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    With an upgraded processor and camera they might as well call this iphone 5. Stock will probably make up lost ground pretty quick.
  2. I disagree, market had expectations of a new design.
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    "Cook discussing 2 Apple stores that opened in China this past week; 100,000 people visited Shanghai store during opening weekend"

    recent news release
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    I hate it
  5. Agreed, that and just changing the model number slightly resembles a concept of keeping more level than continuing up ( growth )
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    That's only because the market hasn't grasped the obvious yet.

    Apple is repositioning the iPhone as a mini iPad along the lines of the Atrix and ASUS Padphone.

    Only, they'll get it right, again...
  7. this was a big disappointment after a year of waiting and tim cooks' first announcement.

    it's basically the same phone but upgraded the hardware to be on par with the current android phones. Only thing even remotely interesting is that mini-watson computer software.

    ios5 will be good.

    But overall was a whimper, no redesign, no 4g support, nothing..nada. There was also no surprise announcements steve jobs made famous with the "oh one more thing" What a crappy event.

    Dont think you will have people going crazy for this one if they already have the iphone 4. I will stick with my 4g android for another year.
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  9. I thought iPhone 5 was scheduled for October 17th??? release.....is it being pushed back?
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    That was fast...
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