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Quote from ksharmon:

For those of you who say that I stabbed you in the back by saying that I could live with this tax, let me remind you of something: I can live with any tax IF it helps create jobs.
You sir are one of the most gullible people I have read on ET for days. If some politician told you if he had sex with your mother that it would create jobs, would you believe him?

The govt has never been able to create jobs by taxing the public. What makes you think the same group of thugs who stole trillions from our children are suddenly turning over new leafs, starting with their desire to create jobs by taxing traders?

You MUST give me your email address. I know a girl who runs a spam company. You would click on every email you got, and she would make a dime from each one. Further, I have a few real estate agents that could use some business by selling you some Arizona glaciers and Alaska sand dunes.
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Here's the fun fact of the day:

Of the 156 bills Defazio has introduced in the past decade, only 6 have passed and they were all specific to Oregon-related issues.
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Matt Welch--Stock Transaction Tax: It's Like Slapping Yourself in the Face

Though it pains me to say something so obvious, it is clear there is still a faction on the Left that doesn't understand why we have capital markets: Yes, it helps lucky or shrewd investors earn money (while making many of their brokers rich), but that's only one side of the equation. The other side is, companies get to raise money to finance their operations for such useful endeavors as ... hiring people.

It always astonishes me how liberals can complain, again and again, about how such and such community, or company, or sector desperately lacks "capital" or "investment," and then turn around and characterize Wall Street as some kind of bogus scam to make the rich richer and throw people out of work. Whether it's through a day-traded purchase of a brand new dot-com stock, or a 10-year corporate bond in GE, the capital markets allow companies to raise money that would otherwise not be available. It is an inherently democratic phenomenon -- you no longer need to curry favor with the local bank president or government official just to open up a business.

More here
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sea, I believe he did say "inevitable" referring to the tax in the 6 oclock show.
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If anyone is interested in this petition

go to that site regarding your concern

more found here
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Quote from TIKITRADER:

If anyone is interested in this petition

go to that site regarding your concern

more found here
Petition is updated from earlier this year so it makes it more relevant than earlier versions. Can't hurt to sign it again.
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