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Quote from stephan31:


I wanted to post stuff about psychology

How is your psychology webinar business going?

If you advertise your business on ET, you need to register as a sponsor and pay a fee.
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Hi Beach,

Those 2 websites are 2 sites that I think have good advice. I specifically like the blog from Andrew.

I didn't realize that it read as if I was encouraging members to pay money to either site.

I just like to re-inforce good trading psychology habits and these were 2 sites that I have enjoyed in the last few months.


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[QUOTE]Quote from stephan31:

Quote from NoDoji:

LMAO! Does Herr Hedvig have an angry inch??

Nice post NoDoji,

Of course Hedvig is my hero. Seen the movie over 500 times. Good catch!


Cool movie, just watched it. Soundtrack too.
Thanks for the other two links too.
Keep posting your deep thoughts...
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Quote from JohnsonMM:
I think I know what the V stands for.
Hedvig: What are your deep thoughts regarding Pierre Woodman?.
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Live your perversion! Er, I mean passion. He is obviously 'doing' it right, eh?

I have to drink this espresso and get ready for some trading around this Monthly Non-Farm Payroll numbers.


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Hola Pimps!

I believe it is always a good idea to do some heavy lifting for the brain before the weekend 'tilt.'

The following site has articles that may make one initially feel bad about that trading 'itch' they keep scratching; if you can absorb this then you will feel renewed. I like to do 30 minutes of psychology after my Friday morning trading and then switch gears for the rest of Friday.

I would recommend the following article for those that are having difficulty when real shekels are on the line.

Seriously, if you can really (be honest and put in the work) internalize several of the concepts from that site AND you have an 'edge' you can repeat--then you really do have something worth risking.

Early in my trading career I had 2 very large CORK boards above my work station and audibly out loud repeated important concepts when I had the urge to take trades that were not a part of my plan. Nowadays I use my teeter inversion table when I want a 'fix' but KNOW it is not called for. It gets the blood flowing back into my tiny brain and the feeling passes (pattern interrupt).

I am saying 'What the fuck?' this weekend. Saying what the fuck will give me freedom, freedom will bring opportunity and opportunity will make my future (Risky Business). What future?

I have been setup with a medical intern by my sister (who is a hospital administrator). This requires a trip to Chicago so I'll have to see. My sister wouldn't give me a preliminary 'hog report.' I have no idea if she is a fat fuck or freaky skinny OCD type A. She is an older intern--around 30.

But 1st I will drink my drink {Green Dragon drink today--no liquor; have to fly and don't like to drink when flying} and take a hot tub and wash the stink of derivatives off my skin for the week. I was consistent this week and even slept in 2 weekdays for some odd reason; so decided to trade the p.m. sessions in Crude and Indices on those days.

Friday Psychology/Execution Report: I waited like a closeted 'gay stalker' at trendy bathouse in San Diego {just an analogy} until 'easy' marks were ripe for picking. I came to the market this morning with the attitude that I don't care about 'urgency'--I'll have time for that when I am old and then I'll need a bathroom or piss jug in sight at all times.

My morning is always going to be 1.5hrs to about 3 hours per day--why feel urgent? Don't! Drank alot of water to hydrate before my flight later today and listened to 'drone zone/classical' music while I continued to wait until exactly 2 minutes after Employment before looking at setups.

I usually see good moves from 4:30am est up to around 6:30am est in the currencies; but that is too early for me.

1 trade in currencies after Employment and it ran nicely for a large winner.

I looked at Crude from 9am to 10am--No trades in CL; my trading plan did not allow me to enter on that nice runup. I am an intraday trend w/pullback trader and I had no opportunities that met my stringent setup rules. Either the market did not pullback far enough on my shorter time frame OR on my next higher timeframe I did NOT have complete agreement with my next 2 higher timeframes to enter (a requirement).

Some days I will get that upmove--some days I won't. I could sense that I 'missed' out; but that is simply not the case.

@10am est I switched over to NQ I saw it consolidating and I do not trade after 10:30am est on Friday a.m. As of around 10:23am est I 'shut it down' for the day and the week.

I sat on my hands for 105 minutes this a.m. except for 1 trading opportunity that I took (short in 6E) after Employment. I accept this and I know from so much tedious chart work on multiple timeframes in 25+ years of trading and roughly 300 Monthly Employment Reports (I remember when 3 handle limit moves were common in 30 yr bonds) that on some Monthly Employment Friday's there is limited opportunity after so much energy is expelled from the report.

Some Employment Friday moves are large undulating waves and if the trading setups are there; I take them without hesitation. Some are a short burst of energy and then consolidation.


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