TradeZero America

$0 commission on stocks and options with pro trading platforms.

  1. Baron
    TradeZero America combines $0 commission on stocks and options with professional grade trading platforms.

    Access your trading account wherever you go using ZeroPro for the desktop, ZeroWeb for the browser, or ZeroMobile when you're on the go.

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    Open and fund a trading account today and experience The TradeZero Advantage.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ira88
    Your account will go to zero trading with Tradezero trust me! When their platform freezes & you’re stuck holding the bag until it wipes out to zero & then you call support or chat and they never picks up!! At least they’re living up to its name! Trade until you go to zero!! Worst broker ever! Last week I lost 15k and would like a refund if I can Tradezero!