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Quote from Lethn:

"... The reason custom built parts are better is because it's cheaper to buy all the parts yourself. You also don't have to deal with any low quality parts that are dumped in your pc.
1. "Cheaper to buy the parts and assemble yourself"? Not necessarily. And even when true, savings often not worth the effort. Best to look for a quality machine at a good price... example:

About a year ago I bought a Dell Precision T3400...
Q9300 quad core CPU on X38 Mobo
250G HDD
Nvidia FX570 video card
Card reader
Win XP
$569 + tax.

Prices have come down since then, but I doubt one could buy the parts today for less.

And then there's the warranty issue. 3 years, parts and labor.... PLUS technical support as necessary. That's possibly a big deal if you're having hardware trouble... somebody to help you troubleshoot or even troubleshoot for you. Then, they send out a repairman to fix it. Whereas if you assembled it yourself, you have to troubleshoot yourself (sometimes that turns out to be a significant hassle, sometimes not).. and you have to deal with each part and its warranty separately.

2. If you use your computer a lot (as do we traders), you shouldn't buy the cheapest.... budget computers are cheap for a reason.... and even el-cheapo machines often run for years without problems. But if you try to trade with one and it breaks down, you shouldn't be surprised. For casual users, a cheap one will probably suffice and last a long time.
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When you buy a Dell you know that all the pieces are going to work together out of the box, e.g. you're not going to have some strange hardware interactions or driver incompatibility issue because they have tested it. If you buy Dell's when they are heavily discounted you can easily get a system cheaper than if you bought the individual parts yourself so they are also a good value, as unretired said.

Any PC can have a hardware failure so all the anecdotal stories here are pretty much worthless (mine included but FWIW I've had great luck with Dell for years).

The bottom line is that PC hardware today is very reliable so hardware failures are rare unless you are buying the worst possible crap. The most likely thing to fail (by far) is a hard drive which is easily replaceable.

If you enjoy building a custom system then by all means do so but otherwise I would recommend that folks buy a cheap Dell, beef up the memory maybe slap in a new hard drive and use it.
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That's me on the right...
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Bought a custom machine form this outfit Hard Drive lasted 6 months = cracked???

I actually tried posting the first unfavorable review. It was never published on a so-called impartial website. But I did get a call from the guy within 10 minutes of my review..secret viewing I guess= Works well in China, for some reason his phone started working again....

Overall cost me more @ my local PC repair shop to undo this block of cheese.
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Chadd Hessing
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We've had one of their computers on our trade desk that has run 24 hours a day since 2004. Never an issue. It runs 6 monitors and is as fast as the day we bought it. I don't get paid for endorsements, but we've had great luck at Cobra Trading.
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Quote from imabadboy:

fact is, if you buy from tradingcomputers and not from dell or build your own, you don't have a clue to begin with. consequently, when you do buy from dell you won't have a clue what your buying either. first get a clue then buy a box. sorry to be such an ass but you have to know whats in you tool box. you have 6 critical component in a computer, all designed to work together, all plug and play to the operating system.
what a loser response....
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