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Quote from gnome:

I posted one once. You can probably find it with ET Search.. basically 5 horizontal screens.

Immediately displayed at most times are Dow, SP cash, ES, Tick, NQ, Nasdaq and NDX... + data screen and trading apps.
tried search cant find it in "pictures of trading station"
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Hi gnome,

You mentioned that you do simple things like buy support at let's say 1500 with a 2 - 3 point stop. You also mentioned that you like to go for larger gains than original stop.

So if you were an intraday trader and set 2 - 3 point stops what is the minimal gain you look for before taking profits, ie: risk 1 to make 2, 3, 4 etc ?

Related to that question, do you believe in setting fixed targets or do you take the 'take what the market gives you approach' which always seems such a weird thing to me since no one really has a clue what the market will give until after the fact.

I have always thought mentally it would be easiest to have fixed targets and not worry how much the market went after you were out since it is all hindsight anyway. I mean mentally it would be much easier and calming to enter a trade with a fixed 2 point stop and a fixed 4 point target and just letting either one hit first not caring if it went 3.75 points in your favour and then came back to stop you out for -2.00 because over time you know that if you win 35% or greater you will be profitable but when you start taking the gain before hand at 3.00 points or 3.50 points that you have to win more than 35% of the time to be profitable since your stops are still at the 2 points.

Sorry for the long post

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Do you hold over nights, and usually no more than 5 trades a day?

how long do your trades in ES usually last?

thanks again
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What's a Fat Tire?
Drink? Cocktail?
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Quote from Mad_Alfred:

Hello Gnome,

First of all - thanks for the clarification of the origin of your handle. It is good to know that you are not two feet tall and that you like to wear strange hats and dress funny ... uh, " ... not that there's anything wrong with that ... " :-)

Second, why were you kicked out of the mutual fund families? My background is in stocks, ETFs futures and options (a wee bit) --- I am not familiar with trading mutual funds, so I apologize if this is a dumb question.

Third, is there any reason why your mutual fund strategy (strategies) could not be carried over to closed-end funds?

Thanks, Gnome.
1. The mutual fund managers at one time "appreciated" the volume we fund traders brought to them. After a time, we got numerous enough that the fund managers told us to restrict our trading... they basically wanted "buy and holders" all along.

2. ETF's are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Just like most mutual funds but with intraday liquidity.
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Quote from baller1069:

Do you daytrade stocks?

If so what time frames do you like to watch?

Do you use time interval charts or volume interval charts?
No individual stocks, though perhaps I should.

I know it's heresy, but I abandoned volume considerations > 10 years ago as unreliable.
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