30 under 30 2007--REVEALED!

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    Think cnbc had one on today. Didn't pay attention, just glanced. All I saw was some guy with a smirk on his face, the type of smirk you wish you can slap off.
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    only one independent trader, the rest is still working for the 'man'
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    This guy just talked about absolutely nothing for 2 min and 13 seconds. I'll lay 3-5 he didnt know half the words he used in this video. This guy takes idiot to a whole new level.

  6. http://www.dealbreaker.com/

    "There was laughter today on the trading floor at Fortress Investment Group when a trader featured on the cover of Trader Monthly touting its "Thirty Under Thirty" feature appeared on CNBC this afternoon, according to a well-placed DealBreaker source. Zachary Michaelson, pictured here napping at his desk, had been a trader at Fortress but no longer works at the investment group. Some at Fortress regard the assertion that Michaelson is one of the top young traders in the business as laughable.

    Trader Monthly's cover story features various young traders who it deems to be he top traders under 30. Michaelson is described as a Fortress Investment Group portfolio manager. CNBC also referred to him as a Fortress trader. When DealBreaker tried to reach Michaelson for comment this afternoon, the person who answered the phone said, "He doesn't work here." Sources

    A reliable DealBreaker source confirms that Michaelson is no longer with Fortress.

    "The bottom line – this guy is totally full of it. He doesn’t even work here anymore," the source said. "Our entire trading floor was just laughing hysterically when we saw him interviewed."

    The source also says that he never held the title "portfolio manager." Michaelson could not be reached for comment. But we applaud him for napping at his desk. Our own desk is one of our favorite places to sleep."
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