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    I thought to remember you advertising monthly specials for under 10 bucks. Now you charge around 100 a month? Quite inflationary if you ask me...

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    No I have two week trials for just $7. Monthly regular is 147, they save with 6 months/695.

    For years I charged, and got 495/month, it's a pro level service.

    Most chatrooms are priced 197/month
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    ouch, just hit my head really hard, it hurts...150, or 115 for..... What? The same calls you make here? Or are you downplaying your abilities on ET while you really shine in your paid rooms? Honest question

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    New email subscription every 2 weeks. $14 per month. Big brain time.

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    My live trading room meets Monday through Friday 8:30-11 & 3:30-4pm.

    I stream my charts and provide continuous live alerts and training via zoom.

    Current rate is just 147/month. I've ran it since 2000, thousands have joined over the years.
  7. Point of clarification: you call it a "live trade room" but your live trades were taken off screen and none could be seen or verified. That doesn't really count as a live trade room. Instead you called out verbal alerts which were both hard to transpose and difficult to execute in real time. For myself, the half dozen days I was in attendance, I found the room frustrating in that it was not a live trade room at all (I am in several live trade rooms every day) and as an alert room it was difficult to emulate or duplicate. Periodically you would show some form of trade tabulation which was difficult to see and useless to apply in terms of understanding. My 2 cents - no intention to offend.
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    Thanks, points well taken... I agree with you.

    I appreciate your observations, they are correct. I need to a) figure out how to use fidelity ATP onscreen to show live trades, without showing my account number.

    and b) I call out live alerts squawk box style, but it's too fast for some to follow.

    I do post initial alerts in portfolio box premkt, long before the bell. So initial alerts are easy to see.

    I'll work on improving; thx.
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    That's not "just" given the many mediocre calls you have made here so far. And most seem to agree else you would not see the need to advertise here and elsewhere.

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    Those who can trade,...trade. That's all that really needs to be said here...

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