SizeTrade™ delivers cutting edge ES S&P 500 Futures signals with exact bid/offer and stops/limits directly via the SizeTrade iOS/Android application. All signals are based on quantitative algorithms with proven historical profitability and accuracy.

Signal Type Signals/ Week Success Ratio Risk:Reward Units/Week/Contract Price/Month PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD
Tiger Intraday 5 50% 3:6 2.5 $499 READ MORE TIGER
Dragon Intraday 10 60-65% 4:4 2.5 $599 READ MORE DRAGON
Eagle Intraday 5 65-70% 6:6 2 $699 READ MORE EAGLE
Wolf Intraday 5 45% 1:3 4 $999 READ MORE WOLF
Leopard Intraday 10 65% 1:2 3 $899 READ MORE LEOPARD

sold out*
Gibbon Swing 3 55% 1:1.5 2 $499 READ MORE GIBBON
Hawk Long Term 5/month 65% 1:1 1 $499 READ MORE HAWK
Dolphin Weekly Indicator 1 Custom NA Na $99 READ MORE DOLPHIN
All Intraday Signals VIP Pack 25 Custom Custom 11 $2,499
Over 10% Discount
All Products VIP Pack II 30 Custom Custom 14 $3,499
Over 10% Discount
**30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are absolutely positive that you will love trading SizeTrade™ Signals, but, if for some reason we do not break even with the strategy over your first month purchase, and you do not want to continue with the signal, just email us within 24 hours for a full refund – No questions asked! (You will not be able to continue with the signal the following month if refunded!)
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* SizeTrade limits the number of traders per signal so that we don’t have any liquidity issues and insure maximum effectiveness of our signals. There are a limited number of spots available per signal! We periodically close and reopen signals to analyze liquidity in order to maintain the effectiveness of our signals

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