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    What We Do and Who We Are
    Earn2Trade LLC (E2T) is an education company that teaches Forex and Futures trading, and matches its successful students with proprietary trading firms. We recruit and train Futures and Forex traders and offer personalized education, mentoring sessions and live webinars, as well as hands-on experience with a trading simulator. Students who successfully complete our Bootcamp or Gauntlet™ evaluation program will receive a guaranteed offer from our partners. Our team consists of experienced traders, accomplished educators, and outstanding developers.


    Company History
    E2T was founded in 2016 by co-founders Ryan Masten and David Lojko. After assisting with the initial launch and development of the trading course, David stepped back from his role at Earn2Trade to focus on his professional trading at their registered CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor). E2T works primarily online with 20 colleagues spread throughout the United States and Europe.

    Key Bios

    Ryan Masten – Founder
    Ryan Masten is the founder of Earn2Trade and is also the Co-Founder and trading Principal of a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). He has over 15 years of trading experience.

    Ryan is a professional trader and skilled entrepreneur active in the marketing and information technology industries. Experienced in information system architecture and implementation, graphic and video production, web and desktop software development, information/network security, and business process integrations. Ryan received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University as well as a Master’s of Science in Network Security from Capitol Technology University which is widely recognized by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. His medical software and interface designs have received editorial coverage in, Readers Digest, New York Times, Wallstreet Journal, SmartMoney, Prevention Magazine, and the British Medical Journal.

    Ryan is a member of the National Futures Association. Ryan has passed his Series 3 (Futures), Series 34 (Forex) and Series 30 (Branch Manager) examinations.

    Csaba (Francis) Nahoczky – Professional Educator
    Francis is the head of educational development for Earn2Trade. He directs the course curriculum and oversees the education production schedule.

    Francis has an extensive educational background, having served for four years, from 2012-2015 as a Professor of Chinese Studies at the National University of Public Service, for five years in the Economy and Society Research Center of Budapest Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary, as well as an Educational Content Developer for Hungary’s Prestigious School of Eastern Languages for ten years from 2006-2015.

    During 2010-2014 Francis was the head of Educational Content Development (Hungarian), for Innovative Language Learning, based in Tokyo, Japan. Francis has also served periodically as a consultant to the Hungarian government regarding National Tax and Customs Administration guidelines.

    Laszlo Szarvadi – Trading Mentor
    Laszlo obtained his master degrees in Politics and Social Policy and has been working for brokerage firms for 12 years. He has been a portfolio manager for 6 years, a trader for 3 years, a compliance manager for 2 years, and works as an analyst since last year. In the meantime, he was certified by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority and passed his Series 3 and Series 34 examinations. He is happy to share his perspective about both the European and the American markets with his students.



    Beginner Crash Course - $79/month or $449/lifetime access
    The Beginner Crash Course is a course of 60 six – ten minute videos that cover both the basic and the advanced concepts necessary for trading. Each video is followed up with a quiz that tests the students retention of video. It is an entry level education course that teaches students about the market and general market conditions, risk management and technical trading. The lessons are designed to deliver complex concepts in an easy-to-understand format, and are heavily animated with plenty of simple examples. We offer monthly or lifetime access to the lessons at an affordable cost.

    Common Questions
    1. What’s the outcome of taking this course?

    You will be competent in the basics of trading, how exchanges and brokerages work, what you can trade, how to read charts, identify chart formations, make educated predictions on how prices move and be able to place trades on your own.

    2. What if I have no experience?
    Our education package is designed to take on any beginner with no knowledge at all and teach them how to trade Forex and Futures independently.

    3. How long will I be able to access the lessons?
    If you purchase the package in one installment, you get lifetime access to the content. If you purchase a monthly subscription, you will have access to the content as long as you subscribe.
    Lifetime access can be cancelled if we see no activity (logging in) for four consecutive months.


    The GauntletTM- $349
    The GauntletTM is a custom developed trading simulation that will determine if you are ready to trade live in the market. The evaluation is based on just a few hard rules enabling the trader maximum flexibility in pursuing their preferred trading strategy, and include the following:

    1) Trade for 60 calendar days on a $25,000.00 virtual accounts
    2) Reach 10% profit at the end of the 60 days
    3) Place at least one trade per week

    Candidates who successfully complete these three criteria are guaranteed an offer to join a proprietary trading firm. Traders who demonstrate consistency and exceptional performance should expect stronger offers.

    Common Questions:

    1. What are The Gauntlet™ rules?
    We acknowledge that every single trader is different, and our proprietary trading firm partner, Helios Trading Partners is looking for diversified traders. Therefore, we only have a few rules in order to successfully pass The Gauntlet™.

    1) Trade over a period of 60 days
    2) $25,000.00 virtual account
    3) Generate a 10% profit by completion of the 60 day period
    4) Trade a minimum of one trade per week

    Candidates have the option of choosing preset stop loss, daily loss and weekly loss limits, as well as setting their own rules for the 60-day evaluation period. It's important to note, that if a candidate chooses to set their own rules, they should do their best to abide by them in order to receive the best offer.

    We do ask Gauntlet™ customers to do one more thing, in order to get a better funding offer: describe their trading strategy in as clearly and detailed a manner as possible and stick to that style when trading. This includes setting their own drawdown limit, daily targets, etc. This is to be done before The Gauntlet™ starts. Failing to do so will not end the challenge, but will probably result in a more “careful” funding offer.

    2. How much capital will be made available upon successful completion?
    Funding from our partner prop firms is generally between 10-25k. All of that is available for the traders from day one of their trading with Helios. This is available margin. Our partners generally allows a 20% drawdown from these funds, but if your Gauntlet™ performance shows that you regularly dip below 50% and still are profitable, they may make allowances for that. Your funding offer is an initial funding offer and the prop firm may request reviews and increase your funds, based on performance.

    3. What markets do you offer?
    We offer 5 total exchanges. CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, EUREX.
    For EUREX, TT or Sierra Chart is required as Rithmic

    4. What margins do you offer?
    For the 4 CME exchanges, the margin requirements are the full exchange margin. The prop firm does not recommend or allow for day trade margins so we do not allow it in the simulation account either. For EUREX, margin is currently at 90% exchange margin.

    5. What are the commission costs?
    In the simulation account we do $2.22/side/contract. This includes commission, an average exchange fee, and Rithmic fees. If you only trade 1 or 2 markets let us know and we can likely reduce your commission fees if your exchange fees are lower. On the live account with the prop firm, your commission rate per side/contract is $0.50 + exchange + nfa + $0.25. This can be lower for higher volume traders. If you use Finamark, the Rithmic fee is $0.20. If you’re using TT, their pricing applies.

    6. What platforms can I use?

    ii. Finamark
    iii. or any platform that supports the OANDA v20 API.

    i. Any platform that supports Rithmic data feed
    ** Currently with NinjaTrader, a live license key is required, however we are working to get simulation keys allowed as well.

    ii. TT
    ** If you are a current TT user with your live account, there are no additional monthly charges. If you are not a current TT user, there is a $50/mo upcharge as well as the pro data fees per enabled exchange due to the way TT classifies all users as professional unless their TT is connected to a live account.

    iii. Sierra Chart
    ** If you do not currently use Sierra Chart, we can get you a 60 day free trial.


    The Bootcamp - $699/month or $2,499/one time
    The Bootcamp is a four month 360 degree trading course that teaches you about the market, risk management and technical trading, and pairs you up with a proprietary trading firm upon completion of The Gauntlet™. The course begins by pairing you with a personal mentor who has passed their Series 3 and Series 34 examinations. The mentor guides you through a video course and webinar catalog through weekly one to one sessions. You also participate in weekly live webinars and must keep up with personal direction provided by the mentor. Upon finishing the course and webinars, you will begin a trading simulator wherein the mentor will observe your performance. The Bootcamp is rounded off with a trial in The Gauntlet™ with guided mentorship throughout. Upon successful completion of The Gauntlet™ you will receive an offer to join a proprietary trading firm.

    Common Questions:

    1. Why is the bootcamp better than other trading education?
    The Bootcamp is a 360 degree course designed to get you trading in the shortest timeline possible. It features a full online video course, live over the phone (or Skype) mentorship, simulated training, and our unique Gauntlet™ examination that upon completion will get you trading full-time for a proprietary trading firm.

    2. Do I need to have any background to participate?
    No prior background is required, the bootcamp is designed for newbie traders.

    3. Who are the mentors?
    Mentors are Earn2Trade educational trainers who have passed their National Futures Association (NFA) Series 34 and Series 3 examinations. They will help you with any education topic that you are struggling with. You can book them for 30 minutes, or more if you need.

    4. What offer will I get upon successful completion of the bootcamp?
    Funding is generally between 10-25k. All of that is available for the traders from day one of their trading with Helios. This is available margin. Our partners generally allows a 20% drawdown from these funds, but if your Gauntlet™ performance shows that you regularly dip below 50% and still are profitable, they may make allowances for that. Your funding offer is an initial funding offer and the prop firm may request reviews and increase your funds, based on performance.


    Contact Information
    Phone – 1-888-502-2260
    Email – support@earn2trade.com

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