Commercial Posting Account

If you're a small company or individual offering specialized software, programming services, signals, or other tightly focused services for traders, you may not have the budget or resources to launch a display ad campaign. If that describes you, consider trying our "Commercial Posting Account", which is a paid monthly membership that authorizes you to participate on our boards from a promotional standpoint, and therefore designates you as a sponsor of Elite Trader.

The first benefit is that you can post things like special offers, discounts, and product announcements in the "Announcements" forum of our message board. Whenever a new thread is started in this forum, it appears right on our homepage in the Newest Threads list.

Second, this account enables you to participate in any other forum on behalf of your company. So if you wanted to use the boards for answering trading questions posted by others, or for discussing your products and services in pre-existing threads, you would be allowed to do that without fear of your posts being deleted. Whenever you post, the phrase "ET Sponsor" would appear directly below your username. This will distinguish you as being a site sponsor, therefore our moderators and members will all know that you support the site and that you're authorized to post on behalf of your company.

Third, you are allowed to set up a signature file so that every time you post, your contact information automatically appears at the bottom of your post. You could also use your signature for promoting special offers. Below is a screenshot of an actual post submitted by one of our current sponsors to help you get a feel for what a promotional post and signature might look like:

Sometimes we get sponsors who just can't get the Commercial Posting Account to work well for them, and it's this group that inevitably asks me the same question, which is:

What's the secret to making the Commercial Posting Account work well for me?

It may seem like common sense in retrospect, but the "secret" is acting like a normal person who cares about people. It sounds simple but most sponsors who struggle on our on site just don't do it. Instead, these sponsors just post non-stop sales pitches and promotional offers about themselves and then over time they find that they are getting bashed frequently by our members. And why do they get bashed? Because those sponsors have zero relationship with anyone on the site. They only participate when they have something to promote and that's it. They spend no time answering new trader's questions, contributing in a constructive way, or even bullshitting with people in off-topic discussions.

It's like an attorney who joins a golf club for the sole purpose of pitching the services of his law firm to other members, while refusing to actually play golf with any of those same members. After a while, the club members realize that guy is a complete idiot, so every time he tries to pitch his services after that, they proceed to bash the hell out of him. And because he hasn't spent any time playing golf with anybody in the club, nobody comes to his defense. When the law firm guy was asked why he never plays golf with other members, he replied, "I don't have that kind of time to spend with these people every day. Besides, all they want to do is bash guys like me."

When a business owner has no time to spend with potential (and existing) customers on a consistent basis, he will become more and more of an "outsider", and he will inevitably find that growing his business will be extremely difficult, especially when his competitors are somehow finding plenty of relationship-building time.

The following post is what I consider to be an excellent example of using the Commercial Posting Account. It starts off by a new member asking a question about spread trading, and then our sponsor pointing him to some third-party information to help him out, then providing a little bit of self-promotion, and then winding things up with an informative signature file at the bottom to give the member a service overview and a link to the sponsor's site:

If you can post in a manner similar to the examples above, you'll be successful at marketing your products and services on Elite Trader, end of story. And on top of that, you'll build meaningful relationships with traders and other vendors on our site, which will no doubt be valuable to you as you build your business.

A commercial account runs $500 per month and is billed via credit card. As with all of our advertising opportunities, there are no long-term commitments involved, so you can cancel at any time.