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No weather compromise in San Diego. If near the beach, don't need heating or cooling really, unless you want the house absolutely perfect.

Then there is Hawaii. Many homes upcountry Maui don't even have heating or cooling. It does actually get cold if you go too high though (Kula). Makawao, Pukalani, Haiku pretty much always perfect.

House prices match the weather, as in perfectly absurd.
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Quote from ecritt:

I lived in Saratoga, right next to Los Gatos. The traffic was taking up half my life. It took me an hour to get to work, which was 9 miles away!!! You have to shell out $800 thousand for 2 bedroom cottage with one bathroom. Taxes are nose-bleed in California. Portland? It never STOPPED raining. I'd rather be hot 5 months out of the year than wet for 10 months.

At least we have choices here in America.
I grew up in Saratoga! Small world.

Traffic there can get nasty. The trick is no rush hour, and then its not bad at all. I was just there a few weeks ago, and compared to most big cities that have traffic all the time, it was delightful. I took "17" from SJO to Santa Cruz at about ten am, 70 mph the whole way.

Yep, its spendy alright. No arguement there.
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Quote from cashonly:

Well, everyone's idea of top quality is different. I know that generally, in the construction cost range of $95/sq.ft., you can get hardwood floors, Brick or Hardy Plank (which is a concrete type siding that looks like wood, but without the rot or upkeep), fireplace, unfinished and floored full walk-up attic, tile kitchen and baths, dual HVAC, built in closet shelving and drawers, 30yr shingles, plywood sheathing (as opposed to gypsum), granite kitchen counters with lots of cabinets, etc. If you have any specific things in mind, let me know and I can tell you if they'd be considered standard or an upgrade.

Of course, if you go with a non-custom builder like KBH or someone, you can get a lower/sqft price (like $75-$80), but have corian as opposed to granite, vinyl siding as opposed to Hardy Plank or brick, etc. Oh yeah, and be stuck on a postage stamp lot of a 1/3 of an acre or less!

Thanks, that's interesting. I'm not planning on building anything. It would drive me crazy.
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Getting the contractor just to show up after he gets a check is a miracle in California...He is too busy building his own stuff...

Quote from AAAintheBeltway:

Thanks, that's interesting. I'm not planning on building anything. It would drive me crazy.
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battle river
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Quote from cashonly:

Oh yeah, BTW, if you like hockey, it's now confirmed. We have the best around!
congrats. that was a pretty good series. can't beat a game 7. looks like you guys gave some decent fans
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I moved out of Upstate NY to Raleigh about 18 months ago - best move I ever made.

Raleigh is the biggest small town around. Bigger than Pittsburgh, but without all the big town amenities - for now. It has a very nice small town family feel

Taxes - 8% top rate on income. Real Easte taxes are 1/3 of Rochester NY (NICE!)

Weather - Beeoootiful for most of hte year. Mild winters. Perfect Spring and Fall. July can be nasty. Hot and humid. But I like it that way.

Schools - Wake County is great. Durham sucks.

Sports - College basketball heaven. Football is great. Baseball too. Home to the Stanley Cup !!! (I went to the playoffs and hold a mini-game plan) Nothing like it!

Quality of life - Outstanding.

Restuarants - at first I did not think we had much. I was wrong. We have some world class faire. BUT - forget pizza and goof bread. Something about the south - the water messes with the bread.

I love it here. Never living in the snow belt again. Charlotte is also nice - but to big for me. I don't like that kind of traffic. Wilmington is very nice too - but you can get a hurricane...
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