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Quote from Random.Capital:

Serbia, Yemen, Cyprus, Iraq and Saudia Arabia are all top 7 in per capita gun ownership.

Don't think too many people would classify them as "polite" societies.
one of my daughters lives in Isreal. As she tells it, it's just like the Hatfields and McCoys. She's the sweetest little thing, and they eat dinner as a family, but all the men never sit down unless they have their Uzi propped up in the corner around the dining room.
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Quote from Random.Capital:

Serbia, Yemen, Cyprus, Iraq and Saudia Arabia are all top 7 in per capita gun ownership.

Don't think too many people would classify them as "polite" societies.
I suppose you need rule of law first, then arms, to have a polite society. It probably helps to not be in an area populated by death-cult folk that have been murdering each other continually for a dozen centuries.
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Quote from trade2live:

I didn't know there was one armed person in the audience, he didn't do anything ? Maybe he had his reasons...
The right to own (carry) guns is a fundamental right . It's the right that you have , so you don't have to rely on anyone to ensure your own protection and that of your family. When you relinquish that right , you basically say that you trust other people (the govt, the Police) to protect you. We know what that means. Now you have the right to be a sheep, to trust the govt to take good care of you, but some people still appreciate freedom and the right to be self reliant.

The problem with guns in the USA aside from the very very big society problem specific to the US that exists partly due to the media and to an unfettered capitalism that prey on the poors, is that background checks should be better at doing what they should do, waiting periods should be mandated. You should not be able to buy lots of guns and ammo in a short period of time and this should raise red flags to authorities.

In general, in the US and elsewhere (where very strict gun control exists but where things like that happen anyway) LEO should use datamining techniques to profile and monitor gun owners .
I largely agree with your post. I own a gun, and about 100-200 rounds of ammo. But I do believe there should be a much stricter gun laws. If you want to own 1-4 guns, that you purchased over a period time I am ok with that, with exceptions. But WTF does a civilian have a right to own .50 cal handgun or sniper rifle, both of which are legal to purchase. The Barrett can take down a vehicle from far away no civilian should have access to that at all. Its easy to purchase a an AR15 change parts out and make it full auto. There is no need for civilian to own. Didn't we learn from the North Hollywood bank robbery. The cops were way out gunned. WTF? How can we depend on the police when they are outgunned in some cases, we cant. Did you know that can legally own a full auto machine gun with the right ATF permit if you have a squeaky clean record. I just confirmed that with a guy that has one. That's outrageous. Civilians owning full auto, not even cops, except SWAT have that.
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I don't see anything wrong with owning full auto's with a special permit. If you intend to do something like that with full autos you need more ammo, which becomes impossible to carry. The focus on assault weapons, full auto guns, or mag capacity is missing the point IMO.

These things did not happen a century ago or 50 years ago, tells you something is very wrong with society, and that's not guns. There is an underlying violence in society, mix that with easily available guns and you have these shootings.
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trade2live makes an interesting point - if that rifle of his had been full auto, he would most likely have killed fewer people, as those weapons are harder to control and go through ammunition much faster than semi-autos.

Where I would differ is that modern western society is getting increasingly non-violent - things were worse 50 years ago, not better - and much much worse 100 or 500 or 5000 years ago. If anything, I'm wondering if the problem is we aren't violent enough - or more perhaps more usefullly put, perhaps we aren't doing a good enough job of finding suitable outlets for our inherent need for violence.
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80% of the time the market chops
20% of the time it trends
if you can get positioned right, when it trends you can make more money than you ever dreamed of.

Same with the world
80% of the time it is at war
20% it is at peace

If you are properly positioned for peace, you can advance more than you ever dreamed.
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