A little help: can you provide a few 5m charts?

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  1. Hello!!!

    I am looking for intraday 5m charts for NDX100 from
    2/18 - 2/26/10 and 3/9 - 3/19, 2010.

    Or, Nasdaq 100 emini futures info (which is actually preferred)

    All I need is the price action with price info.

    I could offer some trading knowledge in exchange.....
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    but.. you don't even have a chart to start with?

  3. What?

    Of course I have charts, I don't have intraday charts that go back to the dates that I posted.

    Make sense?
  4. Think I can get that and stretch it over 2 monitors but the chart will still be squashed. Is it a chart or the data you are after?

    In return can you tell me the closing price of the ES tomorrow?

  5. I am looking for the charts, not the data.
    Need to be able to see the price action and at what price the price action is taking place.
    And yes, of course I can provide you with closing price of ES on Friday regular session.
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    I think he wants you to provide tomorrow's closing price today, not tomorrow. Me, too.

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  8. Hey, thanks. I should be able to create a chart in excel from this.

    On another note, what's up with the smart ass comments?
  9. Lucrum


    No offense but that's about like walking into a brothel and asking, "what's up with all the used condoms on the floor."
  10. Yeah, that's the main reason that I stopped visiting this website.
    Even the moderator of this thread started with a naive reply.

    Anyways, I found this


    If anyone else is interested in historical intraday futures data.
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