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Well, I'm done for the day. No system trades just a one lot discretionary trade (I take big risks when I haven't a clue, lol).
I think I'm going to invest my time coming up with systems for the energy complex. Seems like a better use of my free time than trying to figure out the tea leaves on a chart. Discretionary trading isn't for me. Good luck to all.

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Quote from limitdown:

what's happened to mksummy?

He decided to go swimming instead of making $5k a day.
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Quote from wvombaur:

This is just my opinion. Some other users of trade ideas may think differant.

When I see a running down of a stock that has a high number of new high alerts....and the market is trending up....the running down is a chance to get in on a long. The exact opposite on a running up in a flat or declining market. I ALWAYS go the exact opposite of the RUNNING UP OR RUNNING DOWN alert IF THE ALERT IS CONTRARY TO THE DIRECTION OF THE MARKET. If it continues to go in the direction of the alert...I just get out quick and take my losses. I use the new one minute high and low as an indicator that the stock is POSSIBLY going to run up or down in the direction of the high or low 1 minute alert, this is more reliable after a long say it goes to 45 new high, than stops and new one minute low appears on screen....this may be an opportunity for a short, and a running down of the stock.....I will usually play if the market is going to flat or down.....less risk.

It is all about a feel from watching the charts, and the direction of the sp500 and/or nasdaq 5000, you MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE UP with specific stock charts....also look for exp moving average 5,20 and 50 day as resistance or support points for sp500 and/or nasdaq. I only use s/p 500 chart, because nasdaq 5000 is to heavily weighted with little stocks, that I do not play

I do not fool with pull back trade idea indicators, so maybe dt or someone else can help
thanks for your insight
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Been in a lot of stuff this AM. Nothing going on and I cut most of it so as not to be exposed. Going for a run with my dog.
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After a miserable day yesterday i'm back on track thanks in large part to a TI alert on UNM.
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Im here, today is my first day back from a short stint of vacation. I took last week off and have had family here in town this week and to the guy with the cool "comments"
yes I would rather go swimming and spend time with my family then make another 5k in a day, but you would not understand that because you are probably so self absorbed in a making another buck that you easily lose sight of what is really important.

anyway, here is my blotter for the day, I going to the aquarium with my family.
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