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A 17 year old boy scouts observation of politics and the supporters.

  1. My son’s Boy Scout troop is doing a food drive for some of the needy families in the town that I live, a rural suburb of Oklahoma. They handed out boxes a couple of weeks ago to many of the homes, those who said they would participate. Instructions were to place canned and non-perishable food items in the boxes and the Scout troop would come back the following week and pick up the boxed donations.

    My son and a couple of the other older scouts went back out with their scout master, picking up the donations, I asked him how the drive went…….. His comment.

    No one from the homes that had an Obama/Biden campaign sign in their front yards, donated any food.

    It became the center of conversation, by the time they returned.

    Draw you own conclusions……………………
  2. No surprise. Liberals fall in two charitable camps. They want someone else to do the giving and they want to do the receiving.

    BTW: I'm sure you're proud of your son and his troops commitment to helping those in need. We too are proud of your son.

  3. Interesting. I have had similiar situations. You don't really start out looking for anything in particular but a noticeable pattern appears.

  4. you're lying
  5. That was my impression. First we have to believe there were actually Obama supporters in rural Oklahoma, then we have to believe they were brave enough to advertise it on their front lawns. Simply unbelievable.
  6. You can goog some studies that show red states and specifically individual Chrisitian conservatives are more charitable than the blue states and "liberals".

    The blue states wants the gubmint to take someone else's money at gun point and redistribute it.

    Funny how that works.
  7. Lie. http://volokh.com/posts/1164012942.shtml

    Seeing as how the blue states are net givers to the federal treasury and the red states are net takers from the federal treasury, yes it is funny how that works. :p
  8. No, unfortunately, it's the truth.

  9. Another lie. Liberals such as Gates, Buffet and Soros probably give/gave more than all the conservative types COMBINED.

    John Stossels much cited "study" is bullshit. It won't stand up scientific rigor.

    Now if you are arguing that cons give more as a % of their income, even that is a lie.

    Blacks win in that regard. Devout black Christians will give a 10% tithe even if they have to starve for a few days.

    That is why Stossels bull shit "study" shows red states give more per % income.

    It's all blacks giving. Not you KKKlan members.

    Here's a quick one. How much did you give?

    Yep. Nada.

  10. I know you're lying.

    Since you're too dumb to figure out where you fucked up, I won't tell you how I know.

    The funny thing is you actually believe the shit you just made up.

    I'll keep on laughing at your expense.

    Keep 'em coming. Fucking imbecile.

  11. Sorry whacko liberal guy, you must have mistaken me for Replicon.

    I'm of the general opinion that both "sides" are full of shit.

    So where's your "proof" that Stossel's study is wrong?

    Wait. John Stossel vs some whack job crank on the internet. Who to believe?


  12. It's probably another "copy and paste" job. He tried this stunt in another thread.:D


    Good old Wallet.

  13. I did not mistake you as a republicon. You already are/were a con. Who the fuck are you kidding?

    You did not mention the bull shit stossel "study". I was the one who pointed it out to you.

    Guess how I figured you were referring to Stossels study?

    It's the ONLY FUCKING "study" out there that cons can lean on.

    And I pointed it out to you that IT IS THE BLACKS in the red states that give the most! Can't you fucking read?

    Yes, that must surely be galling. Trying to be holier than thou and getting your ass handed to you.

    LOL indeed! :D
  14. Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a shit about what some psychotic liberal internet whack job thinks.

    BTW - BO WILL fuck up just as bad as Bush. Just with different issues.

    W4rl0ck has spoken and so it will be.


  15. Yes, I know you are fervently praying he fucks up.

    All you southern Osama bin ladens are.

    you just pray to a different god and label yourself with a different label.


    same fucked up mother fuckers.

    Stick to butt fucking your cousins and goats.

    Let real men clean up after your shit.
  16. If you're any indication of the intelligence of his supporters, I might be wrong.

    He could fuck up MORE THAN BUSH.

    Once again - W4rl0ck has spoken and so it will be.

    Now go bugger some of your liberal buddies before you all sober up and see what you actually look like.

  17. an·ec·dote (nk-dt)
    1. A short account of an interesting or humorous incident.

    Proof of anything evades you.
  18. Like quicksand.
  19. I'll admit the first one I received in my email, it was so funny I had to pass it along, while i thought it would be obvious, I didn't attach a disclaimer. That one sure fired up the left minded posters here.

    However, as much as I know you would revel in the fact that this one is a fabrication, and once again redeem the liberal left..................Sorry, it's the truth.
  20. Name Calling without provocation?????

    Now I know, you know I'm telling the truth.
  21. SOB is lying, this email is an old trick.
    Thank God we're done with the liars for at least 4 years
  22. Hahahhahahahah,

    You all can believe what ever you want, what ever makes you feel good.

    It doesn't change fact.
  23. This is a pseudonym. You post under another name too. That's the trick for the other post being deleted. Do I smell fish?