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$10 an hour with 2 kids? IRS pounces

  1. Nothing more than fucking thugs and bandits wearing business suits.

    I bet even the Yakuza have more class than the IRS.
  2. Another reason to go with a VAT tax system & drop these crooked morons.
  3. There is so much class envy here that an income tax will never go away. There is talk of a VAT in •addition• to the income tax. Some liberals (not legislators, so far) are even suggesting a wealth tax, that is, a tax on one's assets, for the ultra rich.
  4. A (necessary) rebalancing of the wealth pyramid in the US would have taken place if they would have let the free markets work and the banks fail.
  5. There was some dillhole guest on CN-BS...

    When asked, "what advice would you have for the president on how to create jobs?"...

    He said something to the effect, ".... I was unable to attend the jobs summit, but earlier we [his company?] had met with the president and suggested, (1) weakening the $USD to support exports, (2) subsidize "green jobs", (3) spend more money on infrastructure..."

    Not one mention of how to encourage entrepreneurship, encourage capital growth, or capital flows into the US...

    Any dickweed can take more money from the public and spend it.... OUR PROBLEMS STEM FROM DOING TOO MUCH OF THAT ALREADY... THE "SOLUTION" IS NOT MORE OF THE SAME... :mad:
  6. .......................................................................

    It is incredible....

    A white horse.....IS WHITE....

    None of the polys have given any indication of knowing anything about entrepreneurship....

    The reason....????

    Just take a quick look at the wiki biographies....

    Very few will show a background that qualifies them to be making legal decisions about important economic segments for which they know nothing about....

    This is INSANITY......

    ie Harkin....Fazio.....these people have nothing in their biographies that indicate any experience in securities....but yet want to regulate the industry on their impositions....????

    The last fiasco with Harkin was his adamant support of subsidizing corn based ethanol....Of course he was an expert at the time......and this after every land grant college Ag Econ depts. proving the non feasibility since 1980....now it's securities....????

    This is a BIG problem.....

    Non-qualified people in positions of authority.....
  7. Most of this country are running out of options. There are still a couple left ...

  8. That is the least effective solution.

    A far better one would be for people to take their money out of crooked institutions in a coordinated way. Sell stocks, cash out of bonds, withdraw cash from banks, pay down debt if you have any, stop buying useless crap from overseas, only buy local, take care of your health by living a healthy lifestyle and get off prescription meds if you are on them, leave the churches and their myths and false prophets. Starve the beast. It is the only effective way to fight back.
  9. Ha! You presume we have a financially sophisticated populace. Nothing could be further from the truth. :(
  10. The Obama administration is the "least business savvy" of any in generations.

    The only thing they know about "jobs and the economy", are parasitic, suck-teat government jobs...

    And they don't really care about real jobs... after all, they're primarily interested in GOVERNMENT DOMINATION IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES...

    Is that the America we want?? Is that the "change" we "hoped for"?? :mad: :mad:
  11. Once they start there, they'll eventually get to taxing the cardboard box shelters used by the homeless.
    I predicted this all by my little self months ago.
    Some day "Da Gubmint" will tax ALL of our assets. House, car, bicycyle, toilet, silverware, shoes, etc.
    Great business opportunity for someone to come up with a "Blue Book" to value everything under the sun, cuz the IRS will need official guidelines to terminate us with.
  12. I cannot believe how ridiculous this is. Don't even know what else to say.
  13. .............................................

    Hate to say it but....

    Obama is a lot like Chavez........

    It is a populist game....

    Run "ruined" by the "non-qualifieds"....

    It is economic suicide....

    ie Pelosi, DeFazio, And Harkins want to impose regulations on the securities business.....and after one reviews all three bios....

    The most closely related experience was tree farming....via DeFazio....Harkins...corn ethanol....Pelosi...no name BA degree and nothing related....her father was a politician....

    Economic Suicide....

    Non qualified people making legal impositions on industries by which they have zero qualifications....

    How can this happen ?????
  14. One little caveat; "official" is whatever the government declares it to be.
  15. My sheep indicator:


    tells me support is decaying.internally. moveon.org apparently no longer supports the president. This group has 700 people but none of them can afford the trip to DC...only 16 have RSVPed.

    16 sheep on the mall is about one per acre.

    my question, what will Obama do when his own party abandons him?? I really do worry about his stability after that....scary.
  16. I'd say there's at least two more things to say:

    1. Our so-called leaders speak.
    With words they try to jail you.
    They subjugate the meek.
    But, it's the rhetoric of failure. (Sting/Police)

    2. www.fairtax.org
    (If nothing else, just read the top few sentences with the blue
  17. I love it!!! this problem started in 2006!! The article specifically said that

    "Republicans have called the credits "backdoor welfare" and tried to cancel them. When they controlled Congress, they ordered the IRS to ramp up audits of people who claim the credit.

    But yet you idiots seem to think that Obama had something to do with it. Priceless!!
  19. yeah its kinda like blaming obamas problems on bush for everything that happens a year in........notice the hypocracy?
  20. +100
  21. I read a report from RAND that indicates the Average IQ of Americans is slowly dropping as the older generation is replaced by newer generations with a more limited problem solving skill set and limited attention spans.
  22. But be honest, did you really have to read a report to figure this out??? ([-_-])
  23. I've been asking various educators if they thought students were getting dumber. The unanimous response -- NO. They have said kids are as bright as ever, it is just that there aren't as many of them as back n the day.
  24. Like all things, IRS zealotry goes in cycles. We are currently in an uptrend. I remember back in the early to mid 90's the IRS was aggressive in their auditing policies. You saw horror stories like this in the news magazines on a regular basis. Eventually there was enough outrage and the IRS was forced to become less aggressive by Congress. Now, what have we been seeing in the news the past couple of years? ...complaints about how there is this large pool of uncollected tax revenue depriving our government of much needed revenues, and Congressmen have been calling for the IRS to conduct more audits. So of course we're seeing horror stories like this in the news again...very predictable...in maybe 5 years time we'll see calls for the IRS begin to back-off again.
  25. You had it right until the part about leaving the churches. What country every started getting stronger because they left the church? None! In fact people HAVE been leaving the church for years. During the golden age of this country everyone went to church. As people slowly started leaving their churches, everything started declining. You can not deny these facts. Church attendence in this country is at its lowest levels in history and hey...what a coincidence...so is our economy.
  26. Got a little problem with time and reading comprehension here don't we:

    the seattle times artical says:

    [qoute]It all started a year ago, when Porcaro, a 32-year-old mom with two boys, was summoned to the Seattle office of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). She had been flagged for an audit. [/quote]

    A year ago, Obama had won the Presidency, but did not take office until Jan 20.

    So OBAMA and OBAMA's policies have NOTHING TO DO WITH HER LOW INCOME AUDIT. It was started before he took office.

    The IRS under Obama has been directed to go after the big fish, not the small ones, so hers is a holdover case prosecuted by holdovers from the Bush administration.
    At this time, thousands of political appointees of the Bush administration retain their jobs, because their replacements still have not been selected. Government policy does turn on a dime . This is pretty common if smooth government transition is desired, instead of political patronage.
  27. Why would they need problem solving skills? The govt will provide for all their needs. Isn't that the plan?
  28. I'm so glad I decided to pursue an MS in Tax. I'll always have a job.

    Sorry guys. :D
  29. Funny the skills of the Danes, the Chinese, and the French don't seem to be dropping despite their extensive, extensive, extensive government programs.
  30. It might have been "started" a year ago, but it was only wrapped up a few weeks ago when "she paid back $1,438 (plus penalties and interest!) on that issue." So it remains to be seen. I hope Obama's administration would wise up and target the Wall Street fat cats instead of us poor fledglings. But regardless of who's in power, the folks at IRS will always be morons. There's no ifs or buts.
  31. This is demonstrably untrue.
  32. Goddamn, can u imagine if the media-fed sheep actually did this.

    That would be "change"!

    Best words I've read on here in a while.
  33. Let's be reasonable. The US is in a heap of trouble. The tax code sucks and is completely unmanageable. Defense and medical spending are out of control and bankrupting everyone except those on the take. We have progressively lost our freedom culminating with the Bush administration and the "Patriot Act." The response to 911 was idiotic. The decision to use ethanol from corn as a motor fuel was idiotic. The Cash for Clunkers was idiotic. The Bush mid-year tax rebate was insane. The total neglect of its regulatory duty by the Fed and the SEC during the Greenspan years in combination with Gramm's destruction of Glass-Steagal was disastrous. The Coziness of Wall Street and K-Street with Washington legislators is subverting the foundations of what was formerly a somewhat democratic representative republic. The Gerrymandering of congressional districts when Delay was in charge has created safe districts and subverted the public's ability to throw the rascals out. The interweaving of Church and State is working havoc upon the Constitution. The 200+ year-old constitution is obsolescent. The public schools are in trouble. Millions of jobs will be lost, never to return, to off-shore workers making a tiny fraction of US wages. The criminal justice system has made a mockery of the motto "justice for all". The corporations, not the citizens are in control of the country. And on and on.

    How much of this can so far be laid at Obama's feet. Very very little. Perhaps in a few years we will know if he, on balance, has made things worse or better. There is no way to know at this point.

    It took 200 years to get into this mess it will take a long time to get out of it, if that is even possible.
  34. What a great synopsis of what can go wrong in 200 short years.