul or religion, Once we accept that this human form(blob) is the same as us, it deserves its' inalienable rights to life liberty and happiness
  10. look, "we", you accept what you want and that's your problem entirely... that doesn't change the fact that any attempt at coercing an unwilling woman physically or psychologically is simply criminal

    aborting a pregnancy is a woman's decision entirely, and while consulting one's partner, family members etc is always recommended imo, no thinly veiled moralistic mumbo-jumbo such as yours above should be allowed to cloud judgement

    masturbation for instance is a perfectly sound male activity that kills billions of such "blobs" every day... does "we" have a problem with that too??
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